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splovinghello all09:24
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splovinghell blackburn09:51
blackburnhell? :D09:51
splovingmy git met a mess problem09:51
blackburnwhat kind of?09:52
sploving ! [rejected]        master -> master (non-fast forward)09:52
splovinghave you met this problem09:52
splovingI commit a patch, but found not well. then I tried to use git commit --amend09:53
splovingand git push09:53
splovingit shows the above error09:53
splovingI spent almost a whole afternoon:(09:53
blackburnsploving: did you tried to git pull before?09:54
splovingblackburn, I tried. it said,Auto-merged src/java_modular/shogun/examples/VectorTest.java09:55
splovingCONFLICT (content): merge conflict in src/java_modular/shogun/examples/VectorTest.java09:55
splovingblackburn, do you know who are responsible for the github when sonney2k is away/09:56
blackburnsploving: I think no one :)09:56
splovingblackburn, then how to commit?09:56
blackburnsploving: I think we have to wait a little09:56
splovingblackburn, could I re fork?09:57
blackburnsploving: just do a pull request if you want09:57
blackburnsploving: copy-paste your git status somewhere09:57
blackburne.g. pastebin or etc09:57
splovinggit pull "You are in the middle of a conflicted merge"09:59
blackburnok, we should resolve that conflict10:00
blackburnsploving: please 'git status' and paste it somewher10:00
blackburnsploving: btw it is your fork, right?10:02
splovingdo you have another quick way to refork my branch?10:02
blackburnwhat do you mean saying refork?10:02
splovingI mean redownload my branch10:03
blackburnjust 'git clone' it again if you want10:04
blackburnin some other dir10:04
blackburnbtw why you did git commit --amend?10:04
splovingblackburn, my commit is not perfect10:05
splovingI mean i lost some file10:05
blackburnsploving: just paste git status, may be I will see something and could help you10:06
blackburnaha I see10:08
blackburnsploving: you can see you have 2 files unmerged and modified10:08
splovingblackburn, then how to update?10:09
blackburntry to git add src/java_modular/build.xml10:09
blackburnand git add src/java_modular/shogun/examples/VectorTest.java10:09
blackburnthen git status and take a look if it is changed10:10
blackburnor you can git merge master10:11
blackburnI really don't know why you have had a conflict10:11
blackburndid somebody changed files you work with?10:11
blackburnsploving: so what's up?10:13
blackburnsploving: if you will have this problem just do 'git reset --merge'10:13
blackburnafter that you will be able to git pull and all the things10:13
splovingblackburn, git reset will make my new file lose?10:15
blackburnsploving: yeap, just save it somewhere, then git reset, then replace it again and git commit10:16
splovingblackburn, git reset HEAD?10:16
blackburnyou can try it too, but 'git reset --merge' could resolve your unmerged files10:17
splovingblackburn, I will have a try10:17
blackburnsploving: why you have such conflict?10:18
blackburnI mean was it changed somewhere outside your fork?10:18
splovingno. maybe I used git revert10:19
splovingblackburn, are you sure git reset --merege?10:19
splovingusage: git-reset [--mixed | --soft | --hard] [-q] [<commit-ish>] [ [--] <paths>...]10:19
splovingit saids above10:20
blackburnsploving: git merge master10:20
splovingAlready up-to-date10:21
blackburnsploving: are these unmerged files in git status?10:21
splovingblackburn, yeap10:23
blackburnsploving: did you saved that files?10:24
blackburnsploving: if so just try to git reset --hard HEAD10:24
blackburnthe simpliest way I think10:24
splovingthat works10:25
blackburnsploving: so just replace files by new ones and then commit and push, I think it will work too10:26
blackburnI hadn't any experience of such conflicts resolving10:27
splovingyeap. I will have a try10:28
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blackburnhave to go now, see ya10:34
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