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@sonney2kblackburn, I use a full screen console + vim for shogun00:00
@sonney2kahh and a webbrowser for github00:00
blackburnnothing more?00:00
@sonney2ksure chat stuff00:00
@sonney2kimage + movie playing00:00
blackburndo you use gnome?00:00
blackburnI see00:01
blackburnwell you kinda old-school with using vim for shogun :)00:01
blackburnI don't know how to use it at all00:01
@sonney2kthe weird things is though that I started with full fledged IDE's like Visual Studio ...00:03
@sonney2kI am just 10 times more efficient typing with vim00:03
* sonney2k thinks one should introduce a vim edit distance00:03
blackburnwhy not emacs?00:05
@sonney2kemacs is big slow and you need 10 fingers00:13
@sonney2kno way to type efficiently there00:13
@sonney2kblackburn, I suggest to run vimtutor once to understand what I mean00:14
blackburnwhat is vimtutor?00:14
blackburnI guess I understand00:14
@sonney2ka program00:18
@sonney2kthat gives you a short vim tutorial00:18
blackburnI see I see00:18
blackburnsonney2k: do you use vim for latex too?00:18
@sonney2kafter running it I was convinced00:18
blackburnI prefer texworks00:18
@sonney2keven on the shell00:19
@sonney2kblackburn, let me guess an IDE?00:19
blackburnnot so, just editor on the left and results (pdf) on the right :)00:19
@sonney2kthere are lots of plugins for vim but I am not a big user of those00:20
blackburnhmm so you just edit .text00:20
blackburnand then compile it00:20
blackburnand then view00:20
@sonney2kI use things like pressing a key on top of a word and seeing the manpage for it00:20
@sonney2kor opening the file under the cursor00:20
@sonney2ksplitting horizontally/vertically00:20
@sonney2kand jumping around in history00:20
@sonney2kahh and compiling of course00:21
@sonney2kand being put to the line that contains the error00:21
@sonney2kblackburn, btw could you please compile java_modular once00:21
@sonney2k(from master)00:21
blackburnnp, but in a 10-15 minute00:22
blackburnbecause I just reinstalled ubuntu and don't have many things00:22
blackburnmay be even java :)00:22
blackburndamn my internet connection is slow for some unknown reason00:23
blackburnsonney2k: what's up with java_modular?00:23
@sonney2knot clear what happened00:24
@sonney2kI thought my machine rename was really only that00:24
@sonney2kbut apparently I also included Labels in the classifier00:24
@sonney2kand that seems to confuse java (but makes python happier...)00:25
blackburnseems I will be able to test it only next day :)00:31
blackburn100kbps is not really sufficient to install all the things I need now00:31
@sonney2kI guess I will go to sleep then00:35
@sonney2kthx for the summary email btw.00:35
blackburnsleep well00:36
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blackburnsonney2k: just test it - works ok02:15
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blackburnfrom debian now hehe20:08
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serialhexblackburn, you're running debian now?20:25
blackburnserialhex: yap20:29
blackburnand cementing toy aircraft hhe20:30
blackburndamn I have to work *hard* tomorrow20:30
serialhexyou build model aircraft?  what are you building??20:30
serialhexand what *hard work* are you doing tomorrow?20:31
blackburnenola gay20:31
blackburnwell prepare for exams and LMDS :)20:32
serialhexahh, cool cool20:33
* serialhex just googled enola gay20:33
serialhexyou know, it's *stupid* easy to build one of the 2 bombs they dropped on japan (well, easy if you have enriched uranium)20:34
blackburnwhy bomb? aircraft :)20:34
serialhexwell, i'm just saying.  enola gay dropped little boy, and it was either that one or fat man that can actually be built pretty simply20:37
blackburnI see20:38
serialhexanyway, what editor do u use for coding?20:38
blackburnserialhex: I use eclipse for C++, netbeans for java and geany for python :)20:38
serialhexwtf?!?!?  why???20:38
blackburnwhy what?20:38
serialhexdo you use 3 different editors??  i'm switching over to nano myself (from kate) but i couldnt see myself using 3 editors, ever!20:39
blackburnwhy not?20:40
blackburnI really like how netbeans works with java, but not for C++20:40
blackburnand so on20:40
serialhexwell, for the most part, i find myself editing files in different langs often, so like in your case, if you were to edit come C, Java & Python at the same time you'd have 3 different editors open20:41
serialhexhmm... i guess i can kind of understand that20:41
blackburnbut I can't mind this situation20:41
blackburnjava+C+python same time :)20:41
serialhexfor example, you're looking at some C code, or java and translating it to python or something20:42
serialhexmaybe trying to get the 2 langs to play nicely together?20:42
serialhexfor myself i'm sometimes switching between projects frequently enough that having 2 or 3 editors open at the same time would be a waste20:44
blackburnI'm thinking about some old-school thing like doing everything in vim and sth like that20:44
blackburnjust like sonney2k doing :)20:45
serialhexi'm making a repository of nano syntax highlighting files, if you wanna check that out20:45
serialhexi'm writing up the readme & attribution stuff now20:45
serialhexnano isnt as sporty as vi, but it's quick & easy!20:46
serialhex*insert a 'your mom' joke here*20:46
serialhexhey bettyboo, where have you been all my life?20:47
@bettybooserialhex: my ruby doesn't work with your change, so we'll have to find a medium somewhere in between, it gives me a '/usr/bin/ld cant find -lruby1.8' error (i'm trying different configs & stuff and lost the exact msg, but i'll post it when i try that again)20:47
blackburnnow I'm installing texlive so I can't do anything20:47
blackburnwill cement another part20:47
serialhexcool, ok20:48
blackburndebian should be provided with some aircraft model20:49
blackburnI have been installing it for a ~2 hours20:50
serialhexholy crap!! 2 hours!!?!??!?!21:06
serialhexit dosn't even take that long to install windoze!21:06
blackburnmy internet connections sucks today21:06
serialhexblackburn: for spiffy nano-highlighting-goodness!!21:38
blackburnwill take a look21:38
serialhexyeah, i stole like 99% of it all, but hey, if it helps people out then i'm all for it!21:46
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serialhexwelcome back blackburn23:00
blackburnwas installing some things and forgot to get into #shogun23:01
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CIA-18shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * rc2edc9c / (6 files in 2 dirs): Merge branch 'streaming' of git:// (+5 more commits...) -
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