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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's tklein23's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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lambdaysonne|work: lisitsyn: iglesiasg: wiking:
lisitsynlambday: hah promotion!10:28
lambdaylisitsyn: :D10:28
lambdaylisitsyn: by the way, which year this would be in gsoc for shogun?10:29
lambday4 I know of10:29
lisitsynlambday: 410:30
lisitsynlambday: 2011 was the start10:31
lambdaylisitsyn: okay :)10:31
@wikinglambday: need upvote? :)10:46
lambdaywiking: hehe yeah! :D10:47
lambdaywiking: thanks :D10:47
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shogun-notifier-shogun: pl8787 :develop * 16de2a2 / examples/undocumented/libshogun/kernel_custom.cpp:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Example of CustomKernel with IndexFeatures in libshogun.13:55
shogun-notifier-shogun: pl8787 :develop * 785e754 / examples/undocumented/libshogun/kernel_custom.cpp:
shogun-notifier-shogun: fix function name.13:55
shogun-notifier-shogun: pl8787 :develop * 11bc911 / / (3 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: Add IndexFeature to Python interface.13:55
shogun-notifier-shogun: pl8787 :develop * 1dc3edd / examples/undocumented/python_modular/
shogun-notifier-shogun: Remove the print function.13:55
shogun-notifier-shogun: pl8787 :develop * c02c9b9 / examples/undocumented/libshogun/ (3 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: Add new example for index feature in custom kernel.13:55
shogun-notifier-shogun: pl8787 :develop * 8f692f3 / examples/undocumented/ (2 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: Modify example output, and output submatrix in python example.13:55
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shogun-buildbotbuild #221 of deb4 - python3 is complete: Failure [failed test python modular]  Build details are at  blamelist: pl8787 <>14:17
@HeikoSpl8787_: pls see python3 errors14:20
pl8787_HeikoS: line 40 in that code is a commend.14:29
pl8787_@HeikoS: That's not the newest version. I have modify it already in the merged version.14:34
lambdayHeikoS: hey! I've been trying to solve the CList bug.. I think delete_all_elements() is also doing something wrong... it only deletes element from current to the end of the list... but now suppose we have just appended using appent_element() method to the end of the list - now current points to the newly added element... upon calling delete_all_elements() it won't work... it should start deleting from the first element, right?14:41
@HeikoSpl8787_: ah I see, thanks14:54
@HeikoSlambday: yes totally14:54
@HeikoSlambday: should delete form start of list14:54
lambdayHeikoS: yeah.. fixed!14:54
@HeikoSlambday: argh why do we even use our own data structures, so much work, and all done by other people14:54
@HeikoSlambday: well, ok unit tests would be good there14:54
lambdayHeikoS: I am adding the test you added on that patch... and will also add other tests14:55
@HeikoSlambday: nice!14:55
lambdayHeikoS: why can't we use std::vector std::queue for these stuffs :'(14:55
@HeikoSlambday: its all about interfaces14:55
@HeikoSlambday: if this is used internally only (not from interfaces) then you can use whatever you like14:55
lambdayswig has support for std::vector14:56
shogun-notifier-shogun: khalednasr :develop * ad861b5 / / (7 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: added more regularization methods to NeuralNetwork14:56
shogun-notifier-shogun: khalednasr :develop * c62364d / / (2 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: reworked neuralnets_digits notebook14:56
shogun-notifier-shogun: khalednasr :develop * 8f4d253 / src/shogun/neuralnets/ (7 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: added links to scientific references to the documentation of the NeuralNets module14:56
shogun-notifier-shogun: Sergey Lisitsyn :develop * 8efb81d / / (10 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #2174 from khalednasr/develop14:56
shogun-notifier-shogun: Added more regularization methods to NeuralNetwork14:56
shogun-buildbotbuild #222 of deb4 - python3 is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
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kislaythoralf, heya18:55
thoralfkislay: Yo man.18:55
kislaythoralf, Wow, the result time is so near!18:56
thoralfHaha, you're excited already? ;)18:57
kislaythoralf, you don't know man!!18:57
thoralfNeed something calming?18:58
kislaythoralf, haha18:59
kislaythoralf, no. I have been in these situations a lot.18:59
kislaythoralf, I will manage. :)19:00
pl8787_a little bit nervous now.19:03
kislaypl8787_, hehe, really. we all are :)19:04
pl8787_kislay: How many slots shogun have?19:05
thoralfpl8787_: 7-9  iirc19:05
thoralfpreliminary assignment though19:05
kislaythoralf, things aren't final yet?19:06
thoralfkislay: Final notifications are today, right?19:06
pl8787_2 hours remain.19:06
lambdayanyone needs to get drunk? :D19:07
lambdaythoralf: hey!19:07
kislaylambday, yup. better than valium!!19:07
thoralflambday: Man!19:07
lambdaythoralf: please have a look -
thoralflambday: Did we have an open issue?19:07
lambdaykislay: old monk ;)19:07
* thoralf remembers something, but is not sure...19:07
lambdaythoralf: open issue for?19:07
lambdaythis bug?19:07
kislaylambday, imperial blue I would say!19:07
lambdaykislay: ib?? really?? :P19:08
thoralflambday: Yeah, some bug...19:08
thoralfWas it CList?19:08
lambdaythoralf: yo!19:08
lambdaythoralf: and also, StreamingMMD as well19:09
thoralfWhat's the progress on this?19:09
lambdaythoralf: solved!19:09
lambdaythoralf: send the PR -
thoralfI missed that.19:09
lambdaynah I just sent!19:09
thoralfSince 14 minutes.19:09
thoralfRead my mind. ;)19:09
lambdayClist bug was at quite a few places19:10
lambdaythoralf: going for dinner man! ciao!19:11
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@iglesiasgGood evening guys19:17
pl8787_Good night19:18
pl8787_in my time zone 1 am now...19:18
@iglesiasgpl8787_, coding night? :)19:19
pl8787_coding for a while then go to bed ;)19:20
thoralfHey HeikoS19:21
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@iglesiasgso the announcement is coming up in very few minutes, isn't it? :)19:57
thoralfiglesiasg: Yeah.20:00
dhruv13jiglesiasg: 1 hour, actually20:01
@iglesiasgargh truth20:05
@iglesiasgwhen I am in CEST then it is two hours difference wrt UTC20:06
@iglesiasgI forgot about summer time :)20:06
thoralfiglesiasg: We all should get rid of this crazy thing called summer time.20:07
@iglesiasgthoralf, haha yeah20:07
@iglesiasgwell then, I'll back again later. See you soon20:07
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@wikingmmm gsoc project acceptance announcement in 20 mins :P20:33
thoralfwiking: :)20:33
thoralfwiking: Btw., I hope we have memcheck error-free within the next weeks.20:35
@wikingthoralf: \o/20:35
thoralfSo everybody who breaks memcheck has to walk with a tin foil hat until it's fixed again. :D20:35
@besser82thoralf, that's pretty hostile, isn't it?!? :-P20:40
thoralfbesser82: Yeah.  Letting people come to your home, break everything and let them leave with a smart tin foil hat is hostile.20:41
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@besser82thoralf, for sure!  That will let everbody see what they did!  I'd prefer to use my shotgun with thier knees  ;)20:50
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@sonney2kthoralf, fixing memcheck?20:55
thoralfsonney2k: Yo.20:55
@sonney2kthoralf, ?\20:57
thoralfsonney2k: Yes, last week is was twice as much :)20:58
@sonney2kthoralf, excellent! Hope you can do it :)20:59
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dhruv13jresults out!!21:03
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thoralfdhruv13j: Cool21:07
-!- lambday [67157f4f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shogun21:08
@iglesiasgso congratulations to everyone who got accepted!21:09
dhruv13jcongratulations!! kislay, lambday21:09
@iglesiasgand I feel sad for those who have actively contributed but couldn't get in finally21:09
dhruv13jcongratulations!! khalednasr21:09
@iglesiasgthe number of slots is limited and a few hard decisions had to be made21:09
@wikingand even though we can only give fame by being a contributor to the project everybody is more than welcome to hang around and continue contributing to the project!21:11
khalednasrthanks guys!21:11
lambdaydhruv13j: thanks!21:11
dhruv13jwiking: sure!21:12
kislaydhruv13j, thanks :)21:12
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lisitsyn1argh did I miss anything? ;)21:13
kislaybesser82, iglesiasg sonney2k wiking lisitsyn  pickle27 .... I have been selected. Thanks a lot!21:13
lisitsyn1kislay: oh I know :D21:14
lambdaykislay: congratulations :)21:14
kislaylisitsyn, But I didn't. ;)21:14
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-!- lisitsyn1 is now known as lisitsyn21:14
lambdayheiko is not here??21:14
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-!- lisitsyn1 was kicked from #shogun by lisitsyn [lisitsyn1]21:15
lambdaylisitsyn: you're getting famous at kicking yourself :P21:15
lambdaylisitsyn: I remember you did this few days back as well :P21:15
@besser82where have the results been published?!?21:15
lambday(don't tell me that you do it everyday_21:15
@besser82didn't get any mail or such...21:16
@lisitsynlambday: no deffs not everyday21:16
@lisitsynbesser82: YOU ARE REJECTED21:16
thoralflisitsyn: You as well. :(21:16
thoralfBye Sergey.21:16
@besser82lisitsyn, thoralf:  You both TOO!21:16
@besser82lisitsyn, thoralf:  :-P21:16
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@lisitsynwhos up to write a mail?21:17
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@iglesiasglisitsyn, I can do that!21:18
@lisitsyniglesiasg: cool! I know you are mr. publicity ;)21:18
@iglesiasglisitsyn, hahaha yeah I am the David Beckham of the open source lol21:18
lambdaylast year by this time I got a mail from Carol.. this year no mail :(21:18
thoralf42 applications.  That's quite a lot.21:20
@lisitsynthoralf: no, less than last year21:20
thoralfThanks to everybody who survived the reviewing hell ;)21:21
@lisitsyn1307 gsoc students accepted21:21
thoralfI hope we chose well.21:22
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shogun-buildbotbuild #97 of osx2 - python is complete: Failure [failed test python modular]  Build details are at  blamelist: Fernando Iglesias <>, Abhijeet <>21:29
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@lisitsynok who's alive?21:40
@lisitsynlambday: kislay: thoralf: iglesiasg: wiking: anyone else?21:40
shogun-buildbotbuild #98 of osx2 - python is complete: Failure [failed examples and unit tests]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>, Sergey Lisitsyn <>, khalednasr <>, pl8787 <>, Thoralf Klein21:40
shogun-buildbot<>, Sunil Mahendrakar <>, tklein23 <>21:40
thoralflisitsyn: Yes.21:40
lambdaylisitsyn: I am alive!!!21:41
@lisitsynI have a suggestion about weekly reports21:41
thoralfI will survive.21:41
@lisitsynwhat about running some collective blog?21:41
@lisitsyninstead of cluttering mailing list with gsoc mails21:41
@iglesiasgHm, it sounds nice21:41
@iglesiasgSo weekly reports in the form of mails are not really compulsory according to rules?21:42
@lisitsynhmm no I don't think they are21:42
@lisitsynthat's to control students21:42
@lisitsyninstead of forcing them21:42
@lisitsynlets create a competitive environment21:43
lambdayummm I think mails are nice! it takes 2 mins to write a mail for weekly progress but we become a bit more conscious while posting on blogs :D21:43
@lisitsynso everybody would attempt to show off with their super cool project21:43
lambdaylisitsyn: lol evil genius :D21:43
kislayblog will surely make things competitive .21:44
thoralflisitsyn: I think mails are okay; so if you're short in time, you can concentrate on coding and write an email.21:44
thoralflisitsyn: We can schedule 1 or 2 blog posts...21:44
lambdayI think the environment should be more co-operative than competitive :D21:44
thoralflambday: But not weekly.21:44
lambdayor collaborative21:45
thoralflisitsyn: But not weekly.21:45
thoralfJust my 2 cents.21:45
@lisitsynlambday: well competitive is cool21:45
lambdaywe all have our personal blogs21:45
thoralflisitsyn: Gamification!21:45
lambdaylol :D21:45
@lisitsynthoralf: yes that's what I am talking about21:45
@lisitsynthese reports are basically like21:45
@lisitsyn'I am alive and healthy mental-wise yet'21:45
@lisitsynI agree it takes more time21:46
@lisitsynbut it is also helpful21:46
@iglesiasgmaybe it is a good idea to do them every say 2-3 weeks21:46
thoralflisitsyn: Okay, I like the idea, but may I suggest something:21:46
@iglesiasgso two weeks in a row short mail to the mailing list21:46
@iglesiasgand the next week something a little bit more elaborated as a blog post21:47
@lisitsynI actually want to minimize gsoc related things in the mailing list21:47
@iglesiasgsorry thoralf that I interrupted :S21:47
@lisitsynif anybody thinks the same I'd be happy to force that :D21:47
thoralflisitsyn: Let's say we want 2 blog posts, but the candidates can discuss the content and the timing with their mentors?21:47
@lisitsynwhy not?21:47
@lisitsynwe don't want to force blogging21:48
thoralflisitsyn: So we can help creating a "cool" blog post, but it's more voluntary21:48
@iglesiasgI like thoralf idea as well21:48
@lisitsynyeah indeed21:48
@lisitsynwe don't need anything like21:48
@lisitsynwrite a blog post or you are dead21:48
@iglesiasghaha no21:48
thoralfThey all studied, they all know if they are the last-minute-panicv guys or not, etc.21:48
@lisitsynweekly reports are easy21:49
@lisitsynyou just say what you idd21:49
@lisitsynin my experience they are not really serious about the progress21:50
thoralfDoes anyone sends an email to accepted candidates with this kind of "rules"?21:50
@lisitsynit is the mentor who knows what's going one21:50
@lisitsynyeah but we need some agreement21:50
thoralflisitsyn: Okay, +1 for the blog thing.  But more relaxed than weekly blogging.21:52
thoralf(Let's say +2, in case we need to break ties)21:52
@lisitsynthoralf: yeah yeah sure no weekly blogging21:55
@lisitsynthoralf: what do you think about these weekly reports in the mailing list?21:55
thoralflisitsyn: And I think that HeikoS notebooks also counts as blogging. ;)21:55
thoralflisitsyn: I think at least weekly, because I (as a mentor) expect more frequent updates.21:56
@lisitsynthoralf: no I mean do we really need it to be pushed to the mailing list?21:56
thoralflisitsyn: But weekly is a good compromise to avoid spamming the list and have a brief summary.21:56
thoralflisitsyn: I don't know.  Last time I wasn't a mentor and I found it interesting.21:57
thoralfBut I only read it a few times.21:57
@lisitsynthoralf: I am just afraid people don't really like it21:57
thoralfYeah, I see.  But I cannot tell.21:58
thoralf8 mails/week can be easily ignored though.21:58
thoralflisitsyn: Why do it different than last year - did you see problems or hear complains?22:00
@lisitsynthoralf: no that's just a suggestion22:00
thoralfI see.22:00
* thoralf is just exploring your thoughts. :)22:00
@lisitsynthoralf: I don't think people would complain about it22:01
@lisitsynbut I feel it could get boring to receive these mails22:01
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thoralflisitsyn: I'm only reading the list(s) when I've got time, and even only 20%.  I would never complain. :)22:03
@lisitsynthoralf: alright22:03
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