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lisitsynwiking: coming!05:39
@wikingah cool05:39
@wikingi'm already awake (jetlag)05:39
@wikingi'll migrate today to our place around 10-11am05:40
lisitsynwhat place are you at now?05:40
@wikingjust a simple airbnb05:40
@wikingin the middle of the redlight district of zurich05:40
@wiking(was cheap :P)05:40
@wikingconstantly heard hungarian girls chatter05:40
@wikingon the streets :P05:40
@wikingand of course serbian guys05:41
@wikingi'm guessing they are the pimps here :D05:41
@wikingso i was for a moment wondering if this is switzerland or what :)05:41
lisitsynok taking taxi in 20 mins to the airport05:41
@wikingyandex taxi? :D05:41
lisitsynwiking: yeah suprising to hear05:42
lisitsynwiking: and you're asking05:42
lisitsynof course05:42
lisitsyngoing to listen to some music05:42
@wikingyou guys come to the flat first?05:42
lisitsynusing what?05:42
@wikingor we meet at eth?05:42!05:42
lisitsynI have no idea05:42
@wikingyou meet with heiko at the airport05:42
@wikingok cool05:42
lisitsynbut not sure what's next05:42
@wikingjust lemme know your plans05:43
@wikingthere's net on the aiport05:43
lisitsynif we don't meet at the airport I'd be lost for a moment05:43
@wikingso whatsapp it05:43
lisitsynah cool05:43
@wikingit's 120 mins free05:43
@wikingonly thing that you need to register your phone #05:43
@wikingbut yeah let's keep in touch on whatsapp05:43
lisitsynI checked my tariff for internet there05:43
@wikingit's horrible i guess :))))05:43
lisitsyncrazy but well05:43
lisitsynits like 9 usd per day05:44
@wikingmy provider offered a 20 eur / day thing05:44
lisitsynfor 100 mb05:44
@wikingbut that'd be unlimited05:44
@wikinghaven't checked the 100mb deal05:44
lisitsynitis actually 100 mb unlimited speed and then 128 kbits05:44
@wikinganyhow there's free wifi on the airport05:44
@wikingso just get that to keep in touch05:44
lisitsyngoing to enable that in case of05:45
@wikingand then we'll know what's next05:45
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HeikoS_mobilewiking: can you let me know when you're in the flat?08:07
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