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shogun-buildbotbuild #1048 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at  blamelist: Fernando Iglesias <>04:08
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lisitsynbesser82: haye13:18
lisitsynhave you seen that guy claiming shogun broke his machine?13:18
@besser82lisitsyn, yes I did...  Pretty rediculous...  :P13:23
@besser82lisitsyn, I tried to explain stuff to him right now...13:24
@besser82lisitsyn, you were pinging me a few days ago...  What was the matter?13:26
lisitsynbesser82: don't remember13:26
lisitsynahh it was to show you some code before merging13:26
@besser82lisitsyn, I c...  The some / any / whatever thing, rye?13:26
@besser82lisitsyn, btw...  If shogun breaks computers during compile, we can say for sure:  Rhino-virus causes pregnancy...  :P13:27
lisitsynbesser82: it was Maybe! ;)13:28
lisitsynI am responsible for a whole set of one-simple-word classes haha13:28
@besser82lisitsyn, I c  =)  What does this thing do?13:29
lisitsynit is when you either have value or not13:30
@besser82Ahh...  Ok...13:30
lisitsynbesser82: e.g.13:30
lisitsynyou have some dataflow13:30
lisitsynand you ask for normalizer13:30
lisitsynbut it could be absent13:30
lisitsynsome GetNormalizer()13:30
lisitsynauto normalizer = GetNormalizer();13:30
lisitsynif (normalizer) { ... }13:30
lisitsynit could be done with pointers but it's a bit more clean this way13:31
lisitsynand faster13:31
@besser82looks like a good way ^_?13:31
lisitsynmaybe you know this error?15:11
@besser82lisitsyn, erm...  mmh...  I'd suggest killing all shogun-stuff and left-overs...  Then rebuilding for Py3 and see whether it works...15:29
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