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@wikingk good people of shogun14:32
@wikingi've just sent out the email to for NIPS CFP14:33
@wikingplease review comment etc.14:33
lisitsynwiking: kool thanks14:39
@wikingthe time is ticking15:09
@wikingi'm hoping to send it in around midnight kiev time15:09
* wiking is in kiev atm15:09
lisitsynhow is that?15:39
lisitsynwiking: you should try all of their food15:40
@wikingwell i'm here for a visit...15:55
@wikingyeah i'm doing that ever since i've arrived (last monday)15:56
@wikinglisitsyn: btw did u received the email on the mailing list?15:58
@wikingjust checking that it went out15:58
lisitsynwiking: you mean nips application or?15:58
lisitsynI received that15:59
@wikingyeah that one15:59
@wikingcool thnx15:59
@wikingmmm no comment by anybody19:07
@wikingi wonder whether: a) nobody gives a shit b) no time c) its soo bad d) other :)19:07
lisitsynwiking: b)20:05
lisitsynwiking: hey, around?20:35
lisitsynwiking: ping!22:47
lisitsyndid you send it?22:47
@wikingnot yet23:01
@wikingi'm about to send it now23:01
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