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sanujbzdmgz, yo13:51
bzdmgzsanuj: hey13:51
sanujbzdmgz, how to get started with plugins and bring them in shogun13:51
bzdmgzuhmm you need some prototype first13:52
bzdmgzsanuj: have you seen in this aer thing we had dlopen13:52
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sanujyeah i saw that13:52
sanujbzdmgz, but that's only for linux13:53
bzdmgzno that's posix13:53
bzdmgzmacos and any unix and any linux13:53
bzdmgzgood enough13:53
bzdmgzsanuj: so the idea is13:54
bzdmgzany plugin is a dynamic library that exposes just one function13:54
bzdmgzin aer it was called manifest IIRC13:54
sanujit is manifest13:54
bzdmgzso this exposed function returns you a pointer to manifest13:55
bzdmgzand manifest can create some objects for you13:55
sanujbzdmgz, so i first build a separate prototype repo using aer code?13:56
bzdmgzwell mostly up to you13:56
bzdmgzjust be sure to understand what's going on13:56
bzdmgzbefore we get into this mess :D13:57
sanujbzdmgz, you are here for 2 weeks right?13:57
bzdmgzsanuj: yeap 2 weeks more then one week out then back13:57
sanujokay, i would like to do the plugin foundation stuff in these 2 weeks so i can work autonomously while you are away13:58
bzdmgzok sure lets try to do that13:58
sanujbzdmgz, it seems this is not the correct method to check if a symbol with "name" exists14:18
sanujwe should use dlerror()14:19
bzdmgzok feel free %)14:19
sanujbzdmgz, is this a working prototype?14:20
sanujhow to test14:20
bzdmgzwell there was an example14:20
bzdmgzit worked14:20
bzdmgzback then14:20
sanujbzdmgz, what does this do => T (*fm)();14:29
bzdmgzpointer to function that returns T14:29
sanujbzdmgz, *(void**)(&fm) = dlsym(handle, name.c_str());14:30
sanujcan't we do => (void*)fm = dlsym(..)14:30
bzdmgzno idea, you can try14:31
sanujkernel is an overexploited term in computer science14:37
sanujrandom thought ^14:37
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sanujbzdmgz, std::function<int(int)> fn1 = half;14:58
sanujwhat is int(int) here?14:58
bzdmgzint argument int return value14:58
sanujyeah but you need to pass a type to <>14:58
bzdmgzwhat type?14:59
sanuji'm seeing the int(int) thing for the first time in <> :P15:00
bzdmgzwhat does that even mean15:00
bzdmgzstd::function is not just a no-parameter function15:01
bzdmgzit can haz parameterz15:01
sanujbzdmgz, i meant i hadn't seen functions passed as template arguments before15:07
sanujonly data types and objects15:07
bzdmgzyeah C++ is big15:07
sanujit's huuuuuuuggeee15:08
sanujbzdmgz, std::function<As<T>()>, this means a function returning As<T> with no arguments?15:10
sanujbzdmgz, what is this line doing15:43
bzdmgz"->" to specify the output type15:44
sanujoh so you need to do this to get object from manifest15:48
sanujauto metaclass = manifest.classByName<MyBaseClass>("basic");15:48
sanujauto object = metaclass.instance();15:48
sanujbzdmgz, we will have to do this everytime when we want a new object from a plugin?15:49
bzdmgzkind of yeah15:49
sanujbzdmgz, in python also15:50
sanujor will this be hidden?15:50
bzdmgzno this should be hidden15:50
sanujhow will it be hidden?15:50
bzdmgzif you want T called "svm-super-classifier"15:51
bzdmgzI guess you iterate over plugins15:51
bzdmgzor so15:51
sanujthis function loads the plugin and returns an object and then closes the plugin?15:52
bzdmgzI don't think we should unload the plugin immediately15:53
bzdmgzbut the idea is quite like that15:53
sanujbzdmgz, i understand your plugin prototype16:09
sanuji ran on local16:10
sanujit works16:10
bzdmgzsanuj: I think we need to get back to class_list thing16:10
bzdmgzremember this one?16:10
bzdmgzok sry have to go now16:11
sanujbzdmgz, but what about windows support16:11
bzdmgzah nevermind16:11
bzdmgzwindows will support linux soon16:11
sanujwe can't change shogun till it supports windows or can we?16:11
bzdmgzit is quite similar16:11
bzdmgzshogun doesn't work on windows anyway16:12
sanuji see16:12
bzdmgzbecause reasons haha16:12
sanujno problem then16:12
bzdmgzwe use pthreads and shit like that16:12
bzdmgzmassive overhaul16:12
sanujbzdmgz, so i'll talk to you tomorrow about class_list thing16:12
sanujif you are going now16:13
sanujtake care16:13
bzdmgzsee you16:13
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