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sanujwiking, `#cmakedefine HAVE_JINJA2 @JINJA2_FOUND@` is not setting HAVE_JINJA207:53
sanuji'm using07:53
sanuj#define HAVE_JINJA2 @JINJA2_FOUND@07:53
sanujeven #define is not able to set it08:37
@wikingsanuj, i explained in that PR08:40
@wikingthat you should SET08:40
@wikinga variable08:40
@wikingset(HAVE_JINJA2 1)08:41
sanujwiking, okay thanks08:42
@wikingi mean08:42
@wikingthere are like08:42
@wiking50 examples08:42
@wikingin that CMakeLists.txt file08:42
@wikingthat does the very same thing08:42
@wikingit's ok if you dont know08:42
@wikingbut it's not that ok that you dont follow something that is in the code itself08:43
@wikingthese are my 2 cents08:43
sanujwiking, i didn't know08:44
@wikingyaeh that's fine08:44
sanujso there is08:44
sanujIF (CURL_FOUND)08:44
sanujSET(HAVE_CURL 1)08:44
@wikingagain the problem is there are like million of these particular examples08:44
@wikingin that file08:44
sanujand then in config.h.in08:44
sanuj#cmakedefine HAVE_CURL 108:44
@wikinglike that08:44
sanujwiking, cool08:45
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@wikingc4goldsw, how's going?12:23
c4goldswwiking I'm good, how are you?12:24
@wikinggood good12:24
@wikingworking on scijs :)12:24
@wikingi.e. creating shogun a javascript interface12:24
c4goldswOh cool!12:24
@wikingand be able to use javascript for you data science tasks12:24
@wikingi thought it's bs12:25
@wikingbut then when i twitted yesterday abou tit12:25
@wikingpeople went crazy about it :)12:25
@wikingso that's good12:25
c4goldswWhere would it run from?12:25
c4goldswAh, ok.12:25
@wikingnono no way i wanna do ML in browser12:25
c4goldswHaha, good.12:25
@wikingit's just that instead of R or python12:26
@wikingwhy not JS?12:26
c4goldswFair enough - that would provide a good entry point for a lot of web dev people who want to muddle around.12:26
c4goldswJust redid the LARS clean up patch (after Heikos comments).  I'm about to send in a PR for a templated LDA.12:27
c4goldswWell, not templated, but it can support different floating point types.12:27
@wikingthat's great!12:28
c4goldswwiking Do you do Kaggle competions?  Just curious.  I've started getting into it myself.12:28
@wikinghehe not really12:28
@wikingno time12:28
@wikingand quite frankly12:29
@wikingmost of the solutions there are very bruteforce ones12:29
@wikingi rarely saw an elegant solution12:29
c4goldswInteresting - I'll keep that in mind.12:30
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@wikingi mean usually i see12:30
@wikingpeople generating12:30
@wikingKAZIILIONS of features12:30
@wikingand then do usually extreme boosting12:30
sanujwiking, for my tags jinja PR, shall i add a test in python_modular to check if things work. (it works on my local)12:32
@wikingis it possible to add a meta example for testing this?12:36
sanujwiking, do meta examples test python etc?12:36
sanuji think they only do cpp integration testing currently12:37
@wikingfuck yeah12:37
@wikingyeah then lets have a fixture for python12:37
sanujwiking, okay!12:38
sanujlisitsyn, there?13:32
lisitsynsanuj: yeap13:32
sanujlisitsyn, shogun-base.i when generated looks like
sanujlisitsyn, we still have not decided what to do with shogun templates13:33
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sanujwiking, what happens to data that is returned in python_modular integration tests?15:01
sanujis it necessary to return something?15:01
@wikingwhat do yo umean?15:01
sanujwiking, every modular test has a function that returns something15:01
sanujis it saved somewhere like it is done for the new meta integration tests??15:02
@wikingthe data that is being used for python_modular15:02
@wikingor any modular tests15:02
@wikingare in the data submodule15:02
@wikingjust like in case of the meta examples15:02
sanujokay, let me see15:03
sanujwiking, so it's in data/testsuite/python2-tests15:25
sanujhow is the data generated for the very first time15:25
sanujor for my tags modular test, shall i just test that it compiles?15:26
@wikingwhat do you mean generated for the first time?15:27
@wikingi mean i'm not so sure if i can follow what you mean here15:27
@wikingfor python_modular tests the data residing in data submodule is being used15:27
@wikingsee for example15:27
sanujwiking, what i mean is, suppose i just added a test called which has a function which returns some data15:29
@wikingdoesn't need to return data15:29
@wikingit just should run an exit 015:29
@wikingi mean in tags cars15:29
@wikingi mean in tags case15:29
@wikingyou just wanna create an object15:29
@wikingwhere you do .sets() and .gets()15:29
@wikingcheck that what you set is the same that you get15:30
sanujwiking, yep, so no worrying about data then15:30
@wikingand texit15:30
@wikingyou just want to test the tags part15:30
@wikingand for that you dont really need that15:30
@wikingjust to be able to use the tags backend from modular interface15:30
sanujwiking, so it will only fail if it doesn't compile?15:32
sanujif i check for equality in the test, and if it's not equal15:32
sanujthen how to make it fail?15:32
@wikingit will fail15:40
@wikingif there's a problem with the generated interface15:40
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