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@wikingbesser82: morning? :)09:34
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lisitsynHeikoS: hey12:45
@HeikoSlisitsyn:  jojo12:45
@HeikoSlisitsyn: how are things?12:46
lisitsynHeikoS: mehh I want to find some will/time to move shogun12:50
@HeikoSlisitsyn: how can I help?12:52
@HeikoSwhat about something concrete?12:52
@HeikoSI.e. links in the shogun manual? class links I mean12:52
lisitsynHeikoS: we need to fully integrate it first maybe..12:53
@HeikoSlisitsyn: that too12:54
@HeikoSlisitsyn: but need links also, and thats easy to do12:54
@HeikoSI want to work on integration soon12:54
lisitsynI think that is the thing that blocks me12:54
lisitsynI don't have proper environment12:54
lisitsynso how do we do it12:55
lisitsynwith cmake?12:55
@HeikoSlisitsyn: should be part of the build12:55
@HeikoSgenerate the meta examples12:55
lisitsynok let me see12:55
@HeikoSbuild doc12:55
@HeikoSfeel free to edit this stuff12:55
lisitsynHeikoS: once done I'd move to plugins12:55
lisitsynprobably I just need to start12:56
lisitsynthen we will see the best way to do plugins12:56
@HeikoSlisitsyn: sure12:56
lisitsynHeikoS: I also want to integrate property-based testing12:56
@HeikoSbut the manual should be flexible enough to tolerate all those changes under the hood12:56
@HeikoSits just about modular bindings anyways12:56
lisitsynHeikoS: yeah true13:11
lisitsynHeikoS: what do you think about idea that we should work transparently on common data frames13:12
lisitsynlike pandas dataframe, numpy array, spark rdd13:12
@HeikoSlisitsyn: very good13:28
@HeikoSdataframe is a good structure13:28
@HeikoSlisitsyn: but matrices are also fine for now I guess13:29
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@wikinghave any of u seen this?16:23
@wikinglisitsyn: u tried it?16:23
lisitsynI am pessimistic actually16:24
@wikinghehe i'm just checking th code16:24
@wikingbtw anybody seen besser82 around? :D16:24
lisitsynoh its in python16:24
@besser82wiking, yes :P16:25
lisitsynwiking: I think magic platforms suck16:25
@besser82I'm still in the US...  ;)16:25
@wikingbtw: $ sudo apt-get install python-numpy swig python-dev16:25
@wikinglisitsyn: so they use swig :>16:25
@wikingbesser82: aaah i see :)))016:25
@wikingthen it's going to be hard to collaborate16:25
@besser82a little, yes16:26
@besser82will be back on Dec 1st16:26
lisitsynwiking: nips?16:26
@wikinglisitsyn: no(16:27
@wikingi'm going to try to defend my thesis that time16:27
@wikingbesser82: so yeah i guess you know what i'm after :P16:27
lisitsynoh really?16:27
@besser82wiking, the PRs, rye?16:28
@wikingbesser82: so i was thinking maybe i should move every little thing to be it's own project?16:28
@wikinglike say libshogun is one project16:28
@wikingpython modular is another project16:29
@wikingand then you either can have a monolithic build16:29
@wikingor you can build them separately16:29
@besser82wiking, actually two projects are enough16:30
@besser82and sg-interfaces16:31
@wikingand sg-interfaces would depend on libshogun yeah16:43
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@wikingquestion about the compiler flags16:43
@wikinghow to pass them?16:43
@wikingor even better16:44
@wikinghow to share the detection of various features?16:44
lisitsynshare cmake?16:44
@wikingsay c++11 suport16:44
lisitsynlike sgcmake16:44
@wikingbecause how i imagine it that say you cd shogun/sg-interfaces && mkdir build && cd build && cmake ..16:45
@wikingthat would do a FIND_PACKAGE for libshogun16:45
@wikingand in the meanwhile check whether swig is available etc16:45
lisitsynwiking: why not include sg-cmake-commons-whatever?16:46
@wikingbut almost the same functionality is required in libshogun cmake (at least on the compiler support))16:46
@wikingwould we just use the same cmake folder that we use now?16:46
@wikingbut push down the find_package + compiler flags detection into both project?s16:46
lisitsynyou want separate git projects?16:47
@wikingthis should be ok with the current setup16:47
lisitsynproject like directory?16:47
@wikingonly thing is that the CMakeLists.txt files should be refactored16:47
@wikingi've started a bit16:47
@wikingsee config branch16:48
@wikingbut that needs more work to be able to have a full separation16:48
@wikingso that we can actually build a modular interface without actually building libshogun16:48
lisitsynits pretty complicated now16:49
@wikingwhat? :)16:50
@wikingnot at allll!16:51
lisitsynI have no idea what you changed :)16:51
@wikingbut yeah this i just want to have that we can finally fucking have a debian package target16:51
@wikingfor each interface16:51
@wikingyeah that's normal16:51
@wikingbut that hasn't changed since 201116:51
@wikingyou had no idea wha ti changed in ./configure either16:51
@wikingthat shit was not understood by anybody except sonney2k_16:51
@wikingno offence to anybody16:52
lisitsynactually it was easier16:52
lisitsynbecause it was flat16:52
lisitsynnow it is a cmess16:52
lisitsyn this one is easy16:53
@wikingok then write it in whatever16:53
@wikingbut who is going to fix it?16:53
@wikingand most importantly when?16:53
lisitsynnah cmake is good16:53
@wikingyeah 1152 lines16:53
@wikingit's a fucking mess16:53
@wikingthat i agree16:53
@wikingi'm trying to unfuck it16:53
@wikingno fucking src file should ever be more than 500 lines16:54
@wikingat any fucking circumstances16:54
lisitsynwiking: ok this one is not that hard16:54
@wikingi would actually love to see a github analysis16:54
@wikingLoC/file vs Programming language16:54
lisitsynwiking: should it mess with protobuf?16:54
@wikingyes it should since we want protobuf :>16:55
@wikingso what't the guess16:55
@wikingwhich language would be on top of that list?16:55
lisitsynand cmake16:55
@wikingmmm i think python would be on top16:56
lisitsynbut iyeah it is easy to write 1k of loc16:56
lisitsynwiking: ok so can I help you somehow?16:56
lisitsynwiking: when I am looking at the cmake stuff I want to write some functions to make it more comprehensible16:57
lisitsyndoes it make sense to you to function-alize it a bit16:57
@wikingyes of course16:57
lisitsynwiking: will it help if I shrink these find_package if endif to some functions?16:59
lisitsynit is dumb work I can do at some point when I am bored16:59
@wikingyeah sure17:01
@wikingadd it to the config branch17:01
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