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@HeikoSwiking: ping!12:45
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@wikingHeikoS: pong pong12:46
@HeikoSwiking: saw rahuls email?12:47
@wikingit'll take longer time to answer that12:47
@HeikoSwiking: I would love to reach a conclusion there12:47
@wikingwe are very different in approach12:47
@wiking"two different binaries of Shogun"12:48
@wikingthis is a total fucking bullshit12:48
@HeikoSwell please make suggestions12:48
@HeikoSthe current situation is not good as things are neither decided nor optimal12:48
@wikingbut rushing things12:49
@wikingwill not amke things better either12:49
@HeikoSI dont want to rush, I want to progress12:49
@HeikoSI want to avoid stalling12:49
@HeikoSquite a difference12:49
@HeikoSlets stay on linalg for a second12:50
@wikinglet's try to do more things at a time12:50
@wikingwe are more than 1 person12:50
@HeikoSas I said, it would be good to conclude something for that12:51
@HeikoSotherwise the discussion was pointless12:51
@wikingno it's not pointless12:51
@wikingbut it takes time12:51
@HeikoSsure sure12:51
@HeikoSthats fine12:51
@HeikoSbut this pattern we have where a suggestion just gets blocked and then *nothing* happens is not helpful as well12:51
@wikingwhen the suggestion12:52
@wikingis really bad12:52
@HeikoSso what I want to get at is what the way forwarrd here is12:52
@wikingwhat else do you expect?12:52
@HeikoSthe suggestion is to discuss12:52
@wikingi'm sorry i dont want to hurt anybody's feeling12:52
@wikingbut this is a mediocre suggestion12:52
@wikingon a bigger problem12:52
@wikingnothing personal12:52
@HeikoSyes all fine12:52
@HeikoSbut what is better?12:52
@HeikoShow to do it12:53
@HeikoSthis is what we need12:53
@HeikoStechnical discussion that is constructive12:53
@HeikoSeven if we just progress in design, that is helpful12:53
@wikingthen first of all12:54
@wikinglet's act as an open source library12:54
@wikingand not a hidden thing12:54
@wikingso i'll CC my answer to shogun@mailinglist12:54
@wikingbecause it's a bit of awkward to do design decisions12:54
@wikingin an open source library12:54
@wikingbehind the scence12:54
@wikingi mean are we deliberately not using the fact that we are opensource?12:55
@wikingie rely on external 'help'12:55
@HeikoSdude what are you talking about? :D12:55
@wikingthat email12:55
@HeikoSI just wanted to push the email thread a biut12:55
@wikingme too12:55
@HeikoShowever you think it is best12:56
@wikingand it was my fault12:56
@wikingin the first place12:56
@wikingthat i did not start this on shogun@12:56
@HeikoSI care more *that*...not so much *how*12:56
@HeikoSso yeah lets make it publixc12:56
@HeikoSbut that is not my point here12:56
@HeikoSbut just some detail12:56
@wikingwe are forbidden do talk about gsoc12:57
@HeikoSonly # and who12:58
@HeikoSnot that12:58
@HeikoSalso we can say which projects have priority, we already did that12:58
@wiking" In absence of an alternative idea, I'd say we go on with option 1 for now"13:00
@wikingyou cannot do things like this :)13:00
@wikingi mean a) either you do it put the patch there and that's it13:00
@wikingb) discuss13:00
@wikingnow this halfway between a and b13:00
@wikingis bs bingo13:00
@HeikoShow to do it?13:02
@HeikoSwe have had so many discussions in this pattern13:04
@HeikoSsuggestion -> bullshit -> question for alternative -> nothing happens ....13:04
@HeikoSjust calling bullshit all the time is not really helpful, better suggestions would be helpful13:05
@wikingbut it is still bullshit13:06
@wikingand sorry13:06
@wikingbut unfortunately13:07
@wikingi have work13:07
@wikingso coming up with design is the least of my problems when i touch shogun13:08
@wikingwanna fix some fundamental problems13:08
@wikingjust answered13:08
@wikingwith an actual alternative13:08
@HeikoSI see that, have the same problem here. All I want is to get us avoid being stuck there but use the momentum that somebody actually is working on it.13:10
lisitsyngoing to check that mail soon as well13:37
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@HeikoSwiking: ping again16:50
@HeikoSlisitsyn: hi!16:55
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