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shogun-buildbotbuild #1020 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed notebooks]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>, Wu Lin <>04:33
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lisitsynHeikoS: hey10:59
@HeikoSlisitsyn: hey11:03
@HeikoSlisitsyn: just updated time ;)11:03
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jigsawHello! I need some help while implementing K Means clustering with the help of shogun11:09
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@wikingHeikoS: cant we have that thing 2 hours earlier14:48
@wikingman that's 3-4am for me14:48
@wikingor at least 1 hour earlier14:48
@HeikoSwiking: hey14:53
@HeikoSwiking: sure , I thought that was what you suggested14:53
@HeikoSso thast 6pm CMT then?14:54
@wikingwhat's CMT?14:54
@HeikoSwiking: lets use the current time as reference (noticed I changed it14:55
@wikingok so 7pm GMT14:55
@HeikoScurrently is 8pm London time14:55
@wikingthat was my suggestion14:55
@wikingyeah i meant CET14:55
@wikingi.e. central eu time 8pm14:55
@wikingnot london time :)14:55
@HeikoSis GMT == CMT?14:55
@HeikoSright now it's 7pm GMT14:56
@HeikoSwhat would you prefer?14:56
@wikingah because of stupid daylightsaving right? :)14:56
@HeikoSjigsaw: KMeans is in Shogun already14:56
@HeikoSwiking: ^14:56
@wikingHeikoS: move it back by one hour plz14:57
@wikingif possible14:57
@HeikoSso thats 6pm GMT then?14:57
@HeikoSor 5?14:57
@HeikoSI dont really mind any time14:57
@HeikoSthe others mind because of their jobs14:57
@wiking6pm gmt14:57
@HeikoSok then14:57
@wikingUTC to be precise :)14:57
@wikingbecause gmt is moving with daylight shit14:57
@HeikoSwiking: updated14:58
@HeikoSseeing it?14:58
@wikingUK on BST - not GMT - in the Summer14:58
@wikingu r now BST14:58
@HeikoStoo many acronyms ;)14:58
@wikingThe United Kingdom and its Crown dependencies use British Summer Time during the DST period. BST does not apply to British Overseas Territories, like the British Virgin Islands and Gibraltar.14:58
@HeikoShaha nice to know ;)(14:58
@wikingso take that GMT :)14:58
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@HeikoSwiking: seeing the update in the gcal?14:59
@wikingbshit time :)14:59
@wikingyea yeah14:59
@wikingit moved back by 1 hour14:59
@wikinggood thnx14:59
@HeikoSthanks for pusing that15:00
@HeikoSlooking forward15:00
@wikinglets see how it works out15:00
@wikinglets hope we can get some phase back15:00
@HeikoSyeah probably15:00
@HeikoSI was quite busy but will soon be better15:00
@HeikoSand no GSoC so we have room to move15:00
lisitsynI think we have to get on some speed somehow15:01
@wikinglisitsyn: we have speed now :) 015:01
lisitsynso that we move fast :)15:01
@HeikoSyeah have nice agenda and all work on similar things to get somewhere by autumn15:02
@HeikoSrelease would be first step ;)15:02
@HeikoSmanual another one15:02
@wikinghhahahah release of 4.0.1?15:02
lisitsynI have doubts about releasing15:02
@HeikoSbuildbot updates maybe (we bought some new computing power)15:02
@HeikoSmore visible binary build15:02
@HeikoSlots of things to do15:02
@wikingHeikoS: buildbot is find :)15:02
@HeikoSwiking: thats good15:03
@wikingthe only thing is that we need to fix a lot of stuff15:03
lisitsynguys do any of you have idea if we can develop shogun remotely?15:03
@wikingand the whole swig story15:03
@wikingis getting out of hand15:03
@HeikoSit is ;)15:03
@HeikoSI gotta run, see you later15:03
lisitsynsee you15:03
@wikinglisitsyn: what do you mean by remotely?15:03
lisitsynwiking: I want some powerful machine to develop shogun15:03
lisitsynmac goes slower that like giant machine we have for building15:03
@wikinglisitsyn: use hedonismbot :)15:03
@wiking8 cores15:04
@wikingMem:            31         19         11          0          0         1715:04
@wikingdont u have acces?/15:04
lisitsynno idea15:04
@wikingapparently not15:04
@wikingok username lisitsyn?15:04
lisitsynworks for me15:04
@wikinggimme a public key plz15:04
lisitsyna sec15:05
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lisitsynwiking: there's downside of using remote machine though15:16
lisitsynI never fix it on mac then15:16
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lisitsynwiking: oh thats debian15:21
lisitsynpure debian :)15:21
lisitsynrare these days15:21
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@wikingu have sudo15:26
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lisitsynyou mean installing things? I am ok with that15:27
@wikingif u need it15:29
@wikingu have it15:29
@wikingbetter to have it than not...15:29
lisitsynwiking: much newer than workstations I use at job15:31
lisitsynstill 12.0415:31
lisitsynwhich means vim without YouCompleteMe, gcc without C++1115:31
lisitsynand other pitas :)15:32
@wikingfuck man 12.04...15:32
@wikingthat's like aaancient shit15:32
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lisitsynwiking: ok may be that's the solution?17:01
lisitsynfor shogun17:01
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