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bb_wiking i do have such a line in CMakeFiles/Makefile.cmake00:04
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sonney2k_Do we want to drop the init_shogun for c# ?06:15
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sonne|workbesser82: awake?09:09
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besser82sonne|work: yes, now!09:50
besser82sonne|work: went to bed ~4:00h09:50
sonne|workbesser82: heh09:51
sonne|workdifferent time zone ;)09:51
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sonne|workbesser82: could you try build (even on arm!) with csharp and the current 3.1 git snapshot that has the fix?09:52
sonne|works/try build/try a build/09:52
besser82sonne|work: sure can do...09:52
besser82sonne|work: just a coffe  && cig, please  ;)09:52
sonne|workkthx :D09:53
besser82sonne|work: I actually _just_ got up  :-P09:53
sonne|workyeah 4 hours time shift09:53
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besser82sonne|work: yes, those damn 4h timeshift from B  --> H  :-P10:11
lisitsyn4hours? between?10:16
lisitsynbesser82: where are you? :D10:17
besser82lisitsyn: in Germany  :-P  near Hannover10:17
besser82lisitsyn: but sonne and I were just joking...10:17
lisitsynbesser82: what's the timeshift then?10:17
lisitsynI see10:17
besser82lisitsyn: Because I just got up ~10:00h  ;)10:18
lisitsynbesser82: sometimes I get up like 12:3010:18
lisitsyn2.5hrs after I should have been at job already :D10:18
besser82lisitsyn: :-P10:18
besser82lisitsyn: my "usual" time is ~ 6:15h10:18
lisitsynworking hours don't work for me :D10:19
besser82lisitsyn: but today i just went to bed about thattime  ;)10:19
lisitsynbesser82: that's crazy I'll never be able to wake up that early10:19
besser82lisitsyn: become a few years older and get children  ;)10:19
besser82lisitsyn: that solves your problem  :-P10:20
lisitsynbesser82: yeah and I will never have spare time anymore :D10:20
lisitsynsolves most of the problems10:20
besser82lisitsyn: just for the first ~4 years...10:20
besser82lisitsyn: at the age of 4 - 5 they get pretty on their own  ;)10:21
lisitsynbesser82: hey you've got family quite early ain't you?10:21
lisitsynI had an impression that the most of germans are like sonne|work ;)10:21
besser82lisitsyn: yes, first kid @ 22  ;)10:22
lisitsynbesser82: there is no chance for me to be the first in that race for me :D10:22
besser82lisitsyn: not all, germans are like sonne  ;)10:22
besser82lisitsyn: he is "Berliner" and I'm "Niedersachse"  ;)10:23
besser82lisitsyn: there's a pretty difference in those  ;)10:23
lisitsynbesser82: yeah I heard you have totally different language10:24
besser82lisitsyn: yes,  dialects are pretty various in diferrent locations of germany  ;)10:24
lisitsynbesser82: would you believe russian is the same all around the globe?10:25
besser82lisitsyn: not really  ;)10:25
lisitsynit is :D10:25
besser82lisitsyn: damn :)10:25
lisitsynbesser82: the only thing is not active speakers10:26
lisitsynlike american russians10:26
lisitsynthey have got some american accent10:26
lisitsynbut for speakers it is the same10:26
lisitsynno different spelling or whatever10:26
besser82lisitsyn: but german isn't.  in Berlin they speak other dialect compared to K?ln or Stuttgart or Hannover ;)10:26
lisitsynbesser82: I can't compare but what I heard in berlin was different from what I heard in some german audio stuff10:27
besser82lisitsyn: in Germany there may be even other words used, e.g. "fried chicken" ---> Berlin and sourrounding is "Broiler"  Hannover is "Brath?hnchen"  ;)10:27
besser82lisitsyn: If yoou would come to HAnnover, you would hear like is was in radio  ;)10:28
lisitsynbesser82: yours sounds more complex thus more german10:28
besser82lisitsyn: *rofl*10:28
sonne|workor  'Berliner' vs.  'Pfannkuchen'10:28
lisitsynbesser82: hochdeutsch, right?10:28
besser82lisitsyn: right! Here's Hochdeutsch  ;)10:29
sonne|worklisitsyn: don't you have deadlines? besser82 is *very* busy testing the new shogun snapshot ;)10:29
besser82sonne|work: that are two completely different things  ;)10:29
lisitsynsonne|work: one is passed10:29
lisitsynI successfully failed or had failured success I don't know10:29
lisitsynit works but bad :D10:30
besser82sonne|work: there you go:
sonne|workbesser82: what does mean? is it finished now?10:46
besser82sonne|work: no, it is the url to the build...10:49
besser82sonne|work: but it show you est. complete time ---> Est. CompletionTue, 17 Dec 2013 11:31:54 UTC10:49
besser82sonne|work: as all arched are "orange" it indicates the build is running and you can e.g. watch / follow the build logs...10:50
sonne|workbesser82: c++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)11:18
sonne|workPlease submit a full bug report,11:18
sonne|workwith preprocessed source if appropriate.11:18
sonne|workall RIP11:18
besser82sonne|work: lemme fire it up again  ---> that problem sometimes occurs due to memory going too low on build...11:24
besser82sonne|work: there is goes again:
besser82sonne|work: builds for ix86 and x86_64 (amd64) went smooth,  packages are currently processed...  ARMv7hl still building...12:26
besser82sonne|work:  <--- live log for ARMv7hl-build12:27
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shogun-notifier-shogun: Heiko Strathmann :develop * 4e11d98 / doc/ipython-notebooks/gaussian_process/gaussian_processes.ipynb:
shogun-notifier-shogun: added part about FITC large scale regression since roman fixed the bugs recently12:38
shogun-notifier-shogun: Heiko Strathmann :develop * 65a66d7 / doc/ipython-notebooks/evaluation/xval_modelselection.ipynb:
shogun-notifier-shogun: initial draft for (x-) evaluation, and model selection notebook12:38
shogun-notifier-shogun: Heiko Strathmann :develop * 70f2657 / doc/ipython-notebooks/ (2 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #1796 from karlnapf/develop12:38
shogun-notifier-shogun: added FITC part of GP notebook and X-validation notebook draft12:38
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besser82sonne|work: Trommelwirbel...
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Heiko Strathmann's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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shogun-buildbotbuild #2099 of deb3 - modular_interfaces is complete: Failure [failed test csharp modular]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>13:44
besser82sonne|work: and *FAIL* as I expected them to :(13:49
besser82sonne|work: but with them same traces as for 3.0.013:49
besser82sonne|work: so I suspect a broken mono-stack for ARM in Fedora....13:49
sonne|workyeah makes totally sense14:03
besser82sonne|work: I'll disable mono-shogun for ARMv7 temporarily, report a bug against mono on FC-ARM, an keep building them on x86 / x86_64 arches...14:04
shogun-buildbotbuild #2100 of deb3 - modular_interfaces is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
shogun-buildbotbuild #139 of clang34 - undefined behaviour analysis is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>14:29
sonne|workbesser82: cool!14:46
shogun-buildbotbuild #137 of clang34 - thread analysis is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>14:48
besser82sonne|work:  would you mind to subscribe with  So I can CC you to those shugon-related movements...  Please use the email-addy you used for your fas-account  ;)14:56
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shogun-buildbotbuild #156 of clang34 - static analysis is complete: Failure [failed analyse]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>15:34
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adrinbesser82, hi, I had some spare time and tried to fix, it seems (at least) compiling.18:15
adrinno the problem is this:18:15
besser82adrin: Hi!  leeme have a look  ;)18:15
besser82adrin: just a moment...18:15
adrinexplanation: I know shogun is installed somewhere else, but I don't have access to remove it, and I don't want to. I just need to compile a fresh one and install in a custom location.18:17
sonne|workadrin: yeah unfortunately a known bug with our current cmake setup - besser82 is going to fix this  for x-mas :D18:25
adrinsonne|work: oh, ok, I guess I can't help there. Not really familiar with cmake :(18:27
besser82adrin: yes, as sonne|work said  ;)18:29
besser82adrin: the problem is caused by headers conflicting from /usr/{local}/include with the ones in shogun-src18:29
besser82adrin: and there is no real simple way to circumvent that  :(18:30
besser82adrin: but I'm working on it  ;)18:30
adrinbesser82: I see. Thanks :)18:30
besser82adrin: np.  :)  You're welcome  ;)18:31
adrinbesser82: let me know if the patch is fine. It should work with python 2/318:31
besser82adrin: will check that during tomorrow  :)  I'm currently quite busy on those stuff ;)18:32
besser82adrin: with those stuff I mean: CMake && shogun  ;)18:45
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* besser82 can't stop laughing20:28
lisitsynbesser82: share it ;)20:41
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besser82lisitsyn:  *rofl*20:45
besser82lisitsyn: listen to the first ~40 sec  :D20:46
lisitsynbesser82: hahah20:46
besser82lisitsyn: hehe20:46
besser82lisitsyn: this one:
besser82lisitsyn: another can't stop laughin'  ;)20:48
lisitsynbesser82: hahahah good song20:49
besser82lisitsyn: that song is from time when I was ~12 yo  ;)20:49
besser82lisitsyn:  full song20:49
besser82sonne|work: don't open them link in your b?ro  :-P20:51
besser82lisitsyn: I was actually on Bravo Hits *UNCENSORED*  :S20:52
besser82lisitsyn: not cluttered with annoying *BEEP* like song were 3 years later...20:52
lisitsynbesser82: what does that mean?20:52
besser82lisitsyn: 'Bravo' is a mag for early teens  ;)20:53
lisitsynbesser82: what do you mean by you was on?20:53
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besser82lisitsyn: s/I/&t/  ;)20:53
lisitsynoops accident20:54
lisitsynbesser82: ah okay :D20:54
besser82lisitsyn: not me  --->  It (that song)20:54
lisitsynbesser82: yeah I can hardly read your replaces but I managed to understand ;)20:54
besser82lisitsyn: thats just minor sed exp  ;)20:55
besser82lisitsyn: on #fedora-* we all talk like that ;)20:55
besser82lisitsyn: and how's your fork-loader loading recognition algo going?20:56
lisitsynbesser82: it works a bit20:56
lisitsynwith bag of words features20:56
besser82lisitsyn: :D20:57
besser82lisitsyn: SHOGUN:getForkLoaderIsLoaded()  :-P20:58
lisitsynbesser82: I got a bit more time to train this shit20:58
lisitsynI am not very optimistic about it due to my stupidity but who knows :)20:58
besser82lisitsyn: I guess you will be able to hack it  ;)  I believe in you!  You can dooooooooooooooo it!20:59
lisitsynbesser82: it is some kind of thing that wasn't done in two months and required to be done asap :D20:59
besser82lisitsyn: holy shit, dude  :S21:00
besser82lisitsyn: Who didn't do it?  You or you're customer?21:00
lisitsynbesser82: didn't do what?21:00
besser82lisitsyn: train proper model / fork-loader-stuff21:01
lisitsynthat's my fault21:01
lisitsynI have no penalty just $$ loss but I feel some kind of responsibility21:01
lisitsynthat's why I care21:01
besser82lisitsyn: I see21:01
besser82lisitsyn: You have moral values.  I like that ;)21:03
lisitsynbesser82: no that's just vodka values21:03
besser82lisitsyn: Ahhh...  the responsibility about your bank account...  :D21:03
lisitsynbesser82: no not really, I wish I quit this 'task'21:04
lisitsynbut it seems it would fail their plans a bit21:04
besser82lisitsyn: lemme see if I can get someone who can help you...21:06
lisitsynha! I'd appreciate any advice21:07
bb_besser82 so where do i get fedora 2021:16
bb_besser82 and shogun would install on it with no problems21:16
besser82bb_: Here you go:
besser82bb_: You should be able to install recent shogun from packages21:23
besser82bb_: like `yum install shogun`21:23
besser82bb_: if you need some bindings, e.g. Python you can find them using `yum list *shogun*`21:24
bb_besser82 okay i am getting fedora now21:24
bb_besser82 will let you know how it goes i want python modular installation21:25
besser82bb_: then install F20 and you can install python_modular with `yum install python-shogun`21:26
bb_besser82 i have not received any help on installation on osx should i use the mailing list21:26
besser82bb_: that would be an option, since the mailing list has a somewhat broader audiance...21:27
bb_besser82 okay will this install all the bindings with hdf5 and all the other21:27
bb_packages that shogun looks for21:27
besser82bb_: that will install python_modular and maxed out libshogun21:27
besser82bb_: but no SVM^light21:28
besser82bb_: since we cannot ship that in fedora, because of it's shitty license21:28
besser82bb_: but everything else is fully available within shogun21:29
besser82bb_: as shipped for fedora21:29
lisitsynbesser82: what's with svm bright? ;)21:30
besser82lisitsyn: I cannot work on everything @ the same time  ;)21:30
bb_besser82 okay but my code uses svm-light21:30
bb_has that been disabled21:31
besser82bb_: in the stock-repo version yes21:31
besser82bb_: but I can give you suitable && working rpms  from my personal collection  ;)21:31
bb_besser82 okay that would be nice21:32
besser82lisitsyn: we are currently analyzing the maths magic and try to squeeze out any possible optimization  ;)21:32
besser82bb_: np ;) You're welcome  ;)21:32
lisitsynbesser82: I see :)21:32
bb_besser82 i would ping you once i install fedora21:33
besser82bb_: allright ;)21:33
besser82bb_: then I just need your email-addy to give you dl-links  ;)21:33
bb_okay thanks so it would be the same as installing from the source21:34
besser82lisitsyn: I have real interest in svm^bright myself, since I need that for my business, too  ;)21:35
besser82bb_: nearly  ;)21:35
besser82bb_: it would be like `yum local-install  $rpms`  ;)21:35
bb_besser82 okay i am waiting for it to download..21:36
besser82bb_: i will provide you with a tarball with all builds && srpm21:36
bb_besser82 okay thanks do you already have it handy i can download that too...21:37
besser82bb_: currently building....21:37
besser82bb_: and then uploading  ;)21:37
bb_besser82 okay21:37
besser82bb_: but i have a fast uplink  ;)21:37
bb_besser82 yeah i am thinking i should cancel the link for downloading fedora ... lol21:38
bb_besser82 thanks hoping that fedora has fixed all the issues that have plagued them21:43
besser82bb_: for sure  :D21:43
besser82bb_: This version is directly derived from upcoming RHEL 7  :D21:43
besser82bb_: do you need 64-Bit or 32-Bit?21:46
besser82bb_: and please:  DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE!!!21:47
bb_besser82 64-bit i will not21:47
besser82bb_: kk, will be there in short....21:48
besser82bb_: you have some ftp where I can upload or such?21:49
besser82bb_: or shall I upload to some och?21:49
bb_besser82 not, you can upload it to some och21:49
besser82bb_: any prefered one? where you have premium?21:50
bb_besser82 i dont have any can we not share files through irc21:50
bb_besser82 i thought there was a way21:50
besser82bb_: there might be, but that is slow and need opened firewall / nat21:51
besser82bb_: how about torrent?21:53
besser82bb_: would be the easiest way....21:53
bb_besser82 how big is the file21:53
besser82bb_: ~ 1 GByte21:54
besser82bb_: I'm on 12 MBit/s upload ;)21:54
bb_besser82 how about something like this
besser82bb_: kk will use that ;)21:58
besser82bb_: build should be finished within next 5 mins21:59
bb_besser82 fedora still has 25 mins22:02
besser82bb_: ok, so you will get my files before install is finished  ;)22:08
bb_besser82 looks like that for now...22:08
besser82bb_: btw. build from recent checkout (will be in fedora next week) and with SVM^shit built-in  ;)22:08
besser82bb_: I call it that way because the license is crap22:09
bb_besser82 okay thanks22:11
bb_besser82 if somebody could do that same on osx that would be awesome22:11
besser82bb_: I'm not able to, unfortunately  :(22:14
besser82bb_: started upload  ;)22:17
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besser82sonney2k_: kannste mal svpelous und am besten gleich den ganzen 91.210.*.* bereich kick-bannen!?!22:40
besser82sonney2k_: das sind bots, ich habe die auch schon aus den fedora-chans gekicked22:40
lisitsynbesser82: I can read it22:41
besser82lisitsyn: german getting better?  :D22:41
lisitsynbesser82: no I can guess the meaning22:41
besser82lisitsyn: :-P22:44
besser82lisitsyn: What did I say?22:44
besser82sonne|work:  ^^^22:44
lisitsynbesser82: sth like can you ban these ips22:44
lisitsynbecause they are bots you had on fedora channel22:44
besser82lisitsyn: +1  :D22:44
bb_i am here22:45
besser82bb_: will give you url to downz in 1:1 private ;)22:45
bb_besser82 do you want to send the link22:45
-!- svpelous [~svpelous@] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]22:46
besser82sonney2k_, sonne|work: /kickban *!*@@91.210.100.* && /kickban *!*@@91.210.101.*22:48
besser82sonney2k_, sonne|work: /kickban *!*@91.210.100.* && /kickban *!*@91.210.101.*   sry corrected22:49
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besser82sonne|osx:  :D23:16
sonne|osxbesser82: what?23:16
sonne|osxx-mas neigh?23:16
besser82sonne|osx:  nuthan' speciuhl  ;)23:17
besser82sonne|osx:  Just been happy 2 c u23:17
sonne|osxahh your usual evening happiness :)23:17
besser82sonne|osx:  Rye!  ;)23:18
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besser82sonne|osx, lisitsyn: bed time for me today ;)23:27
sonne|osxbesser82: so early!23:28
besser82sonne|osx, lisitsyn: I need a bit more sleep so I can follow-up with tomorows' huge amount of commits in shogun  :-P23:28
besser82sonne|osx: btw. current git HEAD is packaged && build  ;)
sonne|osxbesser82: hehe23:30
besser82sonne|osx: and there is still a lot of work for shogun to be done in FC && RHEL / CentOS  ;)
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lisitsynbesser82: hah f20 already reported at russian website23:34
besser82lisitsyn: yes, my buddy  Igor did  ;)23:35
lisitsynhah I see23:35
lisitsynbesser82: shogun 1.0 release was reported there23:35
besser82lisitsyn: What time is it?  ---> Time to report shogun is fedora on that site  ;)23:36
lisitsynbesser82: it was funny cause they had like a lot of issues with our code23:36
lisitsynseems they all believed they can do better :D23:36
besser82lisitsyn: and today EVERYBODY uses shogun  ;)23:37
lisitsynbesser82: oh your buddy is even younger than me23:37
besser82lisitsyn: jepp23:37
lisitsynfinally I am old lol23:38
besser82lisitsyn: hehe23:38
besser82lisitsyn: Where's our buddy bb_?!?23:38
besser82lisitsyn: looks like he broke his mac on installing fedora  :(23:38
besser82lisitsyn: crappy mac23:39
lisitsynhaha and you're guilty23:39
besser82lisitsyn: can't handle hq stuff  :-P23:39
besser82lisitsyn: Why me?23:39
besser82lisitsyn: blame Steve Jobbs23:39
lisitsynbesser82: quite late to blame him!23:40
besser82lisitsyn: he sold that shit of hardware totally overpriced so all dumb-ass think it's the best && coolest ;)23:40
besser82lisitsyn: and in fact it's just some lousy 286 in a designer case  :-P23:41
lisitsynI don't think you'll get better hardware part anywhere ;)23:41
lisitsynnot like more powerful cpu or whatever23:41
lisitsynbut assembled in that kind of body23:42
besser82lisitsyn: who cares about case / body?!?23:42
lisitsynI do ;)23:43
besser82lisitsyn: wait a few years...23:43
besser82lisitsyn: then you'll think differently ;)23:43
lisitsynbesser82: I have samsung kind of macbook air clone23:44
lisitsynpure shit hah23:44
besser82lisitsyn: I have Clevo P170HMx23:44
besser82lisitsyn: quite opposite of CrapBook Air23:44
besser82lisitsyn: 6kg23:44
lisitsynhaha no that doesn't work23:44
lisitsynwe are not in 199323:44
besser82lisitsyn: 1,5 Inches thick23:44
besser82lisitsyn: and a beast of power  ;)23:45
besser82lisitsyn: i7-2860QM && GTX580M SLI  ;)23:45
besser82lisitsyn: fans need space in the case  ;)23:45
besser82lisitsyn: not to forget 3 * 2.5" HDD slots && optical23:46
lisitsynbesser82: do you have floppy drive? lol23:46
besser82lisitsyn: yes, external23:46
besser82lisitsyn: with da USB connector23:46
besser82lisitsyn: Those Clevo's are actually 3 times the price of CrapBook23:47
besser82lisitsyn: and about da 10 times beddah23:47
lisitsynbesser82: you have numbers :P23:47
besser82lisitsyn: No need to wonder.  I'm a mathematic  :-P23:48
-!- sonne|osx [] has joined #shogun23:49
lisitsynbesser82: I appear to be kind of that too ;)23:49
besser82lisitsyn: You already told me  ;)23:49
besser82lisitsyn: You know any girl who wants to come to germany and marry?23:50
besser82lisitsyn: Should be looking like Cote de Pablo23:50
lisitsynbesser82: hahaha!23:50
lisitsynbesser82: who needs that?23:51
besser82lisitsyn: Girl?23:51
lisitsynbesser82: yes23:51
besser82lisitsyn: Are you f*cking gay?!?!23:51
lisitsynbesser82: hahah no I mean you have kids23:51
lisitsynso I thought you don't need23:51
besser82lisitsyn: I'm divorced actually  ;)23:52
lisitsynoh I see23:52
sonne|osxbesser82: a picture of lisitsyn's girlfriend is in one of the dimension reduction demos23:52
sonne|osxbesser82: just in case :)23:52
besser82lisitsyn: but kids are often with me  ;)23:52
lisitsynI can't give her to you sorry :D23:52
besser82lisitsyn: I didn't want Oksana  ;)23:53
lisitsynbesser82: she looks quite similar to what you need23:53
besser82lisitsyn: Then those photos didn't catch her right  ;)23:54
lisitsynbesser82: depends what are the features ;)23:54
lisitsynbesser82: dark brown hair MATCHES23:54
besser82lisitsyn: Their need to be more matches, like da similarity  :-P23:54
besser82lisitsyn: but one difference23:55
besser82lisitsyn: sth. like da DD-cups or so...23:55
lisitsynbesser82: uhm let me compare23:56
* sonne|osx imagines what lisitsyn is about to do23:56
besser82sonne|osx: i dunno23:56
lisitsynbesser82: it doesn't look like cote de pablo has big cups :D23:56
besser82sonne|osx: but we urgently need some #shogun-social  chan  ;)23:56
besser82lisitsyn: that's why i wrote `but one difference`23:57
lisitsynbesser82: ah so D is rather small than big?23:57
besser82lisitsyn: no23:57
lisitsynI can't keep that in mind it is totally useless23:57
sonne|osxbesser82: selling penis enlargemt product ads23:57
besser82sonne|osx: * rofl *  ;)23:58
lisitsynwait wait if we speak about penises23:58
lisitsynthere is a little chance I can find a girl with that23:58
sonne|osxlisitsyn: c'mon you can do it23:58
besser82lisitsyn, sonne|osx: somethings goes horribly wrong here  :S23:58
lisitsynwell they are usually in thai23:58
besser82lisitsyn, sonne|osx: I asked about a girl looking like Cote de Pablo, but with da B.I.G. T.I.T.S.23:59
lisitsynbesser82: ohh23:59
sonne|osxbesser82: who writes these thousands of bug reports in FC?23:59
sonne|osx10 in 1 day?23:59
--- Log closed Wed Dec 18 00:00:05 2013