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sanujwiking: there?06:30
sanujlisitsyn: there?06:31
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sanujSaurabh7: hey07:21
sanujwhat's the timezone for the doodle meeting thing07:21
Saurabh7sanuj: yo07:21
Saurabh7utc i think07:21
sanujwiking: ping me when you are available :)07:39
@wikingah doodle07:45
@wikinglemme see didn't fill out07:45
sanujwiking: i grepped "()=0" or "() = 0"07:48
sanujfound some files07:48
sanujone is MulticlassMachine.h07:49
sanujthe class hierarchy goes like CMulticlassMachine --> CBaseMulticlassMachine --> CMachine --> CSGObject07:50
sanujthen shall i add all these classes to the base-shogun list?07:50
sanujwiking: ^^\07:51
sanujSaurabh7: did you look at these warnings?07:58
Saurabh7sanuj: no, whats that ?08:00
Saurabh7oh right, dunno seem to be caused by cdflib08:01
sanujSaurabh7: can we replicate these warnings on our pc?08:07
sanuji was thinking for fixing them right now08:07
sanuji'm building it....let's see if i get the warnings08:11
Saurabh7sanuj: those might be compiler specific08:13
sanuji see08:13
Saurabh7anyways first few look straightforward if we can add parentheses08:14
Saurabh7in expressions arnd && and others08:14
sanujshould be easy to fix08:15
sanuji just want to replicate the warnings on my pc first so i no for sure that it's fixed before i send a PR08:16
Saurabh7adding parentheses is good anyways :)08:17
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sanujtoday is the day to experiment with multiple irc clients :P08:21
Saurabh7irssi is pretty cool i ditched others08:24
sanujtoo much commands08:24
sanujSaurabh7, does it show logs?08:25
Saurabh7sanuj: you mean logs from  when you were last around ?08:26
Saurabh7I havent set it up why would you need that tho08:27
sanujoh i was just asking08:27
sanuji'm getting these warnings on my local also08:36
sanujfixing them now08:36
sanujlunch break :D09:47
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sanujhow to generate documentation11:11
sanujwhat's the make flag for it11:11
sanuji tried make doc11:12
sanuji think it worked11:12
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sanujenough warning fixing for one day12:45
Saurabh7ah didn't realise kernels had subsets too13:23
sanujSaurabh7, do you know SWIG?13:23
Saurabh7have to do all over again :)13:24
Saurabh7sanuj: a bit13:24
Saurabh7what are you trying?13:24
sanuji'm trying to write swig interface for my TAG prototype13:25
sanujlet me give you the link13:25
sanuji haven't started writing the interface for this13:29
sanujdid it for much easier code and generated python bindings13:29
sanujwhich had no classes or templates13:30
sanujnow i need to write it for my tags-string prototype13:30
sanuji tried to decipher some of the swig code in shogun13:31
sanujbut it's huge13:31
sanujdon't know where to begin13:31
Saurabh7sanuj, have a look at some of shogun's templated classes then13:43
sanujSaurabh7, which cookbook page are you writing?14:17
sanuji was thinking of writing it on GMMs14:18
sanujneed to confirm that with Heiko14:18
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sanujHeikoS, hi15:09
sanujcan i write a cookbook page on GMMs?15:09
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lisitsynsanuj: feel free ;)15:53
sanujlisitsyn, okay thanks :)15:54
sanujalso i wanted to ask15:54
sanujhow to decipher shogun's swig code15:54
lisitsynhaha decipher15:55
sanujreading swig docs gets boring...examples will help15:55
lisitsynsanuj: did you  manage to create some simple example yet?15:55
sanujyes i have done that for python15:55
sanujonly functions15:55
sanujno classes or templates15:56
lisitsynwhat about classes?15:56
sanuji need to do that15:56
sanujwas reading this for that15:56
sanuji was hoping to find similar implementation in shogun code15:56
sanujto get a better idea15:57
lisitsynsanuj: well we don't do anything but just rename our classes15:57
lisitsynto remove C from CClass15:57
lisitsynCSVM -> SVM15:57
lisitsynthis is why we have %rename15:57
lisitsynbut we don't have anything else on classes I think15:57
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sanujwhat are all those .i files in src/interfaces/python_modular15:58
lisitsynsanuj: just the same thing as you write for your example15:58
lisitsynbut splitted by modules15:58
lisitsynthey are all included so it's just to split things15:59
sanujfor my simple swig example15:59
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sanuji just had to include headers16:00
sanujand declare all the functions16:00
lisitsynwe have other things but they are unrelated for now16:00
lisitsynjust add some class and you should get a wrapper16:00
lisitsyntemplates are easy as well16:00
sanuji know that templates are instantiated with all types in swig16:01
lisitsynyou just have to specialize them with a declaration16:01
lisitsynI think it is better to be explicit16:01
lisitsynsay you have template<typename T> func(T);16:01
lisitsynyou just put there two lines16:01
lisitsyntemplate<> func(int);16:01
lisitsyntemplate<> func(double);16:02
lisitsynthis means you just 'export' two of them16:02
sanujyou were anticipating a problem with swig for string based parameters right?16:02
lisitsynyou can't infer the type by string16:02
lisitsynso you would have to return something generic16:03
lisitsynI mean get(string) can't return correct type16:03
lisitsynit can return just some generic holder like any16:03
lisitsynthen you have to cast it16:03
sanujso lets go step by step16:04
lisitsyn1) generate a wrapper for a class16:04
lisitsyn2) make it a template16:04
lisitsyn3) declare a few specialization of this template16:04
sanujokay, first i'll get this done with my already existing string-tags prototype16:05
sanujthen i'll look further into things16:06
lisitsynyeah sure16:06
lisitsynsanuj: to work with string16:06
lisitsyncreate a class16:06
lisitsynbasically you can use any16:06
lisitsynbut add a few *special* impls of cast16:06
lisitsynasInt = as<int>16:06
lisitsynasDouble = as<double>16:06
lisitsynsee what I mean?16:06
lisitsynsanuj: do you see why we have to specialize these casts?16:07
sanuji don't remember your any implementation16:08
lisitsynsanuj: then ask ;)16:08
lisitsynwhich one did you use?16:08
lisitsynin this repo I see this thing from aer16:09
sanuji think i got it from aer16:09
lisitsyntemplate <typename T>16:10
lisitsynT& as() const16:10
lisitsynbut as I said before you have to specialize for swig16:10
lisitsynthis would be ambiguous for swig16:10
lisitsynso you have to specialize them with other name16:10
sanuji see now16:11
sanujlike templates you need to specialize for swig16:11
lisitsynbut as<int> and as<float> would be just the same for swig16:11
lisitsynso you have to add asInt, asFloat, etc16:11
sanujwe need special implementations16:11
lisitsynthen it would look like16:12
lisitsynget("my parameter").asInt()16:12
lisitsynthis would return int or fail16:12
sanujget("my parameter") would not work with swig16:12
sanujso we need asInt() as well16:13
lisitsyn no it would work but16:13
lisitsynyou can't do anything with that generic value16:13
lisitsynmaybe you can print it16:13
lisitsynbut you have to cast it if you need its typed value16:13
sanujokay :)16:13
lisitsynsanuj: ok so the plan is to make things like (10 + object.get("x").asInt()) work16:15
sanuji'll make it work in python16:15
sanujpython is fine right?16:16
lisitsynyeah sure16:17
lisitsynsanuj: and lets speed up a bit, please let me know if you're stuck16:18
sanujlisitsyn, yes, that's what i'm trying to do16:18
sanuji got back home yesterday16:18
sanujnow will be able to give more time to shogun16:18
sanuji had exams and submissions before that16:19
lisitsynI see16:19
sanujlisitsyn, do you also code in c++ for yandex?16:29
lisitsynsanuj: yeah sometimes16:29
lisitsynsanuj: mostly in python though16:29
lisitsynbecause it is faster to write :)16:29
sanujoh yes16:29
sanujgoing for dinner16:41
sanujwill be back soon16:41
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