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yoohi all10:57
yoocould someone explain me the way string features are handle/compute ?10:58
yooI ve seen table for conversin bin <--> uchar10:58
yoowhat's the use of "1 << (sizeof(uint8_t)*8)"10:59
@sonney2kyoo, bitmasking magic12:16
yoosonney2k: yea =) is there any documentation on string features implementation details ?13:02
@sonney2kyoo, only in my head. what do you want to know?13:27
yooI would like to experiment string kernels with bigger dictionnary than RAWDIGIT and high order too13:30
yoomaybe I can add my own preprocess to help those computations13:31
yooinvestigating the problem ..13:31
@sonney2kyoo, hmmhh how big is the dictionary?13:40
yoolet's say 1000 words13:41
@sonney2kyoo, well you could use stringwordfeatures for that13:43
@sonney2kfor any higher order business I would recommend to create some hashed string features either as extra object or on-the-fly13:45
yoostringwordfeatuers ? u mean CSortWordString ?13:46
@sonney2kyoo, no. CStringFeatures<uint16_t>13:46
yoowell yes I already use those features13:47
yoobut limited with RAWBIT alphabet13:47
yoothere should be something I misunderstand . For example, the CCommWordStringKernel : when you pass a list of string and an alphabet : strings are stored and histogram (order 1) is computed.14:18
yooIf you want order two histogram: you need to call obtain_for_char() and then run the sort preprocess. right ?14:19
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yoosonney2k, what append if I created stringfeatures using constructor taking SGStringList<uint64_t> and Ealphabet RAWBYTE in arguments. there are no enough symbols in the dictionnary to represent list of string containing values in [0,1000] for exmaple.15:11
yoosonney2k: what should be done then ?15:11
yooblackburn: Hi, is has been a while .. didnt had the time to PR the mkl patch .. sorry, I will do this week!15:12
blackburnyoo: hey15:13
blackburnno problem, any time is ok15:13
yooblackburn: and thx again for the vimrc config file, I am still trying to make completion working (for shogun, stl, .. ) using clang .. but seems hard!15:15
blackburnyoo: why? works out of box here15:15
yoowtf ?15:15
blackburnare you installing shogun to default dir?15:16
blackburnstrange it doesn't work oob then15:20
yooblackburn: are you aware of stringfeatures constructor which can handle dictionnay bigger than RAWBYTE (=256)15:51
blackburnI don't know to be honest15:53
yoosonney2k:  for now I create stringfeatures with values \in[0,1000] but when you call constructor with alpha = RAWBYTE then only 256 symbols are used in histogram ... am I wrong ?15:56
yoomaybe I miss smthg in using the stringfeatures !15:58
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