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CIA-3shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r42b836a / src/shogun/base/Parallel.cpp : use all available CPUs by default -
CIA-3shogun: Soeren Sonnenburg master * r4889edc / (2 files):09:28
CIA-3shogun: change API in histogram intersection kernel09:28
CIA-3shogun: it can now be more conveniently inited with09:28
CIA-3shogun: HistogramIntersectionKernel(f1,f2, beta, cachesz) -
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alesis-noviksonney2k, does shogun have dependencies on other libraries after it's compiled?15:10
@sonney2kalesis-novik, just do ldd libshogun.so17:23
@sonney2kthen you know17:23
@sonney2kbut yeah - of course17:24
@sonney2kalesis-novik, btw have you read the google open source blog? you are famous now :)17:24
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heikosonney2k, around?17:39
@sonney2kheiko, I have to leave just now17:40
@sonney2ktoo bad timing wise17:40
heikook then I will write an email17:40
@sonney2kwould have loved to talk to you17:40
@sonney2ksry for not answering your email...17:40
heikowell then another time17:40
@sonney2kbut thanks for your quick answer17:40
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@sonney2kI got an answer :))19:32
@sonney2kso it is all possible but we need swig 2.0.4 for this19:32
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@sonney2kblackburn, ohh that is so soo uebercool20:36
@sonney2kblackburn, operator overloading works in swig2.0.4 + python now20:37
@sonney2kand much faster because slots are automagically overridden20:37
@sonney2kI think we really really should require swig 2.0.4 for the next release20:38
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blackburnsonney2k: back21:12
blackburnI see21:12
blackburnwell why not to require 2.0.421:12
blackburnI already use it21:12
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