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shogun-notifier-shogun-demo: Soeren Sonnenburg :master * eb3c821 / .gitmodules:
shogun-notifier-shogun-demo: update module to use http not ssh00:19
shogun-notifier-shogun-demo: Soeren Sonnenburg :master * f456b88 / data:
shogun-notifier-shogun-demo: drop data from demos altogether00:54
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shogun-buildbotbuild #584 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at
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lisitsynsonne|osx: hey there13:08
sonne|osxlisitsyn: hey13:08
sonne|osxdamn jet lag13:09
lisitsynsonne|osx: spotted you on the group photo ;)13:09
sonne|osxand heiko too I guess?13:09
lisitsynsonne|osx: yes indeed13:09
lisitsyndifferent places though13:09
lisitsynyou weren't even close to each oter13:09
lisitsynsonne|osx: it is early morning right?13:10
sonne|osx4 am yes13:10
lisitsynsonne|osx: are you going to have anything today?13:10
lisitsynany events I mean13:10
sonne|osxwell yes last day13:11
lisitsynI see13:11
sonne|osxand in the evening we might met olivier & benoit13:11
lisitsynsonne|osx: when is your return flight?13:12
sonne|osxlisitsyn: I hope I have demos online today..13:15
sonne|osxor at least before the swimming pool opens :)13:15
lisitsynsonne|osx: why? are you going to show them someone?13:15
sonne|osxwell I want the release out ASAP13:16
sonne|osxiglesiasg: did you find the widget?13:17
sonne|osxiglesiasg: it is from here
sonne|osxlisitsyn: and yes we need your cool dimred notebook :)13:17
sonne|osxlisitsyn: should be just copy & paste from what you submitted to jmlr13:18
lisitsynsonne|osx: no, jmlr is just about implementations13:18
lisitsynsonne|osx: I will do that once I get time :) I wish I did that instead of what I am doing now13:18
sonne|osxbut you had some nice figures and a tutorial style explanation no?13:18
lisitsynsonne|osx: well on the website yes13:19
sonne|osxwell sure then use this13:19
lisitsynsonne|osx: my job is taking too much time I would even think of changing it13:20
lisitsynthat's the reason :)13:20
sonne|osxlisitsyn: I know what you mean. It is exhausting then.13:21
lisitsynsonne|osx: we have a guy that keeps pushing new requirements and I barely have idea how to stop that :D13:21
lisitsynsonne|osx: so you can go to that park now, right?13:24
sonne|osxyes :)13:24
lisitsynwith shutdown being over13:24
@iglesiasgsonne|osx, I hadn't found it, thanks13:26
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shogun-notifier-shogun-demo: Soeren Sonnenburg :master * 1d82d57 / / (12 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun-demo: Various refactorings13:29
shogun-notifier-shogun-demo: - move settings / urls over to main root13:29
shogun-notifier-shogun-demo: - cache loading of applications on startup13:29
shogun-notifier-shogun-demo: - drop sqlite file13:29
sonne|osxlisitsyn, iglesiasg alright
@iglesiasg"Hola, me llamo Fernando" -> German13:57
sonne|osxiglesiasg: well give it a longer sentece13:58
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@sonney2kwiking, besser82  - any idea how to create some release snapshot tarball of the current source tree?18:59
besser82sonney2k: git clone $github_url shogun-3.0.0-pre.tar && tar -cf shogun-3.0.0-pre.tar ./shogun-3.0.0-pre --exclude-vcs && bzip -9 shogun-3.0.0-pre.tar19:01
besser82sonney2k: Sry, typo:   git clone $github_url shogun-3.0.0-pre && tar -cf shogun-3.0.0-pre.tar ./shogun-3.0.0-pre --exclude-vcs && bzip -9 shogun-3.0.0-pre.tar19:01
@sonney2kbesser82, so there is no 'make dist' target in cmake or so?19:02
@sonney2kbesser82, btw if you want to see some demos - the server is running now (still in unofficial debug mode where you have to paste urls though)19:03
@sonney2kbesser82, ^19:03
@sonney2kthen paste the urls it lists19:03
besser82sonney2k: unfortunately, currently no make dist  :(19:03
besser82sonney2k: will try  :)  How is it going with the google-bus?!?19:04
@sonney2kbesser82, well most of the work done in the bus :)19:04
besser82sonney2k: Did you already get "augenkrebs" from the bright & colourful leds inside?!?  XD19:05
@sonney2kbesser82, :P19:05
@sonney2kI am hanging in some chair/bed like mixture here at googpleplex now19:06
besser82sonney2k: sounds chilling  :D19:08
@sonney2kbesser82, it is. some nice view to some virgin galactic spacecraft attempt19:09
besser82sonney2k: Googleplex that's in Palo Alto isn't it?19:09
@sonney2kbesser82, mountain view19:11
besser82sonney2k:  nice as well  :D19:11
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@sonney2kbesser82, how did you exclude svmlight with this?19:16
@sonney2kbesser82, and had a look at the applications?19:17
@sonney2ktoy  / demos?19:17
besser82sonney2k:  not yet ---> dealing with some fedora-business.19:19
besser82sonney2k:  svmlight?  I usually build with "cmake -DUSE_SVMLIGHT=OFF"19:20
@sonney2kbesser82, yes but I cannot even include the svmlight src code in the source tarball for debian19:21
@sonney2kbesser82, so it needs to be stripped out even before19:21
@sonney2kbesser82, and let me guess no reply from TJ?19:21
besser82sonney2k:  no, even a single "no"  :(19:22
besser82sonney2k:  no, not even a single "no".  :(19:22
besser82sonney2k:  so you will need to find the svmlight-code in sources and purge it before....19:22
besser82sonney2k:  we should use an alternative for `svmlight`.....19:23
@sonney2klet me dig out the old Makefile in main19:24
besser82sonney2k:  or hijack it's code, obfuscate and release as gpl'ed lib  ;D19:24
@sonney2kbesser82, you mean all code in one line right ;)19:39
besser82sonney2k: sth. like that  ;)  But GPL'ed  XD19:41
@sonney2kbesser82, --exclude-vcs stilli ncludes some .git dir?!19:41
besser82sonney2k: usually not19:41
besser82sonney2k: maybe .gitignore, but not more...19:42
@sonney2kbesser82, .gitmodules was left in19:47
besser82sonney2k: so tar seems to miss this, but that shouldn't get the tarball too oversize ;)19:48
@sonney2kok have some minimal shell script that drops svmlight and creates some release tar19:54
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lisitsynguys I'd drop that thing20:50
lisitsynif he keeps being such a bad guy we shouldn't advertise him anyhow20:51
@sonney2klisitsyn, what?20:53
lisitsynsonney2k: svmlight20:53
@sonney2klisitsyn, hei from HEIKO :D20:53
lisitsynwhy to keep it at all?20:53
lisitsynsonney2k: HEI to HEIKO too!20:53
@sonney2klisitsyn, well it has its benefits20:53
lisitsynsonney2k: if it is not opensource it doesn't exist ;)20:54
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besser82sonney2k: +1 on lisitsyn's words21:45
besser82Good Night all together  :D21:46
* besser82 waves21:46
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