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blackburnn4nd0: hey there! ;)07:27
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n4nd0blackburn: hey! how is it going?08:45
blackburnfine, waiting for gsoc decision this week ;)08:46
blackburnand you?08:46
n4nd0same here :)08:46
n4nd0I am taking a break of studying for my exam and making some progress with the qda classifier08:46
blackburnah nice08:47
n4nd0I contacted Nico last week about the SO project for gsoc08:48
n4nd0he pointed a reference for me and I have started with it08:49
n4nd0it looks like an interesting topic :)08:49
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blackburnn4nd0: it is nice you have contacted nico09:18
n4nd0blackburn: qda is almost ready :)09:22
blackburnnice as well :)09:23
n4nd0blackburn: one doubt about it though09:23
n4nd0blackburn: is it ok if I just use the examples that are given in scikits?09:23
n4nd0adapted to shogun interface but the same equal09:24
blackburnwhich examples?09:24
n4nd0ups sorry the same equal not, the rest equal :P09:24
n4nd0that one for example09:24
blackburnso you just changed the used lda?09:25
n4nd0I have not done anything with the LDA part09:25
n4nd0but right now I can make that example work with qda from shogun09:26
blackburnI see09:26
blackburnI don't know, probably you may use it09:26
n4nd0so I don't really know if its "allowed" to just use that code or not09:26
n4nd0if there is any problem I can re-write it somehow...09:26
blackburnbetter rewrite if you have time for that09:27
blackburnshouldn't take much time anyway09:27
blackburnand no need to found/cite authors of these examples09:27
n4nd0yeah, it is not that long09:27
n4nd0I will change the colours too :P09:28
blackburnyeah that makes us competive enough09:28
n4nd0does it make sense to compare the time it takes with scikits and with shogun?09:28
blackburnwould be pretty similar09:29
n4nd0do you think so?09:30
n4nd0I thought that since their implementation is in python and ours is in C++ it should be faster09:31
blackburnno, not exactly09:32
blackburnbottlenecks are svd computing and some dot products, right?09:32
blackburnso it would be very similar, their python code delegates all such things to blas and lapack09:33
n4nd0aha I see09:33
blackburntheir dim reduction code is even a bit faster on some data than my09:34
n4nd0too bad09:34
blackburnnot at all09:34
n4nd0I just liked the idea of shogun being faster :P09:35
blackburnfast can be fast in different means09:35
blackburnscikits isomap and lle is faster on 3d data09:36
blackburnare faster09:37
blackburnpretty singular case09:37
blackburni.e. why'd you need to reduct dimensionality from 3 to 2 :)09:37
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gsomixblackburn, ???????17:41
blackburngsomix: hey17:41
blackburngsomix: don't expect I'd talk you in russian here ;)17:41
blackburnto you*17:42
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gsomixblackburn, where are you now?17:44
blackburngsomix: 71117:44
gsomixblackburn, i have some questions about work. I find it easier to discuss it in Russian. Could we discuss it in Jabber? :)17:57
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@sonney2kblackburn, re hotstarting - you wanted to use this to train for differen C?s20:15
@sonney2kor to be able to stop/save the classifier and then continue training later?20:15
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