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@wikingSaurabh7: hi03:07
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sanujwiking, there?07:17
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@wikingSaurabh7: ping13:33
Saurabh7wiking: hi13:34
@wikingSaurabh7: which backend r u looking into for knn?13:34
@wikinghave missed that from your email13:34
@wikingah falconn13:35
@wikinghow's that actually?13:35
@wikingi just saw the benchmarks13:36
@wikingwhen i sent u the link13:36
@wikingseems like a nice header only thingy13:36
Saurabh7yes we might need to alter a few things like dense vectors13:36
Saurabh7and use our own13:37
@wikingcurrently what sorts of vector does knn support?13:37
@wikingi mean featureS?13:37
@wikingonly dense features?13:37
@wikingand i guess only float64_t ?:)13:37
Saurabh7well I can see Features*13:38
Saurabh7but i think internally if we use kdtree too13:38
Saurabh7it will work with only densefeatures only13:38
Saurabh7wiking: falcon uses datastructers like DenseVector<float>13:39
Saurabh7which i think should be eigen one only13:39
Saurabh7so that should be changed a bit to work with shoguns Features right ?13:40
Saurabh7other than that their implementations of hash tables and stuff seems to be headersonly13:41
Saurabh7brb a bit13:42
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sanujlambday, there?16:15
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