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@HeikoSwiking: yoyo11:56
@HeikoSlisitsyn: heya12:41
@HeikoShow are things?12:41
lisitsynHeikoS: nahh days go by12:43
@HeikoSdoing what?12:43
lisitsynHeikoS: job takes most of the time12:43
@HeikoSlisitsyn: when will you come to London and get rich using your skills?12:44
lisitsynHeikoS: haven't seen anyone offering that! :)12:44
@HeikoSI get 10 headhunting requests a day for software engineering12:45
@HeikoSdeepmind hires engineers also12:45
lisitsynwell I receive a lot of spam in linkedin12:45
lisitsynHeikoS: btw I will be off to some islands starting from next week :)12:45
@HeikoSnice one12:45
lisitsynnobody would notice but I would be pretty much absent12:45
@HeikoSwhich island?12:45
@HeikoSha really?12:46
@HeikoSI will go there in december12:46
@HeikoSwhat are your plans?12:46
@HeikoShang our with all the german and english seniors? :)12:46
lisitsynwell food books some ocean12:46
lisitsynno idea actually12:46
@HeikoSyou should climb the montain12:46
@HeikoSin the middle of the island12:47
@HeikoSby car or so12:47
@HeikoSits incredible up on the plateau12:47
@HeikoSI cycled up there last year12:47
lisitsynyou've been there?12:47
@HeikoSthis year going for rock climbing12:47
@HeikoSskipping some harsh winter here12:47
lisitsynHeikoS: yeah I heard it is pretty comfortable even in december12:48
@HeikoSit is12:48
lisitsynrussian winter makes you want to escape as well hah12:48
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lisitsynwiking: what's up kiev?13:23
@wikingmmm its good14:03
lisitsynwiking: ze russian army is near!14:07
@wikingheheh where? :)14:25
@wikingdont see them yet14:25
lisitsynwiking: putin on the horse is coming14:26
lisitsynhear da horse?14:27
lisitsynput that on14:27
* besser82 is afraid they will come to Germany, too... :(15:58
@besser82So I'm going to the US on Friday...  :P15:58
@besser82Hope - if he come to Germany - the army can tell Putin like: "If ya name ends with 'in', time to get out!"  :P16:02
lisitsyngood i have yn16:05
@besser82For sure!  =)16:19
lisitsynbut you can't tell the difference anyway :D16:19
@wikingbesser82: where in usa?16:42
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