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mikelinglisitsyn: wiking hi, what's the difference between left hand side and right hand side features?07:49
mikelingwhy we need to define features as left and right hand side ?07:50
lisitsynmikeling: that's a bit tricky13:04
lisitsynthe thing is that kernels and distances are defined with two arguments13:04
lisitsynlike K(x,x')13:04
lisitsynso there is the first thing and there is the second thing or left and right13:05
lisitsynwith a bit of strange training requires you to have K(train, train)13:05
lisitsynso lhs==rhs==train13:05
lisitsynbut when you apply kernel SVM you still need your train set13:06
lisitsynin this case it becomes K(train, test)13:06
lisitsynbecause you're comparing train examples with test examples13:06
mikeling lisitsyn Oh sorry, I just afk for a while, forget to change me irc status to afk.....14:06
mikelingbut how about the situation in KNN, what's the meaning of lhs and rhs in
mikelingfurthermore, if we only separate features as lhs and rhs, how could we deal with the numbers of features?14:14
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mikelinglisitsyn: Hmmm, As to KNN,  If I have a sample named x1 and can been represented as a  4 dimensions vector like <1, 3, 4, 5>, so when I want to use a data set (x2, x3, x4, x5.... which also are 4 dimensions vectors) to classify x1, which is the lhs feature and which are rhs features?15:04
mikelingx1 == lhs and x2 == rhs ?15:04
mikelinglisitsyn: Shogun is the first ML tool box I used, so I need to learn some more things to get used it :)15:08
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