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ArneiAnybody around who might help me out? I think i managed to install shogun as well as the modular python interface under ubuntu 14, but i can't get python to find the shogun modules.16:02
lisitsynArnei: install like with 'make install'?16:05
Arneiexactly that16:06
ArneiLots of people suggest setting PYTHONPATH in the .bashrc file, but that does not seem change anything16:11
lisitsynArnei: sorry back16:20
lisitsynArnei: what happens when you do 'import modshogun'?16:21
Arneiit tells me that there is "no module named modshogun"16:22
lisitsynArnei: what did you do to compile python_modular interface?16:22
ArneiI cloned the shogun-toolbox from github, build it via cmake with the command "cmake -DPythonModular=On -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$HOME/shogun-install".." and then ran "make install". That's roughly it.16:24
@wikingPYTHONPATH + LD_LIBRARY_PATH is your friend16:31
Arneii tried setting that in the .bashrc, but to no avail16:34
Arneito be more precise: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$HOME/shogun-install/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"16:34
Arneiexport PYTHONPATH=$HOME/shogun-install/lib/python2.7/dist-packages:$HOME/shogun/examples/undocumented/python_modular:$PYTHONPATH16:34
lisitsynshogun-install or shoguninstall?16:37
lisitsynLD_LIBRARY_PATH is the second step16:38
lisitsynfirst you need to make it detectable by python16:38
lisitsynthis is done via PYTHONPATH16:38
lisitsynI guess your path is not yet correct16:38
Arneiaaah, i'm stumbling over the obvious again. Thanks, i'll see if correcting the paths will sort it out16:46
ArneiOkay, i copy&pasted the paths from the filemanager, they should be correct now. But there still is "no module named modshogun"16:52
lisitsynArnei: if you're setting .bashrc it could be that you didn't update it yet16:55
lisitsynif you haven't restarted bash, do 'source ~/.bashrc'16:55
ArneiI've done that, but it changed nothing. Is 'source ~/.bashrc' supposed to give any feedback?16:58
@besser82Arnei, source ~/.bashrc ; echo $?   ---->  returns 0 if no error...16:59
ArneiSorry, i'm pretty new to Linux in general. At least i'm getting a 0.17:00
lisitsynArnei: did that help?17:15
lisitsynwiking: besser82: guys?17:15
ArneiNope, still nothing17:15
lisitsynArnei: is in the directory you pointed?17:16
ArneiYes, it is17:17
lisitsynArnei: what if you do PYTHONPATH=this/directory/we/are/talking/about python -c 'import modshogun'?17:18
ArneiPYTHONPATH=$HOME/arwilken/shogun-install../lib/python2.7/dist-packages python -c 'import modshogun'17:20
ArneiImportError: No module named modshogun17:20
lisitsynand ls "$HOME/arwilken/shogun-install../lib/python2.7/dist-packages" shows you
Arneiit ... actually doesn't. wired, that is the location i found via the filemanager. and that is precisely the path it gave me.17:23
Arnei*weird, not wired^^17:24
Arneioh wait, it does. nevermind17:25
Arneialthough it shows me "", but i suppose that is what you meant17:26
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ArneiOkay, somehow exchanging "$HOME" with "/home" did the trick. Looks like the imports work now.17:37
ArneiThanks a lot for your help and your patience :)17:38
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@wikinganybody knows a good distributed cache for c/c++20:00
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