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@wikingmmm shogitter died :S07:24
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@sukeyIssue #3612 "Stratified Cross Validation with Combined Kernels using Custom Kernels" opened by github-ssi -
@sukeyIssue #3612 "Stratified Cross Validation with Combined Kernels using Custom Kernels" vigsterkr added label: "BUG" -
@sukeyIssue #3612 "Stratified Cross Validation with Combined Kernels using Custom Kernels" vigsterkr added label: "entrance" -
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@sukeyPull Request #3613 "CSharp meta examples only re-compile when dependencies change."  opened by geektoni -
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@wikinglisitsyn, ping15:22
lisitsynwiking: pooooong15:22
@wikingok so15:23
@wikingi'm thinking about creating a small helper library15:23
@wikingto represent pipelines15:23
@wikingwhere you can easily represent inputs and outputs and operations over them15:23
@wikingthis could be a wrapper around the modularised shogun15:24
@wikingcatching my drift?15:24
CaBaheya wiking15:24
@wikingCaBa, y015:24
@wikingi've been talking with a friend and he reckons the best would be to actually represent these operations among the operators15:25
@wikingas a stack15:25
@wikingwhere you push and pop things15:25
@wikingbtw later on this could be generated into a computational graph (if we could actually distribute the thing)15:25
@sukeyPull Request #3597 "Add Scala Interface"  synchronized by abhinavrai44 -
@sukeyPull Request #3593 "Port existing BrayCurtis Distance example to meta"  synchronized by abhinavrai44 -
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lisitsynwiking: yes16:56
lisitsyngraph sounds better tho16:57
lisitsynbut stack is so easier to have in code16:57
@wikinggraph is messy to maintain the code16:58
@wikingand actually representing things on a stack16:58
@wikingis easy in a yaml16:58
@wikingjust a simple line16:58
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nagdevHi everyone, I'm Devesh. I'm currently in my Junior Year pursuing Engineering. I've been working with machine learning algorithms for about a year now. I'm fairly acquainted with most of the basic programming languages in the field (C++, Python, R, MATLAB). I would like to contribute in the development of shogun toolbox.22:05
nagdev I've read most of the documentation for beginners on the GitHub wiki. So far, I have successfully installed the toolbox and tried out some basic functionalities (K-Means algo from the showroom). I also went through the project list and figured out the projects I might be useful in. I was wondering how to proceed from this point. Can someone please guide me?22:05
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