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n4nd0nicococo: hallo, how are you?15:08
nicococohi, fine. what about you?15:09
n4nd0I am good15:10
n4nd0I got a new mosek license :D15:10
nicococovery good .. now its working??15:11
n4nd0yeah, I can solve "big" problems again15:11
nicococouuuhhh.. and the mc problem is solved therefore15:11
n4nd0I have yet to checked that the results are reliable enough15:12
n4nd0still better than yet :P15:12
nicococook ;)  i think we then have to talk about the next steps right15:13
nicococoi mean the big picture steps15:13
n4nd0yeah, we can talk a bit about it right now if you want15:13
n4nd0I will have to go in a while though15:13
nicococoyes, because i want to go on vacation next month (for about 1 month) and would like to keep you busy ;)15:14
n4nd0so hm-svm?15:14
nicococoin your application was a timetable that states: hmsvm and crf15:14
n4nd0what do you think we should go for first?15:15
nicococohonestly, i don't know how much we can deviate from these goals (i have to ask) but i think the main goal is already achieved and there are a couple of new things.15:15
n4nd0I would say hm-svm15:15
n4nd0what are these new things?15:16
n4nd0the optimizer?15:16
nicococolike: coffin, opensource solver15:16
nicococowhat are your preferences?15:16
n4nd0but I still think that hm-svm is important15:16
n4nd0I won't be pleased until we have done that :)15:16
nicococoyes, and this will take a long time (can be quite tricky)15:17
n4nd0I would say then hm-svm, coffin, solver and crf; in that order15:17
nicococowe can combine it with coffin..15:17
n4nd0what are the tricky points with hm-svm?15:17
nicococoits a whole bunch of little things that are not exactly hard to solve but not easy either15:18
n4nd0can you tell me a bit more in particular? :)15:19
n4nd0or is it better to wait?15:19
nicococookay what do you think about combining hm-svm with coffin??15:19
n4nd0while I have more or less an idea how hm-svm would fit in the framework15:20
n4nd0I don't have it for coffin15:20
n4nd0so I am not sure about the answer15:20
n4nd0I understand that hm-svm should derive from CStructuredModel15:21
nicococoin my opinion combination with coffin would be 1) a new thing, 2) maybe easier for the task i am thinking of (procaryote gene prediction)15:21
n4nd0it may be tricky as you say but I have clear the idea that we "just" need an argmax function, a psi and a delta loss15:21
nicococommhhh.. sorry.. there is more :)15:22
n4nd0tell me15:22
nicococoever heard of plif-functions?15:22
n4nd0something about the labels too15:22
n4nd0I have seen something around in shogun yes15:22
n4nd0but I have no idea what they are15:22
nicococoand you also need a state model :)15:22
nicococookay, there are two possible things:15:23
nicococoa) the one i told you two minutes ago15:24
nicococob) building the hmsvm matlab framework15:24
n4nd0what do you think?15:25
n4nd0combination with coffin?15:25
nicococoi mean, you already had a look at the hmsvm-code, right? there are 30 files only for hm-svm :) its much more than argmax,delta15:25
n4nd0but the article gave me that idea :S15:26
nicococotheory-application gap ;)15:27
n4nd0too bad15:27
n4nd0let me know your opinion about each of the two possibilities :)15:28
nicococoi would like to go with the coffin-hmsvm..15:28
n4nd0I am ok with that15:29
n4nd0but tell me why please ;)15:29
n4nd0it's not a why meaning that I would like the other15:29
n4nd0it's a why to gain understanding :)15:29
nicococoit is a new thing.. first step towards real-large scale (high dim) problems in so15:30
nicococoand much easier to implement in the basic version :))15:30
n4nd0sounds pretty nice to me15:30
n4nd0all advantages :D15:30
n4nd0do you have any application in mind for it?15:30
nicococoyes, i also know some people who can give you a hand when i am on vacation15:31
nicococoso, don't worry15:31
n4nd0that's great15:31
nicococowe code an gene predictor for simple procaryote organism (like bacteria)15:32
n4nd0no idea what's that :P15:32
nicococo.. with real data15:32
nicococono toy data anymore ;)15:33
nicococookay, but first, the toy data mc-experiment15:33
nicocococan you test the coffin thing with that?15:33
n4nd0we could do that15:33
n4nd0but the coffind thing may take time15:34
nicococono prob15:34
n4nd0I have to read a bit more about it and probably ask sonney2k15:34
nicococodid you already checked in the code for this exp?15:34
n4nd0for the mc example?15:34
n4nd0not yet15:35
n4nd0but I am able to do it in python now15:35
n4nd0sonney2k found the part I was missing15:35
nicococosuper! (that was my next question)15:35
nicococowhat was the problem?15:35
n4nd0so I will commit the example this evening probably15:35
n4nd0we have to include "class CStructuredModel" and the same for CLossFunction in the header of StructuredMachine15:36
n4nd0it looks like a workaround for making it work with SWIG15:36
nicococoone thing less to worry about15:37
nicococoso, can we meet again on thursday and you put all the stuff in git and try to get coffin working with the example..15:39
n4nd0ok, let's do that15:39
nicococoits a bit short on time maybe.. but just have a look15:39
n4nd0I will do my best :)15:39
nicococook. then see you on thursday.. don't work too much :)15:40
n4nd0haha ok15:41
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emreceliktenYou guys should see this :D16:43
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emreceliktenI should mail this to Stallman16:52
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emreceliktenwiking_: Yep, heard it the day it happened. He was crying16:56
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emreceliktenwiking: All of that config gone, that must have hurt17:02
wikingbackup :)17:02
emreceliktenEven the OS?17:03
emreceliktenI should backup though, I would be demolished if something like that happened to me17:06
emreceliktenThanks for reminding :)17:06
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KMcQuistenhey all.  Has gsomix been around?  I'm having some trouble still with DirectorKernels18:52
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emreceliktenHahaha blamelist, never noticed it19:43
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puffin444Hey has anyone here had experience with clapack_dpotrf?20:08
@sonney2kKMcQuisten, what troubles?20:09
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KMcQuistenJust posted a description of it to the mailing list.20:10
KMcQuistenI made a trivial DircetorKernel for testing, provided it to LibSVR, and I get lots of garbage collection and segfault errors20:10
@sonney2kKMcQuisten, how many CPU cores does your machine have?20:11
@sonney2kset number of threads to 1 and try again20:11
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@sonney2kKMcQuisten, did that help?20:15
KMcQuistenSeemed to.  My nontrivial example worked as well20:15
KMcQuistenShame I can't seem to take advantage of multicore.20:16
KMcQuistenOh well.  at least it works20:16
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gsomixhi all20:19
KMcQuistenHey there20:19
@sonney2kKMcQuisten, reason is that python doesn't support threads20:19
@sonney2kyou know the GIL (global interpreter lock...)20:19
@sonney2kso no way20:19
gsomixIt seems that all problems have decided on without me. :) Nice.20:19
KMcQuistenSo the builtins can leverage parallel, but there's no way to make directorkernels work like that?20:20
@sonney2kKMcQuisten, please post the answer to the mailinglist - and give us some hint how we can warn the user ...20:20
@sonney2kKMcQuisten, yes no way20:20
KMcQuisteni wonder if the multiprocessing package could be used to help this.20:22
KMcQuistentried it?20:22
@sonney2kas I said it is a limitation of python20:22
@sonney2kat some europython conference I talked to guido the BDL about this ... no way20:23
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n4nd0sonney2k: hey!21:54
n4nd0about wiking and michal's pull requests21:54
n4nd0I think it could be a good idea if they use the latest code of the SO framework21:54
n4nd0it has changed a bit from the last PR you merged21:54
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@sonney2kn4nd0, sure22:26
@sonney2kthey should22:26
@sonney2kproblem really is that when they wait longer they have to merge and merge over and over again with all the changes coming...22:26
n4nd0yeah, I understand22:35
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n4nd0wiking: we are not in the blamelist! :D22:59
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