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@wikinglisitsyn: ping?14:53
lisitsynwiking: yeap14:53
@wikinglisitsyn: r u working with spark+mllib?14:53
lisitsynno not really14:53
lisitsynnever even tried :)14:53
lisitsynwiking: why?14:54
@wikinghave some question regarding some of the implemetnations14:54
lisitsynI see15:38
lisitsynwiking: are you back or in asia?15:39
@wikingyep :<15:39
@wikinglisitsyn: btw for u the -modernargs thingy helped? i.e. when u removed it?15:42
lisitsynwiking: oh yeah15:42
lisitsynmuch better :D15:42
@wikingand one more thing: do you know a good cpu profiler? :)15:42
lisitsyndon't hurn anymore15:42
@wikingfor jvm15:42
@wikingbtw: i've mentioned this whole hiccup to swig developers with even commit nubmers15:43
@wikingbut seems that didn't really proceeded the whole fixing story15:43
lisitsynwiking: I used visualvm that comes with intellij idea15:43
@wikinganyhow if u know a good profiler let me know (and no hprof is not really a good one)15:43
lisitsynit was pretty ok15:43
lisitsyngraphs and stuff15:44
@wikingyeah pretty slow :<15:44
@wikingand the thing is that i want to profile only one part of the process15:45
lisitsyntried that?15:45
lisitsynlet me ask some java fellows15:45
lisitsynI am like python/C++ nowadays :D15:45
@wikingaah cool15:46
@wikingi hate python15:46
@wikingi used to love it15:46
@wikingand now when i started to use it in production15:46
@wikingi wanna kill python ppl15:46
lisitsynwiking: yeah some problems are there15:46
@wikingthat's an understatement :)15:47
lisitsynwiking: what bothers you in particular?15:49
@wikingmmm runtime15:50
@wikingand actually the whole dynamic type thingy15:50
lisitsynwiking: java mission control15:51
lisitsynone recommendation15:51
lisitsynwiking: for me when I got into really pythonic approach and unit-tests it became better15:55
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@wikingpythonic = reimplement every wheel out there? :)16:16
lisitsynwiking: well, short and with proper idioms16:56
lisitsyniterators, contexts blabla16:57
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naywhayareanyone here going to ICML next week?19:04
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lisitsynwiking: I ordered some21:25
lisitsynlike cat whale :D21:25
@wikingdid u get the catty whales?21:26
@wiking"davidkun: watch this with oculus rift and drugs don't even come close"21:26
@wikingNikoliuchiha: you've obviously never done drugs :P21:27
@wikingminivan is coming up21:27
lisitsynwiking: hah yeah21:51
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