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in3xesf-x: :)12:38
in3xesf-x: hiding here, eh?12:39
@sonney2kalesis-novik, ok13:41
@sonney2kjust don't forget to send progress reports and keep on working / interacting with your mentor13:41
serialhexsonney2k, there is a test from python or something that you wanted me to copy over to ruby, and i can't remember exactly which one it was15:05
serialhexi've been busy so i havn't committed my basic module loading test, but it'll be done soon15:05
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splovinganyone around? soney2k15:10
serialhexi asked sonney2k a Q a few min ago and he hasn't responded...15:13
serialhexso i'm not sure where he's at15:13
splovingserialhex, i know15:13
serialhexahh, you must have read the logs :P15:13
splovingnow I translated python examples into java15:13
serialhexso how are you?15:14
serialhexcool cool15:14
splovingwhat does testerr = mean(sign(out)!=testlab) mean?15:14
splovingin classifier_libsvm_minimal_modular.py15:14
serialhexi really dont know15:15
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serialhexhey blackburn20:02
serialhexwhats up??20:02
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blackburn1serialhex: hi, i'm fine20:09
blackburn1*but my connection sucks!!*20:10
blackburn1what about you/20:10
serialhexchillin, finishing up a program to help me blog20:10
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alesis-novika program to help blog?20:37
serialhexyeah alesis-novik, it's just a somple ruby program i'm making to get the yaml frontmatter & title of each post to conform to jekyll's needs20:38
serialhexi'm using github's ability to make a site, and they use jekyll to make things kinda easy for me
serialhex(and so far i dont have much at all... i need to brush up on CSS & crud
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* sonney2k Re23:11
@sonney2kserialhex, I don't understand your patch - what is it good for?23:35
serialhexsorry for the delay sonney2k, it's basically to test if the modules load, very simple i know, i've got to find some time to copy over the tests & examples from python23:51
serialhexwhich do you think i should start with, or should i just start from the beginning?23:51
@sonney2kserialhex, the libsvm minimal one23:56
serialhexok cool23:56
serialhexah-HAH!! i knew there was a link somewhere that you wanted me to work on, it must be WAY up in the history...  thanks!23:57
serialhexyeah, i'm sorry i havn't been very active, i've been very busy!!23:59
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