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sonne|workblackburn: any news on the one-vs-one / one-vs-rest stuff?14:04
sonne|workor around at all even?14:05
blackburnsonne|work: no, I have exam tomorrow..14:31
sonne|workthen good luck!14:31
blackburnthanks, I would need it :D14:32
blackburnsonne|work: I hope I'll pass it then I will be pretty active for two weeks14:32
sonne|workwould be cool14:32
sonne|workthere is gsoc and this multiclass thing we could do then14:33
sonne|workanyway go pass the exam first !14:33
blackburnyeah I shoudl14:33
blackburnbut I don't give a fuck about this optics hah14:33
blackburnno idea how can I pass :D14:33
sonne|workjust pass and get over with it :)14:44
blackburnsonne|work: I like your philosophy :)14:45
blackburnsonne|work: that's really annoying here - nobody can't choose what to study and what to not14:47
sonne|workthat's life14:48
blackburnthat's soviet union14:48
sonne|workat work you might not be able to choose either14:48
blackburnwell I have no optics at work for the gods sake :D14:49
sonne|workat some point you will need glasses :D14:52
blackburnsonne|work: well I wear glasses :) but I do not need to study diffractive optics and photonics14:53
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blackburndamn it, still hurts to study that ;D21:50
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