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n4nd0sonne|work, sonney2k: project suggestion sent to you and Christoph09:04
n4nd0let me know your opinion about it too please09:05
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sonne|workn4nd0: nothing yet greylisting in action I guess...09:21
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n4nd0sonne|work: mmm sometimes it takes a bit to receive mails09:31
n4nd0I don't really know why09:31
sonne|workn4nd0: greylisting09:33
n4nd0I see09:34
n4nd0sonne|work: has it appeared in your mailbox already?11:47
sonne|workn4nd0: yes for quite some time it is sitting there11:50
sonne|workn4nd0: It is a bit difficult for me to give proper feedback. In the end it is christoph who should decide what he considers most important...12:03
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n4nd0sonne|work: let's see what he thinks then12:13
shogun-buildbot_build #826 of bsd1 - libshogun is complete: Failure [failed test_1]  Build details are at  blamelist: Soeren Sonnenburg <>12:16
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ankitaHey,Somebody Help!!I'm trying to install Shogun2.0.0 on Ubuntu 11.10 ! not working for me x( Theey say " Noo such command ./configure ",could you please help me out ?I'm working in /..../src directory,Though14:18
ankita?Is anyone There?14:21
ankitahelpppp please!!!i have been trying since past 2 hours now !!14:23
blackburnankita: hey14:24
ankitasigh!please help sir :)14:25
ankitaBlackburn: there?14:26
blackburnankita: yes14:26
blackburnankita: where do you run it?14:26
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blackburnankita_: folder?14:28
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ankkittablackburn:this is me,ankita , yeah I was telling you The folder is /users/something/shogun-2.0.0/src14:34
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blackburnankkitta: ./configure should work14:35
ankkitta:/ says no such directory,do I need any other packages,I have installed them all - lapack , atlas , etc etc , as well as octave,lua packages :/14:36
ankkittaSo You mean essentially its all those three commands , ./configure make sudo make install ? isn't it??14:36
ankkittaAm I working in the right dir ?14:38
blackburnankkitta: you placed a space after /14:39
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annkittasorry for the internet problem :/ Blackburn Should it work no..?according to you?14:51
annkittahae I chosen the right folder?I tried ls it containes/shows only INSTALL file in there14:52
n4nd0hey annkitta14:54
annkittayeah!help :P14:54
n4nd0first, why not to use the latest version? 2.1.0 was released a few days ago14:54
annkittayeah I am downloading this very version now14:54
n4nd0and second, you should extract the archive, change to the src directory14:55
n4nd0and then you should be able to run configure without problems14:55
annkittaoh cool!lemme see,,but i ll be needing those packages right?atlas/lapack/lua/octave/r?and direstory?src right?14:56
n4nd0annkitta: it depends on what parts of shogun you want to use14:56
n4nd0annkitta: you need lua if you are going to use the lua interface14:56
n4nd0the same applies for octave14:57
n4nd0atlas, lapack and eigen3 are required for many features of shogun14:57
annkittaok lemme check!thanks for the help ,I shall let you know in case,dear :)14:59
annkittasrc as in /src rite?14:59
n4nd0src inside the root directory of the extracted archive15:00
n4nd0issue pwd and paste the output here if you are in doubt15:00
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n4nd0sonne|work: Christoph said he cannot make it unfortunately :(15:53
n4nd0he suggested me to contact Sebastian Nowozin or Dhruv Batra15:53
n4nd0I already contacted Sebastian and he couldn't either so I will try with Dhruv15:54
blackburnwhoo searching for a mentor15:54
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n4nd0sonney2k: ^15:54
n4nd0blackburn: you ok? :)15:54
blackburnn4nd0: what about georg idea?15:55
n4nd0blackburn: Georg idea is cool, but he said he could co-mentor the project15:55
blackburnn4nd0: co-mentor what?15:55
n4nd0someone who could give support in CRF and inference in PGMs would be very useful15:55
n4nd0blackburn: co-mentor a project in structured learning15:56
blackburnI see15:56
n4nd0blackburn: let me forward you the mail I wrote to Christoph and Soeren this morning15:56
n4nd0blackburn: I put together some of the ideas Georg suggested and some of the stuff I think would be cool to have with learning CRFs (or graphs for that matter)15:57
blackburnn4nd0: I see15:58
n4nd0blackburn: I will ask Andreas Mueller too xD15:58
n4nd0actually, for everything I am doing with CRFs now his pystruct is turning out to be terribly useful15:59
blackburnn4nd0: would be nice to be terribly useful too16:00
blackburncompetition is what makes world go round :)16:00
n4nd0blackburn: indeed16:00
n4nd0blackburn: but hey, he doesn't have bundle methods16:00
n4nd0blackburn: my CRF director should be able to use them ;)16:01
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blackburnn4nd0: directors could be pretty slow though16:10
sonne|workn4nd0: did you ask sebastian nowozin?16:14
n4nd0sonne|work: yeah, I asked him before Christoph16:15
sonne|workhe said no?16:15
n4nd0sonne|work: yes, he couldn't make it. He said being microsoft research puts commitments to what he is able to do outside the company16:16
n4nd0whatever that means (time constraint or something else)16:17
sonne|workyeah I guess he is busy...16:17
n4nd0sonne|work: I am going to ask Patrick Pletscher too I think16:18
n4nd0he has some structured learning stuff in github and does research on that16:18
sonne|workyeah I don't know him though16:20
sonne|workbut jobu :)16:20
n4nd0sonne|work: I will CC you again, sorry for the spam, but it probably makes it look more serious :)16:21
sonne|workjust do16:21
blackburnn4nd0: CC marissa mayer and corinna cortes ;)16:26
blackburnI usually CC larry page16:27
n4nd0blackburn: nothing compared to CC-ing the captain :)16:28
sonne|workblackburn: in case you don't know captain blueberry here he is
blackburnsonne|work: I have no clue!16:44
blackburnno word I understand :D16:45
blackburnI have no idea what I am clicking to16:45
blackburnokay time to go home16:46
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@sonney2kheiko, blackburn, if anyone has time please fix tests to get the builds back to greeeeeeeen19:17
blackburnsonney2k: alright, will get my hands dirty asap19:17
@sonney2kI've now enabled the failure mode, i.e. not running == failure19:18
blackburnwiking: tsne goes bsd!20:12
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n4nd0sonney2k: hey, did you see Dhruv's answer?20:33
n4nd0blackburn: Dhruv said he would be happy to mentor the project, and he contributes in GraphLab!20:34
blackburnn4nd0: nice20:34
n4nd0blackburn: first approach to some distributed computing in shogun?  who knows :)20:35
blackburnn4nd0: ah more news20:49
blackburnn4nd0: barnse-hut-sne goes bsd20:49
n4nd0blackburn: yeah I read it in logs20:51
n4nd0that's nice20:51
n4nd0can it be released in tapkee already then?20:51
blackburnn4nd0: yes20:51
blackburnn4nd0: committing20:52
n4nd0blackburn: nice20:52
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blackburnn4nd0: imagine a leap - git add .git21:04
n4nd0blackburn: what?21:06
blackburnn4nd0: add a .git folder to repo21:07
n4nd0that is weird hehe21:07
blackburnwould be recursive and infinite I guess21:07
blackburnn4nd0: I commited sutff21:07
blackburnn4nd0: any progress on d3.js?21:07
n4nd0blackburn: that is what someone has done when github is down21:08
n4nd0blackburn: I didn't have time to look at it yet, sorry21:08
n4nd0blackburn: I may start tonight21:08
n4nd0blackburn: otherwise tom morning I start looking at it21:08
blackburnn4nd0: any chance to get it to end of week?21:08
blackburnn4nd0: I'd like submit asap :D21:08
blackburnso tired21:08
n4nd0blackburn: including weekend yes21:09
@sonney2kblackburn, ping ping ping22:01
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n4nd0sonney2k: both of them answered being interested hehe23:17
@sonney2kn4nd0, difficult situation23:21
@sonney2kthe graphlab guy might be more suited though but you could ask if he would be OK with a co-mentor...23:22
n4nd0sonney2k: for the moment I will send Patrick a similar mail to the other one23:27
n4nd0and let's see what they think once they know responsabilities and project more in detail23:27
n4nd0sonney2k: what would you say for a mentor's workload time estimate?23:30
@sonney2kn4nd0, well you know it exactly23:30
n4nd0sonney2k: mm I am not sure, it gets difficult when trying to get a #hours23:32
n4nd0roughly I would say less than 10hr per week, I am not sure though23:32
n4nd0blackburn: what do you think ^?23:32
@sonney2kn4nd0, even less I would say. Maybe initial week 10 but then 1-2 hours no more23:35
@sonney2kbut it depends on the student of course23:35
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n4nd0good night people23:48
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