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jigsawHello! I wish to install the java version of shogun on my ubuntu 14.04 machine.10:56
jigsawCan anyone help me me with the exact steps that I need to follow?10:56
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lisitsynjigsaw: hey13:12
jigsawFirst i tried to install the java version of shogun 3.1 and my java complilation was failing everytime i was trying to make the jar file13:14
jigsawThen I started to install the java version of shogun 4.0.013:14
jigsawAnd I'm getting the following error after 87% completion13:15
jigsaw/home/jigsaw/shogun/shogun-4.0.0/examples/undocumented/java_modular/ error: cannot find symbol13:15
jigsawLDA lda = new LDA(gamma, feats_train, labels);13:15
jigsaw  symbol:   class LDA13:15
jigsaw  location: class classifier_lda_modular13:15
jigsawPlease help13:15
lisitsynhmm let me check13:17
jigsawThanks a ton13:17
lisitsynI think I know13:18
lisitsyndo you happen to know whether eigen3 is installed?13:18
jigsawlet me check13:20
jigsawno I don't13:20
lisitsynjigsaw: is it ubuntu or something?13:21
jigsawubuntu 14.0413:21
jigsaw64 bit13:21
lisitsyntry installing libeigen3-dev13:21
lisitsynand recompiling13:21
jigsawIs that the only piece causing this error?13:21
jigsawStill giving an error :(13:22
jigsawThe same error13:22
lisitsyncould you please remove build dir13:22
lisitsynand run it from the scratch?13:22
jigsawuhm Okay13:23
jigsawGive me 5 minutes then please13:23
lisitsynyeah sure I am here :)13:23
jigsawWill not having OpenCL give any errors?13:26
lisitsynjigsaw: should not13:34
jigsawOkay, lets see how it goes this time. I'm on 40% *fingers crossed*13:35
jigsawIt worked lisitsyn14:01
jigsawThanks dude14:01
jigsawIs there any way I can test an algorithm on shogun?14:01
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