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shogun-buildbotbuild #647 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed notebooks]  Build details are at
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Saurabh7how do you run unit tests? make unit-tests doesnt seem to work10:20
@wikingSaurabh7: we are really out of that times10:20
@wikingSaurabh7: using ctest for unit tests10:20
Saurabh7thought so10:20
@wikingSaurabh7: how did u run cmake10:20
Saurabh7wiking, cmake -DPython.....10:21
@wikingSaurabh7: full options please10:21
Saurabh7cmake -DPythonModular=ON ..10:21
@wikingas if u have not add -DENABLE_TESTING=ON to the cmake cmd options10:21
@wikingthen u will not ever have unit tests..10:21
Saurabh7wiking, ok thnks will do that10:23
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besser82wiking: ping?11:34
besser82wiking: just got your email....11:35
@wikingbesser82: ok thnx11:42
besser82wiking: I'm sorry. That was not not what I actually wanted to express  :(11:42
besser82wiking: In fact I was quite tired yesterday...11:43
@wikingthat's ok11:43
besser82wiking: And meant sth like: He had possibly done just some minor tweak, he forgot about, and did commit or such..11:43
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Saurabh7hi i just did make test for first time and i am getting lot of failed tests?15:51
Saurabh7and all are python modular ones15:56
@wikingSaurabh7: is it integration tesst?16:25
Saurabh7wiking, errr .. some of them are    410:python_modular-classifier_svmlight_batch_linadd_modular16:32
@wikinghere it works16:34
@wikingso i guess it's time to investiage what could go wrong at your side...16:34
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Saurabh7wiking, how would i do that?16:39
Saurabh7the failed test just mentions the name16:40
@wikingSaurabh7: ctest --help16:44
@wikingmanual is  your friend16:45
Saurabh7i am trying --debug16:45
Saurabh7there seems a error IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '../data/label_train_twoclass.dat'16:53
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@wikingSaurabh7: then you missed to checkout the data subrepository: git submodule init17:29
@wikinggit submodule update17:29
@wikingbb___: hey man just a reflection for yesterday: i know that osx has no pthread based spinlock that's why it uses the osx's native spinlock... or at least it should. i really dont understand why it tries to use pthread spinlock in your case as for me it nicely detects that i have osx, hence it should use osx spinlock17:30
@wikingbb___: when u run cmake do you maybe have such a line in CMakeFiles/Makefile.cmake:   "../cmake/spinlock-test-darwin.cpp"17:31
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