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blackburnsonney2k: I have seen00:24
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n4nd0could make use of it00:38
n4nd0wrong window :D00:38
n4nd0anyway, was for you blackburn :P00:38
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wikingsonney2k: for me it's all the time when i get an SG_ERROR13:59
wikingthe exception is not handled13:59
wikingi just get a abort signal13:59
wikingcore dumped ;)13:59
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wikingblackburn: hey actually this shit is great16:11
blackburnwiking: I am afraid of the thing you are talking about16:11
blackburnit is not real shit I hope :D16:11
wikingmy lung detector16:12
blackburnahh so does it detect testicules?16:13
blackburnwe still need robo-killer 200016:13
wikingbut it can handle not only xray but ct images as well16:13
wikingblackburn: have u used lbp before?16:22
blackburnwiking: wanted to but never got my hands dirty16:29
wikingheheh ok16:30
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wikinghahah i never seen this before
n4nd0very nice22:41
wikingit's especially deep that it's charlin chaplin who's talking...;P22:47
wikingi mean *talking*22:47
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