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shogun-buildbot_build #331 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at
blackburnsonney2k: can you reproduce erros on buildbot?09:27
blackburnworks here09:30
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@sonney2kblackburn, yes sure, just try valgrind13:30
@sonney2kyou will see invalid delete/free13:30
blackburnsonney2k: no errors :)13:47
blackburnoh catched one13:54
blackburnahh streaming got it13:55
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shogun-notifier-shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn :dev * 773d672 / src/shogun/io/streaming/ParseBuffer.h:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Disable freeing vectors to avoid crashes (it leaks though)14:18
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heikoblackburn: I updated some of the gsoc things16:14
heikoare they integrated automagically on the shogun page?16:14
blackburnheiko: alright thanks16:14
blackburnheiko: no16:14
heikothen wait16:14
heikoI am still updating :)16:14
blackburnheiko: that's ok - I update it on the webiste sometimes16:15
heikoblackburn: ok done with the descriptions :)16:25
blackburnheiko: alright16:25
blackburnheiko: we are getting in time I think16:26
heikoblackburn: I will do some stuff on the application now16:26
blackburnheiko: soeren works on it I think16:26
blackburnhe sent something already16:26
blackburnsome dummy16:26
heikoshould I also update, or rather wait?16:27
blackburnheiko: so lets rather wait I am not sure if it is relevant still16:27
heikoblackburn: have you seen, people looked at the preliminary tasks already :)16:27
blackburnheiko: I was contacted with that guy about VW16:28
heikoa guy asked about graph colouring algos - also nice16:29
blackburnheiko: it is the same guy :)16:41
heikoblackburn:  just updated the bid gaussian one again16:59
blackburnheiko: do you have any understanding how VW integration should look like? :)17:00
heikoblackburn:  haha :) now17:00
blackburnheiko: can you co-mentor cheng ideas?17:00
heikoblackburn:  gotta go soon, which one=?17:02
blackburnheiko: multiple instance learning may be17:02
heikoblackburn: ideas list is empty on webpage17:02
heikoblackburn: I dont know about these things ....17:02
blackburnheiko: I know :)17:02
heikoblackburn:  dont know, would rather co-mentor the GP one :)17:03
heikowith somebody who knows about that17:03
heikook gotta go17:03
blackburnheiko: no I mean we need a guy who knows about shogun17:04
blackburnalright see you later17:05
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blackburnheiko: are you ok? :D18:06
heikoblackburn: ehm18:32
heikothat wasnt me18:32
heikohaha ;)18:32
blackburnheiko: hahah18:32
blackburnheiko: I am curious18:32
blackburnwho loves shogun18:32
heikomy girl18:33
blackburnheiko: that's not normal! :D18:33
heikothat happens if I forget to lock my computer18:33
heikoin fact, the writes most of the code under my name18:33
blackburnso we know the secret now18:34
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heikoblackburn: more updates on my descr20:39
heikomaybe dont update till deadline :)20:39
n4nd0heiko, blackburn : I think we should take care of the style in the descriptions20:43
n4nd0I am starting to wonder if it is a matter of my browser because they look too ugly20:43
blackburnn4nd0: they are20:44
n4nd0blackburn: ok, then my browser and I are fine :)20:44
n4nd0I was planning to put them a bit nicer once Patrick writes the project description20:45
heikon4nd0: good point :)20:50
heikon4nd0: I think we should do that once they are all done20:50
heikoI will also write a little latex note on one of mine .... this will look better ;)20:50
n4nd0heiko: good!20:58
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