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blackburnsonney2k: okay I'll take a look on saturday07:17
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jmfavreauhi. I'm a new shogun user16:31
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jmfavreauis CDenseFeatures has the load function implemented?17:36
jmfavreauor do I have to use the serialized version?17:36
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n4nd0sonney2k: around?21:35
blackburnsonney2k: I am here instead of him :D21:37
n4nd0blackburn: haha ok21:37
n4nd0so I will fire at you21:37
n4nd0but I already asked you about this the other day, it is same question but rephrased21:38
n4nd0blackburn: do you happen to know how well the structured SVM may work with continuous structured data?21:38
n4nd0think for example of something like an HMM21:38
n4nd0where the states are also real numbers21:39
blackburnahh that time series21:39
n4nd0(i.e. a linear dynamical system)21:39
blackburnI actually think it is kind of wrong21:40
blackburnSVM is here just to estimate dependencies we doesn't happen to know21:40
blackburnif you need parameters it is math21:40
blackburnbut may be I don't get it a little21:41
n4nd0when you say if you need parameters it is math21:50
blackburnyeah I think so21:50
n4nd0blackburn: do you mean it like parameter estimation in the sense of a generative model?21:50
blackburnkind of, yes21:50
n4nd0well but you can use SVM as an alternative to generative models21:51
blackburnI see nothing discriminative in estimation of A,B,C,D of linear system21:51
n4nd0discriminative models more in general21:51
n4nd0but it is discriminative in the sense that if I tell you21:51
n4nd0take a look to these observations21:51
n4nd0now tell me where did they come from, what was the state of the system them21:52
n4nd0there a lot of possible states21:52
n4nd0you find one of them21:52
blackburnyeah but I feel it a little cumbersome21:52
n4nd0hehe I don't understand why :)21:53
blackburncan't prove :D my ass feeling21:53
n4nd0the thing is I am not trying to estimate the parameters A, B, C and D of the system in an SVM fashion21:53
blackburnI don't understand how structured svm works21:53
blackburnyes I understand the math and some cases like multiclass but I don't realize what is it in case of infinite states21:54
n4nd0yeah me neither21:55
n4nd0I don't really know if it can even work21:55
n4nd0let me show you a part of a paper21:55
blackburnI have an feeling that it can be wrong actually :D21:55
blackburnSO comes from crammer and singer formulation with basic generalization21:55
blackburnI have no reasons left behind to do that, so it is all pretty doubtful for me21:56
n4nd0second page21:56
n4nd0second column21:56
n4nd0they say something like21:56
n4nd0CRFs, SO-SVM and others21:57
n4nd0are for structured prediction case for *discrete* outputs21:58
n4nd0and that there are generatilizations to *continuous* outputs21:58
n4nd0the reference for this one is related to kernel density estimation with joint kernel maps21:58
blackburnn4nd0: just recalled, did I told you I received two mails about tapkee already?21:59
n4nd0and actually the paper ^ with this SOAR thingy looks kind of for this continuous outputs too21:59
n4nd0blackburn: I read something you mentioned in a conversation with Heiko or maybe it was with Viktor21:59
blackburnn4nd0: I should read the paper to understand it more21:59
n4nd0something about a graduate student and later the professor IIRC?22:00
n4nd0blackburn: yeah me too22:00
blackburnn4nd0: I was wrong actually22:00
blackburntotally different people22:00
blackburnin means of relations22:00
n4nd0blackburn: I have not diffed into these papers yet22:00
blackburndifferent cities even22:00
n4nd0blackburn: haha ok22:00
n4nd0blackburn: that's even better, more users22:00
blackburnn4nd0: have you seen I set up google analytics?22:01
blackburnwe should install it to the shogun page too22:01
n4nd0I saw the fancy github page you sent me22:02
n4nd0but I don't think that is what you meant, is it?22:02
blackburnn4nd0: oops how can you see :D22:03
n4nd0blackburn: what? :)22:03
blackburnn4nd0: I am the only user who sees this I guess22:03
blackburnn4nd0: okay I set up js script on index.html22:03
blackburnthat collects data about visits22:03
n4nd0oh I could see that because you sent me a link yesterday hehe22:05
blackburnn4nd0: link to?22:05
n4nd0the fancy webpage I was talking about22:05
blackburnthat one?22:05
n4nd0but I think that doesn't have anything to do with google anlytics, not sure though22:05
blackburncheck sources22:06
blackburnit has some kind of collecting script22:06
n4nd0mm I don't find what you are saying22:10
blackburnn4nd0: check index.hmtl22:11
n4nd0I see something with google analytics there22:16
blackburnyeah and I have access to that data22:16
n4nd0blackburn: is it storing in there every time we get a visit?22:16
n4nd0that's kind of cool :)22:17
n4nd0what do you want to do with that data?22:17
blackburnnothing it is just interesting to see that22:17
n4nd0indeed hehe22:17
blackburnn4nd0: the page has 14 unique visitors so far22:18
n4nd0that file is quite unreadable for me at least22:20
n4nd0blackburn: where do you see that?22:20
blackburnin the google analytics account22:21
blackburnI am searchng a way to share that somehow22:21
blackburnn4nd0: I've added you22:22
blackburncheck the GA22:23
n4nd0blackburn: I can it too now22:25
n4nd0really cool22:25
n4nd0I can see*22:26
blackburnwe can haz statz22:26
n4nd0so all these statistics are about the fancy webpage22:30
n4nd0not the normal github one, right?22:30
n4nd0blackburn: I am excited about shogun's workshop22:38
blackburnI am too22:38
n4nd0blackburn: are you planning to stay in Berlin for some days?22:39
blackburnn4nd0: yes I hope so22:39
blackburnI should find some travel offer22:40
n4nd0we will probably know more of it and can start planning better after the meeting tom22:40
blackburncause I don't want to deal with visa :D22:40
blackburnsome travelling company should take care of this I hope22:40
blackburnso the meeting is tomorrow right?22:41
blackburnah I see22:42
blackburnI managed to miss that mail somehow22:42
n4nd0blackburn: there it goes22:45
blackburnn4nd0: hah thanks I meant I just missed it in my box22:45
n4nd0haha whatever22:45
blackburnhmm 20 utc22:45
blackburnso for me it is hmmm22:45
n4nd0here it is 2122:46
n4nd0so there 23 I think22:46
blackburnrussia is controlled by aliens so +422:47
blackburnthey prefer when sunset happens like 3:20 or so22:47
@sonney2kn4nd0, don't trust the aliens23:03
@sonney2kblackburn, recall that we have analytics for years on shogun-toolbox.org23:03
blackburnsonney2k: really?23:03
@sonney2kyou just didn't want to have access to it...23:03
blackburnohh I see23:03
blackburnsonney2k: no you always told me you don't have exact stats23:04
blackburnsome misunderstanding happened23:04
@sonney2kblackburn, I have no download stats but all the rest I have23:04
blackburnsonney2k: can you share it?23:04
@sonney2kblackburn, I offered this to you > 1 year ago23:04
blackburnI am constantly drunk come on23:05
blackburnbe merciful23:05
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blackburnsonney2k: I was young and stupid23:07
@sonney2kand you didn't need the money I know :D23:07
@sonney2kblackburn, you've got mail23:07
blackburnsonney2k: nice load we have23:09
blackburnsonney2k: posting that we use eigen leads to 60 clicks :D23:10
blackburnfrom the eigen3 site23:11
blackburnsleep time23:13
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n4nd0sonney2k: what aliens? :)23:18
n4nd0tell me about it tomorrow hehe23:27
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