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@wikingHeikoS: wazzaaap12:34
@HeikoSwiking: whooooo!!!!!!12:34
@HeikoSnothing really ;)12:34
@wikingi see commenting prs12:34
@wikingwhat should we do with our BSD move? :)12:35
@wikingbtw we have again some shit in our code :)12:36
@wikingmmm some template aliasing14:43
@wikingthat doesnt work with gcc 4.6 :M14:43
@HeikoSwiking: hey sorry14:56
@HeikoSwiking: bsd move: sent another email maybe?14:56
@HeikoSwiking: asking people again14:57
@HeikoSand then wiring to them personally if they dont reply14:57
@HeikoSand then drop their code14:57
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safarihi everyone! Just found out about shogun and excited to play around with it.  I have compiled and installed it with py modular in a home dir on a different hdd and cant get python to import the library.  Ive tried import sg, shogun, modshogun. The binary examples work though.17:46
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safariokay I was able to get the install working using this:
safarioff to play...21:32
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