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@iglesiasgGood morning people06:22
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@iglesiasgparijat, Hey parijat, I'm having a look at your PR atm07:00
parijatiglesiasg: hi.. i see that you are reviewing my PR.. if you have any questions, I am available here in irc..07:00
@iglesiasgparijat, great, thanks07:00
parijatiglesiasg: yup I saw!07:00
@iglesiasgparijat, for the moment all of them are more or less minor comments07:02
@iglesiasgparijat, but please have a look at the comment on line 152 of C45ClassifierTree07:02
parijatiglesiasg: yup, I saw a few of them.. I will address them07:02
@iglesiasgparijat, maybe I misunderstood something of what's going on there07:02
parijatiglesiasg: alright,, let me see.07:02
@iglesiasgparijat, not exactly on that line, pretty close07:03
parijatiglesiasg: I think you are right there! if the last set of same labels has higher weight, its gooing to ignore that.07:05
@iglesiasgparijat, all right07:05
parijatiglesiasg: I will fix this07:05
@iglesiasgparijat, I think you can correct if by pulling out the else if and making it an independent if within the for loop07:05
parijatiglesiasg: yes exactly!07:06
@iglesiasgparijat, I compiled and tested your code locally btw07:09
@iglesiasgparijat, 0 leaks in valgrind :)07:09
parijatiglesiasg: me too, I checked valgrind before sending in! ;)07:10
parijatiglesiasg: btw, did you get any word about acceptance of your paper?07:13
@iglesiasgparijat, yes, yesterday night07:14
@iglesiasgparijat, they accepted it \o/07:14
@iglesiasgparijat, but I have to address some comments from reviewers07:14
parijatiglesiasg: yo! calls for celebrations.07:15
@iglesiasgparijat, hehe yeah!07:15
parijatiglesiasg: very nice! so you would be travelling somewhere to present the paper?07:15
@iglesiasgparijat, haha yeah07:16
@iglesiasgto Spain....07:16
@iglesiasgfunny thing07:16
@iglesiasgat least it is not to my city, although another city I've already been in. Salamanca07:16
@iglesiasgparijat, this if the conference:
parijatiglesiasg: haha! good good..07:17
@iglesiasgI'd prefer to visit a new place07:17
parijatiglesiasg: oh! let me see..07:17
parijatiglesiasg: ya, Im sure you will get many opportunities to visit new places, this is just the beginning..07:18
parijatiglesiasg: you are right about data getting modified... I should probably restore the data matrix07:21
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@iglesiasgparijat, ok, I should start going soon07:28
@iglesiasgparijat, I have left to look into entropy, informational_gain... and apply_multiclass_from_...07:29
@iglesiasgparijat, but I guess these are pretty much the same as in ID3, right?07:29
parijatiglesiasg: ya almost! very few changes07:29
@iglesiasgparijat, I should be able to read them during the day anyway07:30
@iglesiasgparijat, nice job! :)07:30
parijatiglesiasg: thanks! there are a few things that are yet to be done like missing values..07:31
parijatiglesiasg: should I do these in this PR itself? or is it better to wait for this getting merged?07:31
@iglesiasgparijat, better wait, this PR is already large07:32
@iglesiasgparijat, remind me what these missing values are, please07:32
parijatiglesiasg: i meant feature for handling missing values in C4.507:32
parijatiglesiasg: i have to add this. plus tree pruning07:33
parijatiglesiasg: but this PR is complete in itself without these. So it wont be a problem if we merge this 1st and then go ahead adding the remaining things07:34
@iglesiasgparijat, I meant what the idea was behind handling missing values07:37
@iglesiasgparijat, I have bad memory :)07:37
parijatiglesiasg: ok! the idea is that..07:38
parijatiglesiasg: if we choose a data vector with unknown chosen attribute, we split the entire weight of the vector into fractions correponding to the possibility of the vector being moved to each of the child nodes07:39
parijatiglesiasg: so basically we move the vector into all the children nodes of the current node, but the weight gets divided accordingly07:40
parijatiglesiasg: did I make sense?07:42
@iglesiasgparijat, yep07:43
parijatiglesiasg: sometimes what I say can be difficult to understand!! :)07:44
@iglesiasgparijat, if the attribute is unknown, how are the weights computed in each of the children?07:45
@iglesiasgparijat, the same for all of them?07:45
@iglesiasgI mean these possibilities you mentioned above07:45
parijatiglesiasg: no, based on the ratio in which vectors with know attributes move into various children07:45
@iglesiasgparijat, ok07:46
parijatiglesiasg: not a problem! :)07:47
@iglesiasgparijat, this is in some way semi-supervised learning, isn't it?07:47
parijatiglesiasg: ya, in a way.. but not  entirely though I think.. its just extended to handle missing values07:48
parijatiglesiasg: I too have to go now.. let me address your comments and update the PR07:53
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@iglesiasgcatch you later08:00
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lisitsynthoralf: today I am talking about 1+2+3+... = -1/1210:34
lisitsynwhat do you think?10:34
thoralflisitsyn: True if "... = -73/12"10:38
lisitsynthoralf: nah not really ;)10:38
thoralfof course!10:38
thoralflisitsyn: Tell me - what is it about?11:00
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kislayhey pickle27 :)16:12
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kislayhey pickle27 :)16:36
kislaypickle27f, looks like some network problems you are suffering with!16:36
pickle27fkislay, agh yeah this is my work computer16:37
pickle27fmacs are the worst at losing wifi and being weird about it16:37
kislaypickle27f, haha :D16:37
kislaypickle27f, I have been reading quite a lot about factory pattern!16:37
kislaypickle27f, but there seems too unorganized content present!16:38
pickle27fthats great - yeah don't over do it, you can probably start implementing the shogun opencv converter factories now16:40
kislayoh. yeah . will love to!16:41
pickle27falso can you take a look at the PR - we need to put OpenCV under a flag16:41
kislayI was about to look into it16:42
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kislaypickle27f, I couldn't understand the reason we need a flag. you mentioned there that if someone wants OpenCV integration and they don't have OPenCV installed, we need not give them warning. But why?17:36
pickle27fwe want OpenCV integration to be something the user specifies when configuring shogun17:37
pickle27fthe same way the user specifies if they want python17:37
pickle27fwe don't simply build python support if we can17:37
pickle27fwe only do it if asked17:37
pickle27fwe want the same for OpenCV17:37
pickle27fso it needs to be behind a flag17:37
pickle27fdoes that make sense?17:37
kislaypickle27f, yup.17:38
pickle27fthat way the default build does not change at all and if they want OpenCV we'll try and add it17:38
pickle27fif they want opencv but don't have it installed we'll say something about it17:38
kislayoh! yeah17:38
kislayokay. got it.17:39
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pickle27fguys why are my emails to shogun-team always filtered? can I be whitelisted on there18:18
pickle27fsonney2k_, ^18:18
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@iglesiasgsup guys23:12
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lisitsynhey iglesiasg HeikoS23:53
lisitsyncool news :)23:53
@iglesiasglisitsyn, yandex?23:54
lisitsynno i mean europython thing fonally23:55
@iglesiasgaaah ok23:55
lisitsynargh i am like hot now :d23:55
lisitsynaround 38c you know23:56
@iglesiasglisitsyn, you are probably the warmest part of Russia now23:58
lisitsynno its hot outside now23:58
lisitsynso maybe there is a place23:58
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