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@wikingnagdev, hi there... there's actually a documentation for gsoc05:52
@wikingif you are interested applying for it... but on the other hand if you just wanna contribute05:52
@wikingthere are many issues marked as 'entrance':
@wikingtry to tackle one of them05:53
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@wikingsonney2k, ping06:27
@sukeyPull Request #3597 "Add Scala Interface"  synchronized by abhinavrai44 -
nagdevwiking, thanks for the reply. I'm interested in applying for gsoc. I've been through the documentation and the project list. I wanted to know if it's fine if I choose a project rightaway, one that I feel involves the best use of my skill.06:50
nagdevOr should I interact with you guys more often and figure out what projects are going to be pursued06:51
@wikingnagdev,  at this point07:04
@wikingthe more entrance issues you can do07:04
@wikingand close07:04
@wikingthe better07:04
@wikingit doesn't have to be from one area07:04
@wikingit's more up to your liking07:04
@wikingfrom that we can assess your skills07:05
nagdevOk. I'll get started on that07:09
@wikingyeah just choose any of those bugs in the list07:10
@wikingand try to see which one you can fix07:10
nagdevOne more thing, I saw that "The usual suspects" project requires the use of external benchmarking systems that I'd have be acquainted with in order to do the project. Should I start that too?07:12
@wikingas you wish07:12
@wikingi mean if you wanna do the usual suspect07:13
@wikingthen of course you should get familiar07:13
@wikingwith the benchmarking framework mentioned07:13
nagdevI just found the entrance task for the project from last year . Is it ok if I start with this one?07:35
abhinavping : Wiking07:37
abhinavHi. how are you ?07:37
@wikingnagdev, sure, but make sure before you seriously dig into it07:37
@wikingto choose a right one07:37
@wikingi.e. currently somebody already working on KNN07:38
@wikingabhinav, good how about you? how can i help?07:38
abhinavI am good. I am working on the scala interface and the octave modular fails for random_forest07:39
abhinavAlso can you look at the PR so I can many any further changes if required07:39
@wikingabhinav, ignore octave for the time being07:40
@wikingit's unrelated07:40
@wikingso ok abou tthat07:40
@wikingregarding the sdk patch07:40
abhinavSo can you merge. I wanted to begin another task..07:41
@wikingi would use ADD07:41
@wikingfor adding a url07:41
@wikingso instead of RUN wget
@wikingADD /tmp/scala.deb07:42
@wikingand then just07:42
@wikingRUN sudo dpkg -i /tmp/scala.deb07:42
@wikingand then you dont need the rm -rf07:42
@wikingbecause it's in /tmp07:42
@wikingother thing is that if you add scala07:42
@wikingi would add sbt as well07:42
abhinavOk I'll get both these thing done.07:43
@wikingi mean 3rd07:43
@wikingah ok nothing07:43
@sukeyPull Request #3597 "Add Scala Interface"  synchronized by abhinavrai44 -
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abhinavPing : wiking08:36
abhinavI've made the changes. Only Scala tests are failing cause DetectScala has not been merged08:37
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@wikingthere's no official cmake module for detecting scala?09:04
@wikingbtw sbt is still missing from the docker sdk09:04
@wikingand this is completely wrong09:04
@wikingset(SCALA_JARS "/usr/share/java/scala-compiler.jar:/usr/share/java/scala-library.jar:/usr/share/java/scalap.jar:/usr/share/java/scala/jline.jar:/usr/share/java/jansi.jar")09:04
abhinavOh sorry. I forgot to add sbt09:05
@wikingi reckon scala can give that to you09:06
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abhinavSo, I should contact Scala for cmake module ?09:07
abhinavYeah there's no official copy for Detecting Scala09:08
@wikingbut scala itself can tell you09:08
@wikingwhere is the scala-library.jar09:08
@wikingas that should be in the classpath09:09
abhinavAlso what do you mean by09:10
abhinavset(SCALA_JARS "/usr/share/java/scala-compiler.jar:/usr/share/java/scala-library.jar:/usr/share/java/scalap.jar:/usr/share/java/scala/jline.jar:/usr/share/java/jansi.jar")09:10
@wiking+  NAMES scala-library.jar09:12
@wiking+  PATHS ${_SCALA_PATHS}09:12
@wiking+  )09:12
@wikingthis part could be done09:12
@wikingby executing a scala code09:12
@wikingand printing the location to stdout09:12
@wikingand this is totally wrong09:13
@wiking+  Scala_SCALA_EXECUTABLE09:13
@wiking+  Scala_JAR_EXECUTABLE09:13
@wiking+  Scala_SCALAC_EXECUTABLE09:13
@wiking+  )09:13
@wikingthis is oldschool cmake09:13
@wikingtake it as an inspiration09:14
abhinavThanks for your help. I'll make the changes09:15
abhinavSorry again for the sbt thing09:15
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@wikinglisitsyn, pingu11:21
lisitsynwiking: hey11:23
@wikingso i was wondering11:23
@wikingwhether we should actually change the master branch to be protected11:24
@wikingwith ' Require branches to be up to date before merging'11:24
@wiking+ Require status checks to pass before merging11:24
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@sukeyIssue #3614 "Deep RBM using shogun?" opened by mohammadAdnan -
@sukeyIssue #3614 "Deep RBM using shogun?" closed by vigsterkr -
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