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@lambday_OXPHOS_: add destructor00:05
@lambday_in GPUVector00:05
@lambday_that will do nothing00:05
@lambday_I mean, that does nothing00:05
@lambday_OXPHOS_: works?00:06
OXPHOS_lambday_: yes!00:06
@lambday_OXPHOS_: see the issue was, it didn't know how to delete that fucking thing, cause it was trying to rely on default destructor.. now that you have shown it how to delete it, it now works00:07
OXPHOS_lambday_: never thought it's the destructor..00:07
OXPHOS_lambday_: thanks so much!00:07
@lambday_OXPHOS_: no worries :)00:08
@lambday_OXPHOS_: the error msg is very imp you see :)00:08
@lambday_although cryptic :D00:08
OXPHOS_lambday_: yes..very unfriendly :(00:09
@lambday_OXPHOS_: it will grow on you, give it time :)00:10
OXPHOS_OXPHOS_: I guess so. waiting to speak the mumbling language :)00:10
OXPHOS_lambday_: ^00:10
OXPHOS_Im unconcious00:11
@lambday_OXPHOS_: haha00:11
@lambday_OXPHOS_: alright.. let me know when you update the PR..00:12
@lambday_I'll probably sleep now zzzzzzzzzz00:12
OXPHOS_lambday_: sure. will ping you. thanks a lot!00:13
@lambday_OXPHOS_: nw... see you!00:13
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shogun-buildbotbuild #2892 of bsd1 - libshogun is complete: Failure [failed configure]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>, Sanuj <>01:16
shogun-buildbotbuild #30 of xenial - libshogun is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>, Sanuj <>01:19
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shogun-buildbotbuild #21 of FC23 - libshogun - aarch64 is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>, Sanuj <>02:27
shogun-buildbotbuild #1013 of nightly_none is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>, lambday <>, Sanuj <>, OXPHOS <>03:05
shogun-buildbotbuild #11 of clang - thread analysis is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>, lambday <>, Sanuj <>, OXPHOS <>03:43
shogun-buildbotbuild #10 of clang - undefined behaviour analysis is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>, lambday <>, Sanuj <>, OXPHOS <>03:47
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deepak_Hello everyone, I don't understand how to install shogun on my Ubuntu 15.04, I have used make install to create a shogun-install file in my home directory, but what do I do next? The minimal example always has an error09:23
deepak_fatal error: shogun/base/init.h: No such file or directory  #include <shogun/base/init.h>09:26
deepak_This is what I'm asking09:27
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sanujlisitsyn, hello10:05
deepak_Hey sanuj, can you help with my problem please?10:08
sanujdeepak_, hi10:09
sanujdid you build shogun?10:09
deepak_Yes I did, by building you mean creating a build folder and then using cmake and then make right?10:09
sanujdeepak_, yeah10:10
sanujand you have installed it by doing "make install" in your home directory10:10
sanujis that correct?10:10
sanujdeepak_, did you specify the path while installing it?10:10
deepak_cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$HOME/shogun-install" like this?10:12
sanujdeepak_, yeah maybe10:13
sanujif you have installed it in your home10:13
deepak_Yes , I have installed it in my home10:13
sanujthen you need to add the path to your installation to LD_LIBRARY_PATH10:14
sanujdeepak_, you just want c++ or python also?10:14
deepak_Just C++ would do10:14
sanujjust add it to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH10:14
deepak_export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$HOME/shogun-install/lib" something like this?10:15
sanujdeepak_, yeah10:16
sanujcheck if it works10:16
deepak_No, I am getting the same error10:17
sanujdeepak_, are you sure the path is correct10:18
deepak_The path to?10:18
sanujand how are you compiling the example10:18
deepak_g++ -lshogun minimal.cpp -o minimal like this?10:19
sanujdeepak_, does your path point to the dir which has (or something like this)10:20
deepak_Yes, the contents of  $HOME/shogun-install/lib are
sanujdeepak_, what does echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH show10:23
sanujfrom the terminal you are compiling10:23
deepak_it shows /home/deepak/shogun-install/lib10:24
sanujdeepak_, try this once - "g++ minimal.cpp -lshogun -o minimal"10:24
sanujdeepak_, worked?10:25
deepak_a sec please10:25
deepak_No , the same error10:26
sanujdeepak_, try running ldconfig10:26
sanujdeepak_, you will need sudo10:27
sanuji guess10:27
deepak_Yes I did10:27
deepak_Now I compile again?10:27
deepak_Nope, same error10:27
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deepak_So what shall I do?10:30
sanujdeepak_, ask wiking if he is here10:31
sanujit should work10:31
sanujdeepak_, most of the devs will be online in a few hours, then you can ask them10:32
deepak_He's not,I guess I'll have to wait , thanks for your time ;)10:32
sanujno problem10:33
@wikingdeepak_: helo10:45
deepak_Hello wiking10:45
deepak_I am trying to install shogun10:45
deepak_And I got the aforementioned problems10:46
deepak_Shall I describe it again?10:46
@wikingwhere is it?10:46
@wikinghere in logs?10:46
@wikingi'll check10:46
@wikingw8 couple of mins so that i can read it10:46
deepak_Thank you ;)10:46
deepak_@Wiking, any idea what the problem might be?10:59
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c4goldswwiking, are you there?11:36
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c4goldswlambday, do you have a moment?11:39
@lambdayc4goldsw: sure11:39
c4goldswGreat.  I'm still learning C++ and I've come across some syntax that I've never seen in another language before.  Lines 134 - 140 of this:
c4goldswlambday specifically, line 13911:41
@lambdayc4goldsw: this would probably help -
lisitsynhaha yeah that's a surprise11:43
lisitsynsome syntax glitch haa11:43
@lambdaylisitsyn: the glorified template and typename keywords that bugs everyone11:43
c4goldswThanks, I'll read that (the space is odd).11:43
@wikingc4goldsw: yes11:44
c4goldswwiking It's fine, had my question answered.11:44
c4goldswThanks though.11:44
@lambdayc4goldsw: also,
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sanujlisitsyn, hey11:46
lisitsynsanuj: hey11:46
sanujlisitsyn, this is working
sanujcan you review and tell what is missing11:47
@lambdaysanuj: I noticed the other day that HeikoS pronounces your name as "sanuyi".. maybe that's how 'j' plays a role in some languages (jojo = yoyo, jaja = haha).. weird..11:47
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@lambdayI will correct him :D11:47
sanujlambday, haha11:47
sanujit's saaanuj11:47
@lambdayyes and the most important part is, "j" is just j.. as in john :D11:48
sanujlambday, my passport should come soon now11:48
@lambdaysanuj: cool!11:48
sanujwent to the passport office here11:48
sanujwill start applying for interns11:49
sanujlambday, is there a chance to get a funded intern in UCL?11:49
@lambdaysanuj: great!11:49
@lambdaysanuj: I am not the right person to ask that ;)11:49
@lambdaysanuj: I'll suggest - finish your gsoc, do the great work you have been doing, and most importantly, finish it.. then with that you apply..11:50
@lambdayyou'll have something measurable to show11:50
sanujlambday, yes, i was planning to start my next intern when gsoc ends11:51
lisitsynsanuj: looks good11:51
sanujbut for that i need to apply in this month11:51
sanujlisitsyn, we need error handling11:51
sanujand a function to modify already set parameters11:51
@lambdaylisitsyn: sanuj: is it the same tag-ged parameter framework we discussed a while back?11:51
lisitsynlambday: yes11:51
@lambdaylisitsyn: uber cool!11:51
lisitsynsanuj: please add tests for all negative scenarios you can think of11:51
lisitsynget missing parameter11:52
lisitsynset missing parameter - works11:52
lisitsynjust be sure to separate them11:52
sanujlisitsyn, okay11:52
sanujlisitsyn, do we need a separate function to modify an already parameter11:53
lisitsynsanuj: no, why11:53
lisitsynsanuj: ah btw11:53
lisitsynmake set return the old value11:53
lisitsynit should be easy11:53
sanujlisitsyn, and do we need a function to print all parameters in an object11:53
sanujjust for the user11:53
lisitsynsanuj: oh yes that would make a lot of sense11:54
lisitsynat least its names11:54
lisitsynsanuj: not print, but return its list11:54
lisitsynlike std::vector<std::string> parameters();11:54
sanujthis looks cool11:55
sanujlisitsyn, anything else to add in the api11:55
lisitsynsanuj: maybe has(str::string) has(Tag<T>)11:55
lisitsynto check whether it has parameter11:55
sanujwhich returns bool11:55
sanujanything else?11:56
@lambdaylisitsyn: would this support string based setters/getters as well ?11:56
lisitsynlambday: yes11:56
AndroUserGuys, it's Deepak from before11:56
@lambdaylisitsyn: awesome!11:56
lisitsynlambday: currently you need to specify type when you get it by string11:56
lisitsynget("something", Type<int>);11:56
@lambdaylisitsyn: from python?11:56
sanujlambday, look here
lisitsynin python it would be11:56
@lambdayget("something", TypeInt)11:56
lisitsynget("something", TypeInt)11:56
lisitsynor maybe just sg.int11:57
sanujthat looks better11:57
-!- AndroUser is now known as deepak_11:57
lisitsynsanuj: agree11:57
@lambdaysanuj: cool man it already works!11:57
sanujlambday, yep :D11:58
deepak_Hi, I'm sorry for disturbing again, how do I get it to work?11:58
sanujlisitsyn, anything else for api?11:58
sanujotherwise i'll add the functions you suggested11:58
@lambdaydeepak_: hey! what are you working on?11:58
sanujmore unit tests11:58
sanujwith error handling11:58
sanujlisitsyn, and then we can move on to swig interface?11:59
lisitsynsanuj: yeah probably11:59
deepak_@lambday hey, I'm not able to install shogun11:59
deepak_Sanuj tried to help, but it didn't seem to work12:00
sanujlambday, you need to check logs for this ^^12:00
@lambdaydeepak_: can you share the details? any gists/pastebin links?12:00
sanujlisitsyn, for the commit history in the pr12:01
sanujshould i push small commits?12:02
lisitsynsanuj: yes it would help you12:02
sanujthere are lots of changes in one commit right now12:02
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@HeikoSSaurabh7: hi12:16
sanujlisitsyn, what shall i return if there is no previous set value?12:22
lisitsynsanuj: haha good question12:23
lisitsynno idea what would be reasonable12:23
sanujlisitsyn, we can't return null12:23
lisitsynreturn new one12:23
sanujlisitsyn, and do we need as.h12:23
sanujor shall i remove it?12:24
sanujit's derived from shared_ptr12:24
lisitsynsanuj: probably not needed anymore12:24
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deepak_Sorry, my Internet is very bad12:39
deepak_The problem is that even after following the instructions to install shogun, the minimal example is not running, the compiler is not able to find the header files12:41
-!- lisitsyn [~lisitsyn@] has joined #shogun12:43
sanujlisitsyn, when i return a vector of string for parameters12:44
sanujit should have type also12:44
sanujotherwise if a user forgets about a parameter12:44
sanujthere is no way to get it without it's name and type12:44
lisitsynjust return a list of names of parameters12:44
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arianepaolahello everyone13:11
arianepaoladeepak_: please ask your question in the channel, so that more people can help you13:15
deepak_Well the thing is I've already asked too many questions and I thought it would be annoying for everyone13:15
deepak_Because it is something basic, while everyone is working on something much more important13:16
arianepaoladid you try to build shogun from git?13:17
deepak_No, I downloaded the tar.gz file from the site and installed it13:17
deepak_In the quickstart example  chmod +x ./so_multiclass_BMRM && ./so_multiclass_BMRM is running properly , I think the library has installed properly but it's not linking in the c++ program13:19
arianepaolaPlease try to use code from git and then follow
arianepaolaThere is a clone or download option on github, where you can download a zip of the current git code13:22
deepak_OK, give me a moment, I'll try and see if it works13:28
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deepak_arianepaola: I'm not able to install the code from git13:54
arianepaoladeepak_: it should work, did you follow the steps in the quickstart: Compile and install SHOGUN-TOOLBOX into home directory14:05
deepak_-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! this is what I get when i try to cmake the git code14:38
c4goldswCould you post the errors into a Gist and link it here, so that we can see the errors?14:39
c4goldswdeepak_ ^14:39
deepak_thanks :)14:44
c4goldswActually, could you post the full output please of running "make install"?  Also, what OS are you using?14:46
deepak_I have to use cmake before doing make install right?14:48
deepak_I'm on Ubuntu 15.0414:48
c4goldswYes, that's correct.  Could I see the full output please?  That is, all of the output after you run 'make install'.14:49
deepak_from the git code or the shogun-4.1.0 ?14:50
c4goldswFrom your command line :)14:51
c4goldswHold on a sec.14:51
deepak_I am only able to cmake from the shogun-4.1.0 folder14:52
deepak_the git version gives the errors and I'm not able to create a make file14:52
c4goldswThen from the code you download from Git please.14:53
c4goldsw(After running CMake)14:53
deepak_That was the Git errors I posted14:53
c4goldswAlright, I'll work with that then.14:54
deepak_Thank you :)14:55
c4goldswIt appears as if you're missing CTags (line 19).  I think that all you'll have to do is to just install it, by typing in "sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags"14:56
c4goldswI just referred to this:
c4goldswNot all of the software needed to compile Shogun is included with it.14:57
c4goldswRun the command above, then trying making it again from the git source code.14:57
deepak_OK I'll try and get back ,thanks14:57
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deepak__I'm still getting the same error after installing from the git source15:53
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c4goldswlambday Hey, are you around?16:09
arianepaoladeepak__: did you run cmake configuration once again after installing ctags?16:09
c4goldswwiking ping16:11
c4goldswlisitsyn ping16:11
c4goldswHey, would you have time to look over this?
c4goldswIt's some code that I want to submit in a PR in regards to a refactoring issue opened in late March.16:12
c4goldswI'd just like a little feed back if you can give some16:13
c4goldswlisitsyn this is the issue:
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deepak__yes I did16:17
sanujlisitsyn, how to check for sg_error in unit-test?16:23
Saurabh7lambday: ping16:24
deepak__\ping arianepaola16:35
deepak__Oops sorry16:36
deepak__So what do I do next?16:37
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@lambdaySaurabh7: hey16:50
@lambdaySaurabh7: sorry I was away16:50
@lambdaydeepak__: hey16:50
Saurabh7lambday: hi16:50
deepak__Hi :)16:50
Saurabh7lambday: does parallel->get_num_cpus() work for you16:51
@lambdaySaurabh7: haven't checked that. what's the result in your machine?16:51
Saurabh7zero :)16:51
@lambdaySaurabh7: haha16:51
@lambdaySaurabh7: well, you can always set things16:52
@lambdaySaurabh7: but more important to know - why doesn't it work16:52
Saurabh7lambday: so the omp patch it sets num_threads?16:52
@lambdaySaurabh7: yeah so it is zero by default16:52
@lambdaySaurabh7: wait, but if it is zero, then how does the CKernel::compute work for you?16:53
@lambdaycause that uses the number of threads in pthreaded way16:53
@lambdaydeepak__: got your problem solved?16:54
deepak__No, not really lambday16:54
@lambdaydeepak__: what's the beef?16:54
deepak__I don't know, I used the instructions to install shogun, but I'm not able to compile the minima example16:56
deepak__minimal example16:56
@lambdaydeepak__: does shogun compile itself?16:56
deepak__chmod +x ./so_multiclass_BMRM && ./so_multiclass_BMRM16:57
deepak__this works16:57
deepak__but idk what you mean by shogun compiling itself16:57
@lambdaydeepak__: so what doesn't?16:57
@lambdaydeepak__: I meant, have you been able to build shogun?16:57
deepak__the minimal example from
@lambdayif the examples compile and work, then any shogun code should work16:58
deepak__No, I get this error16:59
deepak__shogun/base/init.h: No such file or directory16:59
@lambdaydeepak__: where did you install it?16:59
@lambdayinstall shogun I mean16:59
deepak__In my home directory16:59
@lambdayare you specifying the include path then?16:59
deepak__I did something of that sort, but I'm not sure if I did it right17:00
@lambdaydeepak__: can you paste the cmd you're using for compiling your example?17:00
deepak__g++ minimal.cpp -lshogun -o minimal17:01
@lambdaydeepak__: it doesn't specify the include path17:01
deepak__So what should it look like?17:01
@lambdaydo something like g++ -I/path/to/your/shogun/install/dir minimal.cpp -lshogun -o minimal17:01
deepak__ah okay I'll get bsck to you in a sec17:01
deepak__back *17:01
@lambdayalso, probably you have to add the path to as well.. either set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to specify that or "-L/path/to/your/shogun/install/dir/lib -lshogun"17:03
@lambdaySaurabh7: I'll check the result in my machine and let you know17:04
Saurabh7lambday: ok thanks17:05
Saurabh7just wanted to put it in a unit test so wanted to double check with someone17:05
@lambdaySaurabh7: in that case, let me check right now17:06
deepak__lamday: g++ -I$HOME/shogun-install1/include/shogun minimal.cpp -L$HOME/shogun-install1/lib -lshogun -o minimal17:06
deepak__this was my command17:06
deepak__I still get the same error17:07
deepak__lambday:   *17:09
-!- HeikoS [] has joined #shogun17:09
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@lambdaySaurabh7: here it gives 117:10
@lambdaydeepak__: try this : g++ -I$HOME/shogun-install1/include minimal.cpp -L$HOME/shogun-install1/lib -lshogun -o minimal17:11
deepak__I'm getting new errors17:14
@lambdaydeepak__: it says libhdf5 is not found.. maybe try installing that/turn if off from cmake options17:17
Saurabh7lambday: ah yes wasnt using %d !!17:19
Saurabh7lambday: but should it be num of cores ?17:20
Saurabh7HeikoS: hi17:20
@lambdaySaurabh7: dunno..17:26
@lambdaymine should be 417:26
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-!- deepak_ [0e8bb448@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shogun17:29
deepak_lambday: after installing libhdf5 i get the same errors17:30
deepak_Should I be linking something?17:30
@lambdaydeepak_: libhdf5-devel :P17:30
deepak_sudo apt-get install libhdf5-dev , this right?17:31
@lambdaydeepak_: yes17:31
deepak_Yup, I still get those same old errors17:31
@lambdaydeepak_: wait17:32
@lambdayyou can turn it off from cmake17:32
@lambdayrun ccmake ..17:32
@lambdayit will give you available options and their values that are set17:32
@lambdayjust turn hdf5 off17:32
@lambdayI wonder why it didn't work even after installing hdf517:33
deepak_lambday: It says that the hdf5_dir is not found in ccmake17:35
deepak_Does that help?17:35
@lambdaydeepak_: did you find any option that tells to turn this thing off altogether?17:36
@lambdaydeepak_: actually it is a bug I think.. if cmake couldn't find hdf5 properly, it should turn this thing off and move on assuming it's not there17:37
@lambdaywiking: ^17:37
@lambdayarianepaola: ^17:37
deepak_It was turned on, I turned it off and configured ,generated and exited17:37
@lambdaydeepak_: then run make17:38
arianepaolalambday: probably a bug, with libhdf5-dev installed it was working for me17:40
@lambdayarianepaola: same here.. but deepak_ had a problem even with libhdf5-dev installed17:41
@lambdaydunno what it is17:41
arianepaolalambday: I have all development libs installed on 14.04 and 16.04 and it is working17:42
arianepaolamaybe some strange corner case17:42
arianepaoladeepak_: it would be very helpful, if you could open an issue on github, mentioning the error and also your system configuration17:42
deepak_Sure, just a minute17:43
deepak_I'm confused on where to make actually17:43
deepak_No, I get make: *** No rule to make target 'all'.  Stop. if I give make -j5 all in the build folder17:46
@lambdaydeepak_: just run "make -j5"17:47
deepak_make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.17:47
deepak_This is what I get17:47
deepak_lambday : I went to the parent folder and ran make -j5 and I get17:50
deepak_Damn I have been sitting with this install for 12 hours now xD17:52
@lambdaydeepak_: why parent folder? your makefile is generated inside the build folder, right?17:55
deepak_It isn't17:56
@lambdaywhere did you run your cmake cmd?17:56
deepak_Did I make some mistake while doing cmake?17:56
deepak_In build17:56
@lambdayand the Makefile is not there?17:56
@lambdayafter you run cmake?17:56
deepak_-- Build files have been written to: /home/deepak/shogun17:57
@lambdaydeepak_: that's not your build dir17:57
deepak_and not shogun/build for some reason17:57
@lambdaydeepak_: recheck.. maybe you're doing something wrong :P17:58
@lambdayBuild files have been written to: /home/lambday/Downloads/shogun/build17:58
deepak_the cmd is cmake .. right?17:58
@lambdaydeepak_: yep17:59
deepak_Then why do my make files go to the parent folder?  :(18:00
-!- sanuj [~sanuj@] has joined #shogun18:08
deepak_arianepaola :
arianepaoladeepak_: thanks. could you also add your system info?18:11
arianepaolaand mention that you used the code from git18:11
sanujlambday, there?18:17
sanujHeikoS, there?18:22
@lambdaysanuj: yo18:22
sanujlambday, i have a c++ question :)18:22
@HeikoSsanuj: jojo18:22
@lambdaysanuj: shoot :)18:23
sanuji have a struct in SGObject18:23
sanujin that struct i want to use get_name() of SGObject18:23
sanujlambday, how to do it18:23
sanuji found something about lambda functions on the web for this18:23
sanujbut don't know exactly how lambda functions help18:24
sanujHeikoS, hey :)18:24
@lambdaysanuj: you want to call a method from the owner?18:24
sanujHeikoS, this is ready
@lambdaysanuj: I usually keep a back-ptr18:24
@HeikoSsanuj: will check later18:25
@HeikoSgotta leave very soon18:25
sanujHeikoS, sure18:25
sanujlambday, so i pass a pointer to SGObject i.e. this in the struct's constructor?18:27
@lambdaysanuj: yeah.. that should do it, right?18:28
sanujlambday, okay, i'll try18:28
@lambdayshould also be const18:28
@lambdaynever modify that ptr18:28
sanujlambday, and what kind of pointer18:28
sanujsimple c++ or unique_ptr, shared_ptr etc?18:28
@lambdaysanuj: lol but then you can only call methods that are const.. is get_name const?18:29
@lambdaysanuj: simple ptr should do18:29
@lambdayit doesn't modify the life-time of that ptr18:29
deepak_arianepaola : I updated it18:29
sanujlambday, get_name is pure virtual const18:30
sanujso will work18:30
@lambdaysanuj: awesome then! :D18:30
sanujlet me try first :P18:30
@lambdaydeepak_: did your problem get resolved?18:30
deepak_No , not really18:31
deepak_Is installing it  really this tough for everyone here?18:32
@lambdaydeepak_: not that tough18:32
@lambdaydeepak_: I wonder why your makefile is not inside build18:32
@lambdayif you run the cmake cmd from inside build dir, the generated Makefile should also be inside the build dir18:33
@lambdayOXPHOS: hola18:33
@lambdayOXPHOS: checking your PR :)18:34
sanujOXPHOS, !!!18:34
OXPHOSlambday: thx!18:35
OXPHOSsanuj: ...18:35
sanujOXPHOS, hi18:35
sanuji need to show you my tags PR18:35
sanujlet me get the link18:35
OXPHOSsanuj: sure..?18:35
sanujOXPHOS, this is how tags look in shogun
sanuji'm supposed to tell you about this18:36
sanujOXPHOS, for serialization18:36
deepak_lambday: When I build from shogun-4.1.0, my makefiles are inside build18:37
deepak_But for the git code it goes to the parent folder18:37
sanujOXPHOS, have you read sergey's design draft for tags / parameters?18:37
deepak_No idea why18:37
OXPHOSsanuj: cool! thx so much18:37
OXPHOSsanuj: nop18:37
@lambdaydeepak_: shouldn't be :)18:37
OXPHOSsanuj: kinda slow :/18:37
@lambdaydeepak_: maybe recheck a bit?18:37
sanujOXPHOS, no problem :)18:38
@lambdaydeepak_: are you sure you're compiling from develop branch?18:38
OXPHOSsanuj: can you show me where I can find it?18:38
sanujOXPHOS, tags will be merged in shogun by the end of this week or next week18:38
sanujOXPHOS, yes...getting it18:38
deepak_lambday, develop branch?18:38
@lambdaydeepak_: for the latest git code I mean18:39
@lambdaydeepak_: yeah18:40
sanujOXPHOS, here it is:
OXPHOSsanuj: thanks!18:40
-!- leagoetz [] has joined #shogun18:40
sanujlambday, each time i change SGObject.h18:41
sanujwhole shogun code has to be rebuilt18:42
sanujwhich is kinda slow :/18:42
OXPHOSsanuj: may I ask whether I need to inherit CSGObject to use SG_ERROR?18:43
arianepaolasanuj: ccache and ninja?18:43
@lambdaysanuj: haha of course..18:43
sanujarianepaola, that makes it fast?18:44
OXPHOSsanuj: I included #include <shogun/io/SGIO.h> and it doesn't work18:44
sanuji'll use it then18:44
sanujOXPHOS, you can try SG_SERROR also18:44
arianepaolait will cache and reuse object files of unmodified sources18:44
arianepaolaon Ubuntu, packages are: ccache ninja-build18:45
sanujOXPHOS, if it does not inherit CSGObject then use SGS_ERROR18:45
arianepaolacmake -GNinja -DENABLE_TESTING=ON -DPythonModular=ON -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="./install" ..18:45
OXPHOSsanuj: thx! it worked!18:45
deepak_arianepaola  is it ok?18:45
arianepaolaninja GoogleMock && ninja all && ninja install && ninja test18:45
sanujarianepaola, cool! i'll do this :)18:46
arianepaoladeepak_: sure, thanks for the updated info18:46
@lambdayOXPHOS: hey.. checked your updated PR.. it works now, right?18:46
arianepaolasanuj: if you use fedora, the command is ninja-build18:46
deepak_You're welcome arianepaola18:46
@lambdayOXPHOS: I added some minor comments18:46
OXPHOSlambday: yes. thanks for that! may i ask why we need to move template methods to .cpp?18:46
arianepaolasanuj: the first time it is as slow as normal :-)18:47
sanujhaha, never mind ;)18:47
arianepaolasanuj: basically it is if you leave out the options: cmake -GNinja .. && ninja18:47
@lambdayOXPHOS: so that if you change the implementation later, other files doesn't need to be recompiled that includes that header18:47
deepak_lambday, even if I build from the parent directory it is supposed to work right?18:48
arianepaolaalso ninja automatically adjusts the build settings according to the number of cpus and cores available18:48
OXPHOSlambday: I see. How about the GPU dot method? Is this the correct way or it has to be wrapped?18:48
sanujarianepaola, i'll make a new build and use these flags18:49
sanujarianepaola, no need for "-j4"18:49
sanujlike make -j4?18:49
arianepaolanope :-)18:50
sanujsounds good18:50
arianepaolacheck the description at
@lambdayOXPHOS: looks fine to me...18:50
@lambdayOXPHOS: just make the GPUBackend a friend class.. so that it can access the ptr, even though it is not public in GPUVector18:51
@lambdayOXPHOS: or actually, it's fine to keep it public18:51
@lambdaythese are all internal18:51
sanujarianepaola, yes, thanks :)18:51
@lambdaynobody is gonna do anything nasty with these18:51
OXPHOSlambday: XD friend may look nicer18:52
arianepaolasanuj: :-)18:52
@lambdayOXPHOS: well, anything is fine..18:53
@lambdayOXPHOS: doesn't have to force data hiding if it's not really needed :D18:53
@lambdayOXPHOS: but friendship is useful sometimes18:54
@lambdayOXPHOS: well, so the thing is - this refactoring works18:54
@lambdayand with opaque ptrs18:54
OXPHOSlambday: positive!18:55
@lambdayOXPHOS: roger18:55
@lambdayOXPHOS: so next steps:18:55
@lambday1. make linalg a singleton.. there should be just one instance of this class.. (let's call it Linalg instead of LinalgRefactor).. we'll create one instance of it in init_shogun()..18:56
@lambdaythe global instance would be like sg_linalg18:56
@lambday2. figure out how to register backends..18:57
@lambday3. check how slow it is compared to using dot directly18:58
-!- OXPHOS_ [9d8b131c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shogun18:59
OXPHOS_lambday: sry chrome crashed..18:59
OXPHOS_lambday: okay I saw them19:01
-!- OXPHOS [9d8b131c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]19:02
@lambdayOXPHOS_: dw19:03
-!- c4goldsw [5da420e6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #shogun19:04
-!- leagoetz [] has quit []19:04
@lambdayOXPHOS_: I'll suggest, you write a small benchmark first19:05
@lambdayOXPHOS_: we need to see how much we're paying for this19:05
-!- c4goldsw [5da420e6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Client Quit]19:05
OXPHOS_lambday: sure. need some research for that19:07
@lambdayOXPHOS_: let me know if you need to ask anything. maybe I can help19:07
OXPHOS_lambday: I got it. I will. thanks!19:08
deepak_lambday: Any idea about my problem?19:08
@lambdaydeepak_: it still complains about hdf5?19:11
deepak_lambday, I was not able to make it19:12
@lambdaydeepak_: how were you able to make it last time, when you didn't turn off hdf5?19:13
@lambdaymaybe follow the same steps?19:13
deepak_lambday, I'll check it out19:13
@lambdaydeepak_: it shouldn't be that hard :|19:17
@lambdayat least it is not supposed to be19:18
deepak_lambday, I can only make without errors when USE_HDF5 is set to ON19:18
@lambdaydeepak_: okay.. and otherwise, the generation of makefile doesn't work?19:18
@lambdayarianepaola: can you please check once whether using HDF5 is **REQUIRED** ?19:19
@lambdayif so, it's a bug19:19
@lambdayalso, I wonder why it didn't find your libhdf5-dev things when you already installed it19:20
@lambdaydeepak_: can you please check that the headers and the lib for hdf5 are in the standard locations19:20
deepak_It shouldnt be a problem as I apt-get installed it19:21
-!- sanuj [~sanuj@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]19:22
deepak_lambday, I have it in the proper place  :(19:36
@lambdaydeepak_: so cmake didn't detect this - that's a bug19:40
deepak_awesome, what do I do now    D:19:41
@lambdaydeepak_: actually there are two issues there (a) cmake didn't detect hdf5 when it was there (b) it is not being possible to turn off hdf519:42
@lambdayI am sure (b) is solvable19:42
@lambdaydeepak_: I'll try a bit later in my machine19:43
deepak_lambday : So, there's nothing I can do now?19:48
@lambdaydeepak_: you can try providing the hdf5 lib link in the compilation of the example of yours along with -lshogun19:49
-!- c4goldsw [5da420e6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #shogun20:08
c4goldswarianepaola Hey, where you able to help that person out?20:09
arianepaolac4goldsw: seems to be a cmake config bug20:10
c4goldswFair enough.20:10
deepak_g++ -I$HOME/shogun-install1/include minimal.cpp -L$HOME/shogun-install1/lib -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu -lshogun -o minimal gives errors too20:10
deepak_This is really frustrating for a beginner20:10
deepak_lambday ^20:11
@lambdaydeepak_: did you link against the libhdf5 as well?20:14
@lambdayyou don't need to give -L if it is standard20:15
deepak_Um how should I link it then?20:18
deepak_lambday ^20:21
-!- c4goldsw [5da420e6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client]20:24
@lambdaydeepak_: what's the *.so name for the lib?20:27
@lambdaydeepak_: just google a bit :)20:27
@lambdayusually it is -l<name> when the library name is lib<name>.so20:27
@lambdaydeepak_: there has to be a soft link to that, libhdf5.so20:29
deepak_lambday :yes,there is one20:30
deepak_lambday, wait a sec, /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu doesn't seem to contain
deepak_ *20:32
@lambdaydeepak_: where is it installed?20:34
deepak_lambday, where do I check that?20:36
@lambday[19:28] <@lambday> deepak_: there has to be a soft link to that, [19:29] <deepak_> lambday :yes,there is one20:40
@lambdaydeepak_: ^ where did you check for the soft link?20:40
@lambdaythat's where it is instlaled20:40
deepak_lambday /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/hdf520:42
@lambdaydeepak_: that's non-standard..20:49
deepak_So I link it using -L ?20:49
@lambdaydeepak_: yes20:49
@lambdaydeepak_: that's why shogun cmake didn't find it! :)20:51
deepak_wait, it just contains links to another folder20:51
deepak_lambday, is this standard? /usr/include/hdf5/serial20:52
@lambdaydeepak_: usually /usr/include or /usr/local/include are standard20:53
@lambdaydeepak_: anything else, you need to specify20:53
@lambdaydeepak_: I'd suggest that you create symbolic links to your libhdf5 in those standard dirs20:54
deepak_But I'm not able to locate in /usr/include/hdf5/serial  or /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/hdf520:55
deepak_lambday : So I don't know what to do now20:55
@lambdaydeepak_: so your installation of libhdf5 is not successful?20:57
@lambdaydeepak_: the standard path for the lib is /usr/lib, /usr/lib64, /usr/local/lib20:58
@lambdayI meant the includes are for the headers20:58
-!- HeikoS [] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]21:02
deepak_lambday, the installation is successful, I checked using dpkg but such a file doesn't seem to exist21:05
@lambdaydeepak_: again, where is your and ?21:07
@lambdayjust link against those21:07 doesn't seem to exist!21:07
@lambday-L/path/to/whereever/those/sos/are -lhdf521:07
@lambdayin your compiler option21:08 links to libhd5_serial.so21:08
@lambdaydeepak_: just give path to your libhdf5.so21:09
-!- deepak_ [0e8bb448@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]21:11
-!- deepak_ [0e8bb448@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shogun21:11
deepak_lambday , /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/hdf5/serial/libhd5.so21:12
deepak_it links to21:12
@lambdaydeepak_: what links to?21:13
@lambdayis it libhd5 or libhdf5 ?21:13
@lambdayjust give "-L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/hdf5/serial/ -lhdf5" along with other compiler options21:14
arianepaolabye everyone, until tomorrow21:14
@lambdayarianepaola: bye!21:14
deepak_arianepola : BYe ! thank you for your time ;)21:16
deepak_ lambday , g++ -I$HOME/shogun-install1/include minimal.cpp -L$HOME/shogun-install1/lib -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/hdf5/serial/ -lhdf5 -lshogun -o minimal21:17
deepak_this is my latest g++ cmd21:17
deepak_No miracles yet ;(21:17
@lambdaydeepak_: I just checked my machine : I too have HDF5_DIR                        *HDF5_DIR-NOTFOUND21:21
@lambdaybut that doesn't stop it from working21:21
deepak_ok? So where do you have your shogun libraries?21:22
@lambdaydeepak_: hah I don't even have hdf5 installed.. still shogun works21:23
@lambdayah sorry, I do have it installed... but the cmake complains21:23
@lambdayhere is where I have it : /usr/lib64/libhdf5.so21:24
@lambdaydeepak_: I usually install shogun in the default dir (/usr/local/...)21:25
deepak_Oh ok21:26
@lambdaydoesn't matter, it works from whereever you install it21:27
@lambdayjust create a symlink for that lib in a standard location, run cmake and make21:27
deepak_What do I do now then?21:28
@lambdayand make sure you remove your old cmake junks before you rerun cmake21:28
deepak_lambday :I have ananconda installed for numpy and sych21:30
deepak_Is it possible that it is interfering with with my shogun installation?21:30
deepak_such *21:30
@lambdaydeepak_: don't think so21:31
deepak_lambday : I get tons of warnings when I run cmake such as  runtime library [] in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu may be hidden by files in:       /home/deepak/anaconda2/lib21:32
@lambdaydeepak_: does the cmake give you success?21:35
deepak_-- Generating done -- Build files have been written to: /home/deepak/shogun/build21:36
deepak_-- Generating done -- Build files have been written to: /home/deepak/shogun21:36
deepak_I'm so sleepy that I'm typing stuff that I want to see on the terminal21:37
deepak_lambday :  ^21:37
@lambdaydeepak_: haha sleep it off.. maybe try it again tomorrow21:42
@lambdaydeepak_: I gotta go21:42
deepak_lambday : Thanks so much man21:42
deepak_You gave a lot of time to this , I'm truely grateful :)21:43
-!- deepak_ [0e8bb448@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]21:44
-!- deepak_ [0e8bb448@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shogun21:45
@lambdaydeepak_: don't worry.. I have been doing my own work side by side :)21:46
deepak_lambday: Bye, I shall come back tomorrow to find a fix for this :|21:47
-!- deepak_ [0e8bb448@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]21:52
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