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sanujlisitsyn, ping09:37
lisitsynsanuj: hey09:40
sanujthis is fine right?09:40
sanujmy toy swig interfaces for template09:41
lisitsynsanuj: yeah looks ok09:41
lisitsynsanuj: there is no python example though09:41
lisitsyndid you manage to make it work?09:42
sanujbuild it setup.py09:42
sanujimport square09:42
sanujsq = square.SquareInt(5)09:42
sanuj= 2509:42
sanujall this is working09:42
lisitsynok cool09:43
lisitsynnow should be easy to make tag thing work :)09:43
sanujyes i'll move on to that now09:43
sanujthis turned out to be easier than i thought09:43
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sanujlisitsyn, still there?09:59
lisitsynsanuj: yes09:59
sanujin my prototype10:00
sanuji'm using tags to get instead of string10:00
sanujwe had discussed this earlier i guess10:00
sanujcan't we infer the type from the argument tag instead of casting it10:02
sanujlisitsyn, ^10:04
lisitsynsanuj: yes it should work ok with tags10:04
lisitsynsanuj: you just have to 'instantiate' these gets10:05
lisitsynfor specific types like int, double10:05
lisitsynbut as they have different argument types10:05
lisitsynit should work10:05
sanujalright, i'll try10:05
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lisitsynwiking: jo11:55
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sanujlisitsyn, i'm getting some include errors while building the wrappers12:09
lisitsynwhat errors?12:09
sanujIn file included from shogun_wrap.cxx:3041:0:12:10
sanujsrc/shogun/SGObject.hpp:4:30: fatal error: src/shogun/Tag.hpp: No such file or directory12:10
sanujshall i share the code with you on github12:10
sanujlisitsyn, ^12:12
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sanujwiking, there?12:54
sanujlisitsyn, wiking ping me when you guys are free13:24
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@HeikoSsanuj: yes you can13:51
lisitsynsanuj: wazuup13:51
sanujHeikoS, about GMM cookbook?13:51
lisitsynmake shogun grate again13:52
sanujlisitsyn, getting that include error13:52
lisitsynah sorry13:52
sanujlisitsyn, look up ^^13:53
lisitsynwell it looks like the path is wrong :)13:53
sanujcmake is able to build it without swig13:53
sanujlisitsyn, i'll share the code on github13:53
lisitsynI don't think src should be there13:53
sanujlisitsyn, i called python from a folder which has src13:54
lisitsynwhy do you use
sanujswig docs13:54
lisitsynI mean in shogun we already build it with cmake13:55
lisitsynwhy other approach?13:55
sanujjust for testing13:55
sanujswig docs suggested so i used it to build my toy examples13:56
sanuji'll try to build it with cmake13:56
lisitsynsanuj: ok just show me what's changed or errors you ge13:56
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sanujlisitsyn, ping15:11
@wikingsanuj: you pinged me?15:17
sanujwiking, hi :)15:17
sanuji pinged you a while back15:17
sanujabt some error15:17
sanujbut now it's solved :)15:17
@wikingah ok, sorry wasn't around15:17
sanujcool :)15:18
sanujwiking, swig interface is sort of working for my string-tag prototype15:18
sanujwith some problems15:18
@wikinganything i can help with15:19
@wikingmeaning with the problems/15:19
sanuji'll share the code first15:19
sanujlet me push it on github15:19
sanujhave you seen my prototype?15:19
@wikingnoup sorry15:20
sanujokay :)15:20
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sanujwiking, this is how the .i file looks15:22
sanujand the concerned classes are15:22
sanujin python15:23
sanujwhen i do15:23
sanujobj = SGObject()15:23
@wikingsanuj: for(std::unordered_map<std::string, Any*>::iterator it = tag_map.begin(); it != tag_map.end(); ++it)15:24
@wikingfor_each? :)15:24
sanujobj.set(....) doesn't work15:25
@wikingit's much shorter15:25
@wikingis this from python interface?15:25
@wikingi suppose, right?15:25
@wikingok lemme pull15:25
sanujsure i'll do that15:25
@wikingand try to compile15:25
sanujyes it's from python interface15:26
@wikingok the cmake files will need some love15:26
@wikingbut lemme try it on linu15:27
sanuji don't know much cmake15:27
@wikingdont worry we'll fix it15:27
sanujmake build dir in tags-string15:27
@wikingtrying that15:29
@wikingthe problem is15:29
@wikingImportError: dynamic module does not define init function (init_shogun)15:29
sanujimport shogun worked for me15:30
sanujin python15:30
@wikingah i think i have a problem with having another version15:30
@wikingof shogun in the path15:30
sanujgo in tags-string/build/src/interfaces and then import15:31
sanujyou will have to do something about the path15:31
@wikingyep yep15:31
@wikingi know15:31
@wikingi'm just saying15:31
@wikingthat i have another version of shogun in the path15:31
sanuji know you know15:31
@wikinghence the meixup15:31
lisitsynwhat's wrong with set?15:32
@wikingoh ok15:32
@wikingi see15:32
@wikingTraceback (most recent call last):15:32
@wiking  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>15:32
@wiking  File "/home/wiking/shogun-plugin-arch/tags-string/build/src/interfaces/", line 76, in <lambda>15:32
@wiking    __getattr__ = lambda self, name: _swig_getattr(self, SGObject, name)15:33
@wiking  File "/home/wiking/shogun-plugin-arch/tags-string/build/src/interfaces/", line 57, in _swig_getattr15:33
@wiking    raise AttributeError(name)15:33
@wikingAttributeError: set15:33
@wikingcoz swig uses that nice lambda15:33
@wikingto get the object's param15:33
@wiking(attribute i meant015:33
lisitsynwas it ignored15:33
lisitsynbecause python has 'set'?15:33
@wikingit doesn't find that 'set'15:34
lisitsynyes but why?15:34
@wikinghow's tag added to SGObject15:34
lisitsynwhich repo15:34
@wikingah wait15:34
@wikingi've fucked up the thing15:35
@wikingsanuj: should it be15:35
sanujthe following perfectly in c++15:35
sanujSGObject obj;15:35
sanujTag<int> length_tag("side");15:35
sanujobj.set(length_tag, 10);15:35
@wikingsanuj: how did you create Tag<int> in python15:36
sanuj%template(TagInt) Tag<int>;15:36
sanujoh i think why15:39
sanujtemplate <typename T>15:39
sanuj    void set(Tag<T> tag, T value);15:39
sanujit's a template method which are treated differently in swig15:39
lisitsynyes you have to instantiate15:39
lisitsynfor some types15:39
sanujwill do it now15:40
sanujsorry for the trouble wiking15:40
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sanujlisitsyn, there?15:55
sanujeverything is working now15:55
sanujobj = SGObject()15:56
sanujlength_tag = TagInt("side")15:56
sanujobj.setInt(length_tag, 10)15:56
sanuja = obj.getInt(length_tag)15:56
sanuja is <Swig Object of type 'int *' at 0x7f7c00f13de0>15:56
sanujso 3 + obj.getInt(length_tag) won't work15:57
sanujthis is because15:57
sanujtemplate <typename T>15:57
sanujT& get(Tag<T> tag);15:57
sanujmore specifically15:57
sanujtemplate <typename T>15:57
sanujT& SGObject::get(Tag<T> tag)15:57
sanujAny* a = tag_map[tag.getName()];15:57
sanujreturn a->as<T>();15:57
lisitsynhmm yeah15:58
lisitsynsomehow it returned a wrapper for int*15:58
lisitsynnot the value itself15:58
sanujwhy do we have T&15:58
sanujI tried T but gives error15:58
sanujwith swig15:59
lisitsynsanuj: ok I get the problem16:00
lisitsynnot that I know the reason though16:00
lisitsynsanuj: could you please check it in swig docs?16:00
lisitsynhow to map primitive types and so on16:00
sanujlisitsyn, T& is because of any16:01
sanujbut i don't know why we have T& there16:01
lisitsynnah that's ok16:01
lisitsynwhy not?16:01
lisitsynsanuj: oh16:01
lisitsynwhta happens if you try T then?16:02
sanuji had tried it earlier16:02
sanujc++ code works fine16:03
sanujif i remember correctly16:03
sanujlet me try again16:03
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sanujlisitsyn, yes cpp code works fine16:05
sanujlisitsyn, oh it's working with swig also16:06
lisitsyn3 + 316:07
sanuj3 + obj.getInt(length_tag)16:07
sanujgives 1316:07
sanujlisitsyn, what to do now?16:10
lisitsynmake it work with strings :)16:11
sanuji think it works with strings also16:11
sanujlet me see16:11
sanujname_tag = TagString("name")16:13
sanujobj.setString(name_tag, "Jon Snow")16:13
sanuj obj.getString(name_tag) + " is alive!"16:14
sanuj= 'Jon Snow is alive!'16:14
Saurabh7HeikoS: hi16:17
sanujlisitsyn, this is how shogun.i looks for now16:20
sanujwiking, still around?16:22
lisitsynsanuj: no I mean16:24
lisitsynby strings16:24
lisitsynget("my super parameter").asInt()16:24
sanujlisitsyn, how to make that work16:25
sanujoh wait16:25
lisitsynset(string, T)16:25
sanujlisitsyn, do you want to keep get by tag?16:28
lisitsynsanuj: yes sure16:28
lisitsynboth ways16:28
sanuji'll do it after dinner :)16:29
sanujlisitsyn, till when are you around?16:29
lisitsynhalf an hour more then will disappear for 5 hours16:30
sanujyou sleep for 5 hrs only? :D16:30
sanujsee you tomorrow then16:33
lisitsynsanuj: nah that's lecture16:36
lisitsynsanuj: I teach some machine learning16:36
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@HeikoSSaurabh7: hi16:54
Saurabh7HeikoS: Hey I was trying things with subsets and thread safety16:56
@HeikoSSaurabh7: cool!16:56
Saurabh7To do that i thought of one way i put it in the doc16:57
Saurabh7we would have to pass an identifier to the index_conversion method16:58
Saurabh7because thats what is being used everywhere to access16:58
Saurabh7but we dont have control when the index conversion happens in alogs16:58
Saurabh7so I think we would have to update feature access methods , kernel compute things and labels for that16:59
Saurabh7if to be done this way16:59
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sanujlisitsyn, coool17:10
sanujlisitsyn, still around? :D17:11
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OXPHOSHey wiking, lisitsyn, a prototype for linalg. Looks kinda ugly :(17:54
sanujHey OXPHOS17:55
sanujlisitsyn is not going to be here for the next 5 hrs17:55
OXPHOSsanuj: hey thanks for letting me know17:55
lisitsynpartially here yet18:00
sanujno yet teaching machine learning then :)18:00
lisitsynyeah waiting for my senior student guys :D18:01
sanujlisitsyn, you teach in college?18:01
sanujor any institute / university?18:02
lisitsynsanuj: in higher school of economics and as something commercial18:02
lisitsyntwo courses now18:02
lisitsyntoday it is commercial :)18:02
sanujcool ;)18:02
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sanujlisitsyn, obj.get("num").asInt()19:19
sanujalso working ;D19:19
sanujlisitsyn, tell me what to do next19:19
sanujwill check the log for your message tomorrow19:20
@wikinghaha that asInt19:20
@wikinglooks very scala like19:20
sanujgoing to sleep now19:21
sanujgoodnight folks :)19:21
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travis-ciit's Heiko Strathmann's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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