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Ram_Hi there!06:58
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RajuHello, I was trying to install Shogun on CentOS? Will it work? and also, I posted this question in stack overflow.15:54
@wikingit will16:02
@wikingwhich version?16:02
RajuCentOS 616:04
RajuI am not familiar in using Linux machine, trying to use Shogun for my research.  I went through all the steps to install Sogun as in the documentation and also quickstart steps in github.16:10
RajuI am not sure wether I am missing something.16:11
RajuI downloaded the Shogun source from the website and installed all the requirements for it. I found 2 steps to install 1) ./configure make make install 2) mkdir build cd build cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$HOME/shogun-install" ..16:17
lupinixRaju: you have to use CentOS 6? i'm remembering several issues with old libraries and swig there... we have packages in Fedora16:18
* lupinix is one of the maintainers @Fedora and EPEL community repo for EL16:18
lupinixi think pure C++ stuff will work16:19
RajuNot necessay I have to stick with CentOS 616:19
RajuIs there any specific version for Fedora?16:20
lupinixRaju: @fedora we have it in our repositories, so you can install without compiling from source16:21
lupinixthere a "dnf install shogun-devel shogun-data" will install everything you need for C++, in addition for other languages, for example python3-shogun for python3 interface16:24
Rajulupinix: Got it. Thank you. I will try it Fedora as well.16:24
RajuDoes ubuntu have a shogun package?16:27
lupinixdon't know16:29
RajuThank you.16:30
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RajuHello, I installed Shogun in Fedora from the repositories. After that I tried running a simplest libshogun example program. It didn't work. It didn't find <shogun/base/init.h>. Any help please.20:36
RajuI used this command "dnf install shogun-devel shogun-data" it installed all the required packages.20:49
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