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wiking_hoho internet broke :)11:35
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nginnhi guys. I'm currently working on issue #2717 and have some problems with going through the type hierarchy of multiple classes. I'm using Eclipse 3.8 CDT (and Code Analysis tool failes to do it's job properly). Which IDEs / specific options or tools can you suggest from your experience that allow to work easy with the shogun?13:35
lisitsynnginn: hey13:36
lisitsynmost of us are a bit hardcore on that13:37
lisitsynlike vim emacs :)13:37
lisitsynbut well, eclipse should work on that13:37
nginnand which plugins for vim do you use? I've used to it myself but usually for smaller projects13:38
lisitsynnginn: clang_complete worked pretty well13:38
lisitsynbut YouCompleteMe is better indeed13:38
nginnlisitsyn: thanks, I'll try the latter13:41
lisitsynit takes some effort to configure though13:42
nginnyes, it is, but I quickly found some guides so as long as there aren't any specific configurations for shogun I think it could be ok)13:46
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