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@sonney2kvan51, btw have you seen ProductKernel?22:44
@sonney2kit is the same like COmbinedKernel but using products and some other stuff internally22:44
@sonney2kso also Lists :/22:45
van51sonney2k: hehe, I feel like a CList exterminator :P22:45
van51sonney2k: btw, I want to ask you about a method22:47
van51CCombinedFeatures::get_size(), uses internally the notion of the current_object22:47
@sonney2kbefore I fall asleep22:47
van51but I don't see it used anywhere22:47
@sonney2kno one is using this22:48
van51so I'll just override it and return the first element's size22:48
@sonney2kor whatever22:48
@sonney2kit should be dropped altogether from CFeatures and below22:49
van51this could be my next bug22:49
van51I'm optimistic that by morning you 'll have a PR waiting for you :)22:49
@sonney2kI guess when you ask more questions more stuff pops up22:50
@sonney2kwould be nice22:50
@sonney2kbut do compare again against the octave example22:50
@sonney2kand don't forget about the unit test22:50
van51yea I have it in my mind22:50
@sonney2k(not necessarily now but this really helpful)22:50
@sonney2kalright I better ZZzzzz....22:51
@sonney2k(I need to be in good shape for the CR tomorrow ;)22:51
@sonney2kyours I mean :)22:52
van51what's CR a shorthand for? :P22:54
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