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CaBawiking: yes00:55
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Saurabh7wiking, any idea how to solve this:06:16
Saurabh7CDynamicObjectArray -> get_element() always returns SGObject pointer06:16
Saurabh7which cannot be cast to anything else in say python interface06:17
Saurabh7and some functions do return those arrays06:20
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@wikingCaBa: well the subset is not thread safe08:58
@wikingwhich is a long standing feature request actually :)09:19
@wikingto make it thread safe09:19
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travis-ciit's lambday's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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travis-ciit's lambday's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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CaBaSaurabh7: I saw some classes provide a static function obtain_from_generic() that does the cast...15:34
CaBaSaurabh7: so adding such a function to ParameterCombination would probably "fix" the problem from yesterday15:35
CaBawiking: do you work with python?15:43
@wikingCaBa: i try not to :)15:49
arianepaolahello everyone16:07
arianepaolawiking: ping16:07
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sanujwiking: there?16:14
@wikingjust a sec16:16
CaBawiking: C++ then?16:20
@wikingCaBa: yes16:20
CaBaI begin to wonder if I should do the ML stuff natively right away, too...16:20
sanujbesser82_: yo \o/16:22
sanujSaurabh7: hello :)16:23
sanujbesser82_: how do i get started with dynaplugz16:24
Saurabh7CaBa, ah yes that should do it, complicated it too much in my head :)16:26
Saurabh7sanuj, Hey16:26
sanujSaurabh7: did you register on Payoneer?16:26
Saurabh7sanuj, I had account from back in '1416:27
Saurabh7any issues ?16:27
sanujthere is some issue regarding INR and USD that i saw on the gsoc mailing list16:27
sanujconfused me16:27
sanujwhat did you do about it16:28
sanujSaurabh7: ^16:28
Saurabh7i used USD and its still the same16:28
Saurabh7was better back then dont know current state actually16:28
Saurabh7usd was better16:29
sanujso the bank converts that for you16:29
CaBawiking: i'm trying to parallelize model selection in python but something seems fishy... as if all threads are blocked while one is doing cross validation...16:29
sanujSaurabh7: what about taxes?16:29
Saurabh7sanuj, yup16:29
@wikingCaBa: hahah yeah16:29
@wikingshit can happen with python in multiprocessing16:29
@wikingsanuj: what'sup16:29
sanujwiking: i managed to get SWIG working with some simple c++ code16:30
@wikingbut wait16:30
@wikingi mean there's a whole framework16:30
@wikingof swig16:30
@wikingin current code16:30
@wikingso dont start from nothing16:30
sanujand i understand how proxy classes work and how swig manages templates16:30
sanujyeah i looked at that16:31
CaBawiking: anything i should know about? i'm fairly new to python i must admit, but the code i wrote seems fairly parallel unless i enter x-validation ;)16:31
@wikingCaBa: read about GIL = global interpreter loc16:32
@wikingpython is a ridicolous language16:32
sanujwiking: what is the best approach to take for the swig interface for tags framework16:32
sanuji'll have to write that from scratch16:32
@wikinglets first concentrate on shogun-base16:34
sanujwiking: and shogun-base is dynaplugz?16:34
CaBawiking: in other words - i can't parallelize shogun logic on the python level?16:35
sanuji mean its obviously incomplete for now16:35
@wikingCaBa: dunno never tried16:36
@wikingHeiko would know it better16:36
@wikingor mailing list16:36
CaBawiking: this is pretty frustrating... Do I understand this correctly, python provides threading but pretty much nothing is executed concurrently?16:43
CaBaor at least the reference interpreter doesn't allow concurrency?16:45
@wikingwell there's multiprocessing package16:48
@wikingbut yeah it's a bit hacky16:48
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@wikingand it's totally non posix16:48
CaBai see. all of this smells like major headache :(16:59
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sanujHeikoS: wazzup? :)19:28
@HeikoSsanuj: wazuuup :D19:29
sanujare we hosting the cookbook pages anywhere yet?19:29
sanuji am about to graduate19:29
sanujgoing back home on 14th19:29
@HeikoSgreat congrats19:29
@HeikoSyes they are at
@HeikoSbut its not ready to be announced yet19:30
@HeikoSso dont spread19:30
sanujyes, i wont ;)19:30
@HeikoSneed to work on design and some details19:30
sanujjust wanted to check what all pages we have till now19:30
sanujwas thinking about which cookbook page i should write next19:31
@HeikoSI see19:33
@HeikoSyeah would be good to add more19:33
@HeikoSbasically all the standard ML algos should come first19:33
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sanujbesser82_: there?19:40
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travis-ciit's Heiko Strathmann's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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CaBawhat's the purpose of the SG_REF macro?20:40
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@wikingCaBa: ++ the reference counter of an object20:44
@wikingthe pair of it is SG_UNREF20:44
CaBawiking: for what? gc?20:53
@wikinghehehe c++ doesn't have a gc20:56
@wikingu manage your own memory20:56
CaBai'm aware of that. thats why i'm asking whether that's the way *you* do gc ;)20:57
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CaBaCKernel* casted=dynamic_cast<CKernel*>(kernel);21:28
CaBaREQUIRE(casted, "CKernel::obtain_from_generic(): Error, provided object of class \"%s\" is not a subclass of CKernel!\n", kernel->get_name());21:28
CaBawiking: how is that a valid subclass check?21:28
CaBawiking: do i still need any checking for this to be proper? and how about that ref counter...22:04
CaBawiking: other obtain_from_generic() implementations often derive from known base classes which have known members to check their type... I found CKernel casts SGObject and has this wirred REQUIRE check that I posted...22:06
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