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@HeikoSlisitsyn:  shall we go straight to ETH or meet at flat first with wiking?10:37
lisitsynHeikoS: uhm no idea11:03
lisitsynwhat do you prefer?11:03
@sukeyIssue #3768 "shogun-wiki is gone" closed by karlnapf -
lisitsynoh I see the mail11:12
lisitsynHeikoS: I don't plan for heavy luggage11:14
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@HeikoSslayerjain: just checked the thing, so yeah as I said, it is very important to have something concrete (as in code/ipython notebook, initial results) to support the application, as written in the wiki. It is a bit late to do this now though as it was supposed to be before the application deadline. But you could give it a shot anyways ... a cool notebook is always welcome!18:34
slayerjainWill give it a shot :)18:35
slayerjainThanks for going through it18:36
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