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shogun-buildbotbuild #182 of nightly_none is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at
shogun-buildbotbuild #220 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed compile]  Build details are at
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sonne|workwiking: whats up with multiclass?10:47
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wikingsonne|work: libsvm multiclass doesn't work with 3 classes11:23
sonne|workso basically all OvO MC stuff is b0rken right now?11:23
sonne|workor just libsvm?11:24
wikingsonne|work: indexing problem11:36
sonne|workwiking: you have your verbose day today?11:36
wikingverbose day?:)11:37
sonne|workyeah - 3 words withing 12 minutes!11:38
wikingyeah working in the meanwhile ;)11:38
sonne|workI almost have an idea what you are talking about11:38
wikingso yeah the problem is with multiclass libsvm, having only 3 classes11:38
wikingit complains about indexing11:38
sonne|workand w/ 4 classes or 2 it works correctly?11:39
wiking                                REQUIRE(set_svm(idx, svm),"SVM set failed");11:39
wikingthis line fails11:39
sonne|workI am a bit concerned that everything is broken ...11:39
wikingit works with 4 classes, i haven't tested 2 classes11:39
sonne|workwiking: correctly even?11:40
sonne|workor just 'works' as in doesn't crash11:40
wikingbasically i know that n > 3 classes works correctly11:40
wikingwell it gives me good result11:40
wikingbut maybe it doesn't give me as good as i would like it ;)11:40
wikinghaven't tested using libsvm purely if that's what you r asking11:40
wikingi don't know if there's a difference between our libsvm and the original implementation's ouptut11:41
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wikingsonne|work: hey here ?15:41
wikingsonne|work:  i was just wondering that for how long we should archive the static analyzer output?15:42
wikingsonne|work: as it now starts to eat up significant amount of space ;)15:42
sonne|workwiking: do as you wish ... some kind of binary granularity?16:30
sonne|worklike every day for 1 week16:30
sonne|workthen say 8 more weeks but just weekly?16:31
wikingsonne|work: now we have december accessible right away and the rest in tar.bz216:33
wikingyeah i'll do some kind of a weekly thing after 1 month or so16:33
wikingsince keeping all that tar.bz2 is kind of waste16:33
wikingi reckon nobody will dig that out :P16:33
sonne|workwiking: just remove it then16:36
sonne|workit doesn't really help us to have a long history here16:36
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Guest80301I would like to work with spectrum RBF kernel, anybody work with this before?20:27
Guest80301I am a bit puzzled it is not working from R and based on my information, if something implemeted in shogun it has to work from all interfaces, Am I right or not?20:29
Guest80301anybody ineterested to talk about this?20:30
blackburnGuest80301: I answered you in the mailing list20:30
Guest80301ok I just go and check20:31
blackburnyou answered already okay20:31
blackburnGuest80301: what if you try WEIGHTEDDEGREERBF?20:33
blackburnI see no reason not to work with R but I do not remember if case matters20:34
Guest80301it seems to work I don't get the same error20:35
Guest80301ump <- sg('set_kernel', 'WEIGHTEDDEGREERBF') Error in sg("set_kernel", "WEIGHTEDDEGREERBF") :    [ERROR] Usage: set_kernel  sg('set_kernel', type, size[, kernel-specific parameters])20:35
blackburnthere are a few parameters here20:36
Guest80301let's see if I set up the parameters it works20:37
blackburnbad you can't use modular interface20:37
blackburnit is much comprehensive20:37
Guest80301I am using static interface20:38
blackburnI know20:39
Guest80301MY data set the the dna data set which is in the 'data' folder of shogun20:39
Guest80301dump <- sg('set_kernel', 'WEIGHTEDDEGREERBF', 'CHAR', size_cache, degree) > km <- sg('get_kernel_matrix', 'TRAIN') Error in sg("get_kernel_matrix", "TRAIN") :    [ERROR] Kernel can not process this train feature type: 30 10.20:39
Guest80301It is hard to figure it out without any example :(20:41
blackburnI am not sure weight degree rbf is the choice for string data20:41
blackburnI can even say it won't work with strings20:41
blackburnGuest80301: there are other string kernels so please rather try them20:43
Guest80301it seems to be a good choice for me since I don't know the structure of my string and this weighted degree kernels let me to have shifts and mis matches20:44
Guest80301I am not sure about rbf part20:46
blackburndrop rbf and it will serve you20:46
Guest80301If you have a check on the mailing list I am also trying it without rbf but still not working20:47
blackburnGuest80301: could that example help you?
Guest80301I have been thorough this example but as you can see the only defined argument for kernel is degree20:50
Guest80301therefor there is nothing about mis-match and shifts20:51
Guest80301these axamples need some work to make them more helpful20:51
blackburnI am afraid nobody will touch that ever :)20:52
blackburnwe have neither power nor will to support static interfaces20:53
Guest80301what is a systematic way to find out the parameters of a kernel function written in shogun20:54
blackburnit works like a charm with modular I think ;)20:54
Guest80301ok that means it is a self discovery20:54
blackburnprobably I am not sure20:55
blackburnit is pretty clear with modular as it is just as is20:55
Guest80301I have never used modular ones20:56
Guest80301another question does shogun work with matlab under windows?20:57
blackburnIIRC it should but no guarantees20:57
Guest80301this is an example in python I saw similar example for matlab20:59
Guest80301thanx I am going to work on it21:42
Guest80301bye now21:42
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