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sonne|workblackburn: what do you want to do on the website?15:36
blackburnsonne|work: it seems I have to have some small homepage of my 'toolkit'16:46
sonne|workI can tell that I would prefer to have more of shogun in this kind of style - maybe we should have pages for the big modules similar to what you did17:02
sonne|workanyways there is a separate git for that I will give you access to17:03
blackburnsonne|work: I have no idea if that's required though20:56
blackburnbut listing shogun homepage as 'edrt' one looks strange20:57
blackburnsonne|work: btw implementing some new toolkit just like mine would be great 'difficult' task for gsoc21:18
blackburnfor someone talented I guess..21:18
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blackburnsonney2k_: around?22:44
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