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travis-ciit's lambday's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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saisiddhantCan anyone guide me how can I contribute to shogun17:31
saisiddhantI have just completed the course of Andrew Ng on ML17:32
Saurabh7saisiddhant, Look up shoguns github and wiki loads of information there17:52
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Saurabh7OXPHOS, Hi !17:52
OXPHOSSaurabh7, Hey! Just saw your comments. Thanks!17:53
OXPHOSSaurabh7: Seems I have more basic problem to tackle first..but I don't have a clue why. Missing stdint.h?17:55
Saurabh7OXPHOS, uhm whats that :)17:55
Saurabh7in what context is that17:56
Saurabh7gotta run brb 15 min17:56
OXPHOSSaurabh7: I had error "Exception: Failed to obtain include path for int32_t or Cint32_t or int32_t or Cint32_t" when compiling [all] meta examples but they were not there the first time.17:59
OXPHOSSaurabh7: Don't know whether it is also caused by the ctags issue lisitsyn metioned.18:00
OXPHOSSaurabh7: I'll be around. Thanks.18:00
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Saurabh7OXPHOS, not sure i havent worked with cookbook yet, but looks like its possibly due to the ctags thing18:37
OXPHOSSaurabh7: I'll take that! Thx. It is quite fun working on cookbook/meta-language18:45
Saurabh7yup its been a pretty good addition18:53
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