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sanujwiking, yo! you around?07:09
sanuji need some research advice :D07:10
@wikinglol go ahead07:10
sanujhow is IST Australia?07:10
sanujand INRIA france07:11
sanujif you happen to know anything about them07:11
@wikingi know that inria is good07:11
sanujand can you suggest some good places to apply in europe/UK07:11
@wikingdunno anything about ist07:11
sanujso it's really confusing to decide what i would like to work on07:12
sanujbut i want to be in this direction07:12
@wikingwhich direction? :)07:12
sanujto make sense of data - text, video07:12
@wikingtill now uk institutes had good funding07:12
sanujlike humans do :P07:13
@wikingbut that was because of EU07:13
sanuji see07:13
@wikingnow i guess that's gonna be less07:13
@wikingKTH is a good school in stockholm07:13
sanujwill look for research groups there07:13
@wikingit's worth to look around07:13
@wikingfor current phd positions07:13
sanujhow much time does phd take in europe?07:14
sanujin US it takes 5-6 years07:14
sanujin UK 3-4 years07:14
@wikingcheck these07:14
sanujas of what i have heard07:14
@wikingif you get an EU funding07:14
@wikingthat's only for 3 years07:14
@wikingbut you need at least 407:14
@wikingso usually they'll get you a bridging scholarship07:14
@wikingto finish up07:14
sanuji want to work in industry research07:15
sanujafter my phd (if i do one)07:15
@wikingwell we all have dreams :)07:16
@wikingbut yeah usually marie curie scholarship07:16
@wikinghave a direct connection with the industrie07:16
@wikingso if it's executed right07:16
@wikingyou can work with industrie07:16
sanuji can't go to JHU anymore07:17
sanujcause they won't be able to fund it due to some new law07:17
sanujso i'm looking for new places now07:17
@wikingah that's too bad :(07:17
sanujit would have been better if they had told me earlier07:18
sanuji waited for >1month for visa paperwork07:18
sanujcould have applied to other places07:18
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sanujHeikoS, !!12:22
lisitsynoh my god who's there12:22
@HeikoSsanuj: jojojo!12:22
@HeikoSlisitsyn: back from azerbaijan ;912:23
@HeikoShow are things?12:23
lisitsyndid you try their cuisine?12:23
sanujis there on internet over there? :P12:23
@HeikoSlisitsyn: I was flying frist class12:23
@HeikoSlisitsyn: some error they made12:24
@HeikoSso it was excellent12:24
@HeikoSsanuj: yeah there is12:24
@HeikoSbut had no computer with me12:24
lisitsynplov? bastirma?12:24
@HeikoSsanuj: now I am in London as you can see12:24
@HeikoSlisitsyn: ah all international unfortunately12:24
sanujHeikoS, what phone do you use?!12:24
@HeikoSlisitsyn: georgia and ukraine I had lots of local stuff though12:25
@HeikoSsanuj: iphone12:25
sanujwell it's great to have you back12:25
lisitsynHeikoS: which city in ukraine?12:25
lisitsynodessa? kiyv?12:26
@HeikoSlisitsyn: odessa was the biggest12:26
@HeikoScycled there from konstanta12:26
@HeikoSnice one odessa12:26
@HeikoSsanuj: thanks :) great to be back12:26
@HeikoSlooking forward to getting into all the post GSoC admin horror  ;D12:26
sanujHeikoS, i wrote a small blogpost
@HeikoSsanuj: ah cool man, that is great!12:27
@HeikoSI will check it out12:27
@HeikoSI will write a big one for the google blog soon12:28
sanujHeikoS, i'm doing david silver's RL course12:30
sanujright now12:30
@HeikoSsanuj: via video?12:30
@HeikoSits a good course12:30
@HeikoSa bit dry maybe ;)12:30
@HeikoSyou know12:31
@HeikoSas in not too exciting12:31
@HeikoSbut very good course nonoftheless12:31
sanujah, i see12:32
sanujis RL relatively new compared to rest of ML12:32
sanujmost of the people are from univ of alberta12:32
@HeikoSno its not too new12:33
@HeikoSever since the word ML was around12:33
@HeikoSbut popular it is only recently12:33
sanujHeikoS, i'm looking for research internships again12:36
sanujdo you know some good places in europe12:36
@HeikoSdidnt you find one?12:36
sanuji did12:36
sanujbut i can't go to JHU because of some funding problems due to some new US federal employment laws12:36
@HeikoSAh I see12:36
sanujthey won't be able to pay me12:36
@HeikoSyeah funding is always an issue12:36
sanujwiking told me about KTH12:37
@HeikoSyeah good place12:37
@HeikoSCopenhagen has  a a good uni as well12:38
@HeikoS(and probably more funding than the US places)12:38
@HeikoSUK is top, but funding is a problem for non eu members12:38
@HeikoSBerlin in Germany maybe, but it is less international12:38
@HeikoSI gotta run now12:38
@HeikoSwill come back more over the next few days12:38
@HeikoSsee you soon!12:38
Saurabh7HeikoS: yoyo12:40
Saurabh7back i see :)12:40
@HeikoSSaurabh7: yeah back :)12:42
@HeikoSIll catch up with you later, gotta go to work now ;)12:42
@HeikoSbut looking forward to having a chat!12:42
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CaBawiking: i'm on a conference at the moment, i guess we're having a hard time catching each other here ;)13:54
CaBawiking: any thoughts on the PR?13:54
CaBaECCB, The Hague13:55
@wikingno i mean which pr13:55
CaBaah... well the old story with get_value() and get_label()13:55
@wikingah but that pr did not change anything on the end13:56
CaBawiking: yes, it changes get_value() -> get_label() for the ground truth13:56
@wikingah ok13:56
CaBawiking: i wrote down my thoughts about the issue in the PR comments, i'm not sure what the design of the label class is supposed to provide here... anyways, ground truth labels can come with uninitialized confidence values (they are synced with the labels only if all labels are provided upon construction), i think either one should make sure that is detected or one should use the labels or both...13:58
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@wikingCaBa: heiko is back so i'll talk with him abou tit14:32
@wikingbut i guess it could be merged14:32
CaBawiking: ok...14:33
@wikingsorry man bit busy lately ... :(14:33
@wikingmaybe email is better way to talk abou tthis :)))14:33
CaBawiking: yeah or PM or just the PR comments ;)14:33
CaBai'm also kinda busy14:34
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