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@wikingCaBa: hey07:28
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sanuji wrote a blog post about gsoc12:51
lisitsynsanuj: oh that's pretty cool12:56
sanujlisitsyn, :D12:56
@wikinglisitsyn: ping12:57
@wikingsanuj: great stuff!12:57
sanujthanks :D12:57
@wikinglisitsyn, can u plz just check your email and see if you remember what was that commit about?12:58
@wikingthnx heaps12:58
lisitsynwiking: oh sorry12:58
lisitsynactually I don't remember12:58
lisitsynprobably you're right12:58
@wikingbecause that commit removed12:58
lisitsynand it has something to do12:58
lisitsynremoved what?12:58
@wikingthe wiki git as a submodule12:58
@wikingwhich i dont get why12:58
@wikingso that's what i thought that it was actually due to that hiccip12:58
lisitsynwiking: it is very likely I dropped gunnar's accident merge12:59
lisitsynwhat's wiki git?12:59
@wikingok anyhow do you see any reason why not to have the wiki's git repo as a submodule?12:59
lisitsynI can haz no idea12:59
lisitsynwhat is wiki git12:59
@wikingok so the wiki of github12:59
@wikingfor the project12:59
@wikingthis actually is accessible via a git repo13:00
@wikingthat commit i've mentioned13:00
@wikingremoved it from submodules13:00
@wiking--[submodule "doc/md"]13:00
@wiking--      path = doc/md13:00
@wiking--      url = git://
@wikinggit show 8c3b4e3648ba4be90f8fe5deac0b2a036e490e1a13:01
lisitsynthis was accidental13:01
lisitsynfor sure13:01
lisitsynI diddn't know about that13:01
@wikingok will fix thnx13:08
sanujdo you guys know when is Heiko coming back?13:13
@wikinggood question13:14
sanujhe totally disappeared from the internet13:15
lisitsynhe is fighting with russia in ukraine13:19
lisitsynI guess13:19
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