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wikingblackburn: here?12:17
blackburnwiking: yes12:19
wikingok so it's weird12:19
wikingwhen i use python modular12:19
wikingand there's and assertation error12:19
wikingthe script dies with terminate called after throwing an instance of 'shogun::ShogunException'12:19
wikingAborted (core dumped)12:20
wikingbut actually the exception or the reason why the script died is not printed...12:20
blackburnyeah it happens for a reason sometimes12:20
blackburnI don't really get why12:20
wikingi mean it'd be great if it would print out the error12:20
wikingbecause this way i realised only with gdb12:20
wikingthat actually the problem was that i have forgotten to call .train() on the machine before doing classification :P12:21
wikinghave u checked that paper i've sent yesterday12:21
wikingbtw it's really weird that multiclasslibsvm performs better than multiclassmkl ;P12:23
blackburnwiking: no, I didn't12:23
wikingi mean multiclasslibsvm with combined kernel + combined features12:23
blackburnwiking: I have no understanding how mkl works :D12:33
wikinghehe ok12:34
wikingmaybe sonney2k will enlighten me ;P12:34
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wikingblackburn: here?20:22
blackburnwiking: yes20:35
wikingblackburn: kaggle? :)21:02
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blackburnwiking: not one day work right? :D21:14
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@sonney2kwiking, mkl is useless. it is no wonder.23:24
@sonney2kwiking, I have never seen python_modular to die with shogun::ShogunException23:25
@sonney2kin fact this should not even be possible because we catch these exceptions...23:25
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