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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Fernando Iglesias's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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@wikingkislay: can you check this issue
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shogun-buildbotbuild #2445 of bsd1 - libshogun is complete: Failure [failed test]  Build details are at  blamelist: Fernando Iglesias <>, Parijat Mazumdar <>05:54
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@wikingHeikoS: yo13:46
@besser82wiking, HeikoS is on a talk ^^13:48
@besser82at least afaik...13:48
@HeikoSwiking: yoyo13:48
@HeikoSbesser82: hey man!13:48
@besser82HeikoS, Hey!  :D13:49
@besser82You came good home last night?13:49
@besser82How are Emti && Dino doing?13:49
@HeikoSwiking: btw i talked to besser82 and sonney2k_ about the build scripts, they dont know what you need exactly (for the nightly docker images)13:49
@thoralfHey *.*13:49
@HeikoSbesser82: all fine, we ended up staying at a place next to where i slept for a bit13:49
@HeikoSbesser82: quite tired13:49
@besser82HeikoS, I got up @ ~8h13:50
@HeikoSbesser82:  me too :)13:50
@thoralfStop crying ;)13:50
@besser82HeikoS, hehe ^^13:50
@besser82thoralf, :-P  Me isn't crying ^^13:50
* besser82 is all happy, through and through ^^13:51
@wikingHeikoS: i need package scripts :D13:52
@wikingto be either be able to create .deb or .rpm package of shogun13:52
@besser82wiking, I'll work on this tommorow ^^13:52
@wikingHeikoS: i told this several times :P13:52
@wikingHeikoS: what's the status now with the e.V.?13:52
@besser82so you will endup having a usable rpm.spec after cmake-configure...13:53
@HeikoSwiking: no lets discuss this script thing first13:53
@HeikoSwiking: nobody knows what that is, everyone is confused, so lets make it concrete13:53
@HeikoSwiking: sonney2k_ has no idea what you mean13:53
@HeikoShe tells me you have everything13:53
@wikingHeikoS: well sonne|work generates somehow the .deb packages (debian rules file)13:53
@wikingi dont have that13:53
@wikingi dont even know where is that actually13:53
@HeikoSwiking: ok13:53
@HeikoSthe one here?13:54
@HeikoSoh wow we are migrated to testing13:54
@HeikoSbesser82: do you have an idea where this thing is?13:55
@besser82HeikoS, which thing? the debian/rules?13:55
@HeikoSbesser82: see above13:56
@wikingthe rules file13:56
@wikingthat generates the .deb packages13:56
@besser82wiking, HeikoS: over here:
@HeikoSwiking: thoralf and me discussed and a bit and concluded that #1 priority has to be binary packages for debian/ubuntu and a brew formula for mac (thoralf will deal with the latter)13:56
@wikingi was working now till with macports :)13:57
@besser82wiking, HeikoS: but that doesn't generate bindings-stuff...13:57
@HeikoSwiking: do we even have that?13:57
@wikingor whic?13:58
@wikingmacports or bindings? :)13:59
@HeikoSwiking: bindings for debian13:59
@wikingbtw instead of brew it would be better to concentrate on .dmg14:00
@wikingHeikoS: yeah14:00
@wikingor no? :)14:00
@wikingi have no idea14:00
@HeikoSwiking: thoralf and the research gate engineer have a differen opinion, they know what theyre doing so I trust them, i have no idea myself14:00
@HeikoSwiking: but the goal would be that people can type "brew install shogun" and then things are doine14:00
@wikingthoralf: ping14:00
@HeikoSwiking: about the python bindings14:00
@wikingHeikoS: but that's worse than .dmg14:00
@HeikoSwiking: can you build these things yourself?14:01
@wikingthere is python-shogun14:01
@HeikoSwiking: they will deal with it, thoralf will do a nightly mac thing, but lets sort out the doicker stuff14:01
@wikingthoralf: why brew?14:01
@wikingi mean we have macports (but of course that's outdated as well)14:02
@HeikoSbesser82: python bindings debian package rules?14:02
@wikingi rather fix the dmg generation in cmake than to hack with brew14:02
@thoralfwiking: Because I colleague told me it's state-of-the-art and everybody uses it.14:02
@wikingthoralf: nonsense :)14:02
@wikingthoralf: i know from gstreamer guys14:02
@wikingthat the biggest boost for getting new users14:02
@HeikoSbesser82: the link you gave just contains the libshogun rules14:02
@thoralfwiking: I don't care about which technology to use.  I found someone who would write a brew formula for shogun.14:02
@wikingwas to deliver .pkg for osx14:02
@wikingthoralf: can he do cmake?14:03
@HeikoSwiking: I agree with thoralf, if the guy can do something and then it works that worth a lot14:03
@HeikoSwiking: maybe something else is better but worth nothing if it doesnt work14:03
@wikingHeikoS: yeah i mean dont get me wrong i'm not against it14:03
@HeikoSwiking: I get your point14:03
@thoralfwiking: I'm not using Mac at all.  Do whatever you like.14:03
@HeikoSwiking: this is just an opportunity and we should use it since the two guys are motivated14:03
@wikingi'm just saying that instead of innvesting n amount of hour to to brew formula14:03
@wikinglet's invest n hours into pkg with cmake14:04
@wikingwhich gives bigger coverage14:04
@HeikoSwiking: understood14:04
@HeikoSwiking: we need one line installer, the rest doesnt matter to me14:04
@wikingtwo who?14:04
@wikingHeikoS: no we need click installer14:04
@wikingi.e. pkg14:04
@HeikoSwiking: but since thoralf and his collegue got excited ,why not try?14:04
@HeikoSwiking: yep agree14:04
@HeikoSbesser82: push14:05
@wikingsure there's already the macports Portfile14:05
@HeikoSbesser82: where are the python scripts?14:05
@wikingwhich only requires the change of download url + md5 hash14:05
@wikingnevermind the more the merrier14:05
@HeikoSwiking: i cant judge, i see this from a motivation kind of view14:05
@HeikoSwiking: yeah exactly, lets just see what works14:05
@besser82which python-scripts, HeikoS ?!?14:05
@besser82there are none for debian, yet...14:05
@HeikoSbesser82: the scripts that generate shogun-python bindings14:06
@HeikoSbesser82: but check this14:06
@HeikoSpython-shogun is in there14:06
@wikingyeah that one14:06
@HeikoSthoralf: what are the next steps for this mac thing to take off?14:07
@besser82HeikoS, wiking already got it  ;)14:07
@wikingbesser82: where?14:07
@wikingbesser82: i need the scripts to generate python-shogun14:07
@besser82wiking, HeikoS:  ^^14:07
@wikingthat way i can at least start generating14:07
@wikingnightly .deb of shogun14:08
@wikingand that i can start using for the docker image14:08
@HeikoSwiking: is this link fine?14:08
@wikingpretty simple... i just missed the scripts to generate the packages14:08
@wikingwell i'll check14:09
@wikingand i'll scream if i get stuck14:09
@HeikoSwiking: awesome!14:10
@HeikoSwiking: would be just amazing to have nightly docker14:10
@HeikoSbesser82: how are the videos going?14:10
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@HeikoSwiking: is it hard to build a ppa where we provide nightly debs for debian/ubuntu (includinbg backports)?14:12
@wikingHeikoS: currently we have bigger issue than this14:12
@HeikoSwiking: like?14:12
@wikingthat is all our modular interfaces are broken with swig 3.x14:12
@wikingmoreover c# interface is totally broken14:14
@HeikoSwiking: i dont agree14:14
@wikingHeikoS: what do you mean you dont agree?14:14
@HeikoSwiking: i think libshogun, shogun-python binaries should have top priority14:14
@wikingyou cannot use python modulr14:14
@wikingon any osx machine14:14
@wikingor any recent linux distro14:15
@HeikoSwiking: since new swig?14:15
@wikingsince swig 3.014:15
@wikingwe are broken14:15
@HeikoSwiking: my ubuntu has swig214:15
@HeikoSand thats the latest14:15
@wikingwell that's your ubuntu14:15
@wikingtry archlinux14:15
@HeikoSwiking: i agree its important to fix this14:15
@HeikoSwiking: very important14:15
@wikingand we dont know what's causing it at all14:16
@wikingso what's with e.v. founding?14:16
@besser82HeikoS, wiking: I'm outie now, need to catch my train...14:16
@HeikoSwiking: but as said, the people with ubuntu 12.04, some debian  and mac  are the majority, and for them we could not install shogun within 4 hours on the workshop14:16
@wikingmac is broken atm14:16
@HeikoSwiking: so we spend half the day trying to install, and that scares people off14:16
@HeikoSwiking: i know14:16
@wikingas i said only libshogun works on mac now14:17
@HeikoSwiking: but still nightly binary build for a mainstream linux would help *so* much14:17
@wikingok so i'm asking14:17
@HeikoSwiking: and then once this is on the bot14:17
@HeikoSwiking: we should straight away make the other things work14:17
@wiking14:16 <@wiking> so what's with e.v. founding?14:17
@wikingthis is being done since last workshop14:17
@HeikoSwiking: yes i know, talked to s?ren about it14:17
@wikingi.e. 1 full year14:18
@HeikoSwiking: everything is done, just need to print and bring to bank14:18
@HeikoSehm to court14:18
@HeikoSs?ren said he can try, but i will also ask a family member of mine14:18
@wikingthat is being done for about 6+ months14:18
@HeikoSwiking: there was the bank account issue (we need one), but turns out we have one14:18
@HeikoSwiking: nope i did not have some things14:18
@HeikoSwiking: but now compete since last week in fact14:19
@wikingok so eta?14:19
@HeikoSwiking: i know thats high priority also14:19
@wiking2 months14:19
@HeikoSwiking: no less14:19
@wiking3 months?14:19
@HeikoSwiking: ill push this now14:19
@HeikoSremind me if you like, but i really want to do this next, you are titally right14:19
@wikinglet's say can we have it done till end of september?14:19
@HeikoSwiking: yes lets aim for that14:19
@wikingas now it's summer14:19
@wikingppl go on holidays14:19
@wikingetc etc14:20
@HeikoSwiking: i know, problem is i was swamped the last few months14:20
@wikingbut i reckon end of september if we really have everything could be feasible... or at least this is how i see from the info i have14:20
@HeikoSwiking: spent already so much time on shogun, and thought the gsoc is more important14:20
@HeikoSwiking: yes i agree14:20
@wikingHeikoS: i know but still14:20
@wiking1 year is really a lot for such a problem to be solved14:20
@HeikoSwiking: i agree with you, thanks for pushing,14:20
@HeikoSwiking: so what do you think about the ubuntu ppa? just for python modular?14:21
@wikingso let's say if we dont have this ready by mid-october we'll create a non-profit organisation somewhere else14:21
@HeikoSwiking: once this is on the bot, we can keep it green14:21
@HeikoSwiking: ok!14:21
@wikingas we could as well create that in .uk14:21
@wikingor really virtually anywhere14:22
@wikingwhere the laws are allowing it14:22
@wikingand there's a lot of places14:22
@wikingppa is not a problem at all14:22
@wikingwe'll register a launchpad acc for shogun14:22
@wikingbut ther'es a problem for example14:22
@wikingfor 12.04 ppl14:22
@HeikoSwiking: yeah?14:23
@wikingthat eigen3 is not available by default14:23
@HeikoSwiking: ok thats a problem14:23
@wikingbut let's say we don't want to support the last LTS14:23
@HeikoSwiking: yeah14:23
@HeikoSwiking: last lts is most important14:23
@wikinglet's support the latest LTS14:23
@HeikoSthats at least something14:23
@HeikoSwiking: can i do anything to help with this?14:24
@wikingwhich shouldn't be a problem at all14:24
@wikingnah i'll try to use the debian rule files14:24
@wikingand create stuff for ubuntu14:24
@wikingand will create a ppa for it14:24
@wikingbut i want to first at least finish my c# modular investigation14:24
@wikingwhy it fails with mono 3.x compiler14:24
@wikingso that at least the osx modular buildbot gets in a working shape14:25
@HeikoSwiking: ok cool, i mean this can be done in parallel14:25
@wikingbtw any news on a machine/mac donation?14:25
@HeikoSwiking: but the ppa should be up before next release14:25
@HeikoSwiking: and we should have two: nightly and stable14:25
@wikingHeikoS: next release is as usual post-gsoc no?14:25
@HeikoSwiking: yeah gunnar will give us a machine, he prepared it already, talked to him on the phone last week14:26
@HeikoSwiking: he is in holiday currently but willdo it afterwards, i might also visit soon and then i can push a bit more14:26
@HeikoSwiking: i would do it in just before the evaluations so that students can help14:26
@HeikoSwiking: with warnings etc14:26
@HeikoSwiking: and so that we dont postpone it14:26
@HeikoSwiking: should do straight away14:26
@HeikoSwiking: and then bugfix/usability releases afterwards14:27
@wikingHeikoS: put up a milestone for it on github14:27
@wikingwith a date then14:27
@wikingso that we can start puting together the blocking issues14:27
@HeikoSwiking: yep good14:27
@HeikoSwiking: but lets just push it in the last gsoc meeting14:28
@HeikoSwiking: ill organise one soon14:28
@wikingHeikoS: i mean it doesn't have to be a mac machine necessarily14:28
@HeikoSwiking: i know, but would be good right?14:28
@wikingas u see i've managed to do it other way14:28
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@HeikoSwiking: well thats super cool14:28
@HeikoSwiking: ok then14:28
@wikingwell basically now we are at a level14:28
@HeikoSwiking: emt also suggested to host a machine, ill ask him14:28
@wikingwhere fatbot is getting exhausted14:28
@HeikoSwiking: what kind of access do you need?14:28
@wikingso we could do some extra hosting power14:28
@wikingto distribute the bots14:29
@HeikoSwiking: yep14:29
@HeikoSwiking: i agree14:29
@wikingwell the best is of course root access14:29
@HeikoSwiking: should do a mixcture of uni donations and some other things14:29
@HeikoSwiking: still waiting for this company to get back14:29
@HeikoSwiking: but will meet the contact guy some time next week14:29
@wikingnext release is 3.3.0?14:30
@HeikoSwiking: yeah guess so, s?ren wanted 4, but i dont really care14:30
@wiking4 should we when we modularize shogun14:30
@HeikoSwiking: yep i agree14:31
@HeikoSwiking: so btw i talked to thoralf about some internal cleanups14:31
@HeikoSwiking: what do you think about getting rid of our own parameter framework and use some external thing instead?14:31
@wikingif it's easy to integrate14:31
@wikingfor sure why not?14:31
@wikinganything in mind?14:32
@HeikoSwiking: protobuf14:32
@wikingno please not protobuf14:32
@HeikoSwiking: or even boost, but i know you guys don tlike that14:32
@HeikoSwiking: i dont know this stuff, thoralf liked it14:32
@HeikoSwiking: whats wrong with it?14:32
@wikingthe current integration of protobuf is really fucking aweful in shogun14:32
@wikingbut w8 a second14:33
@wikingwhat does protobuf have to do with parameter fw?14:33
@HeikoSwiking: ok, so i guess we should discuss14:33
@HeikoSwiking: the idea is14:33
@wikingprotobuf is for serialization14:33
@HeikoS1.) use something external for serialisation14:33
@HeikoS2.) that gives equals and clone (first use of our parameter framework)14:34
@HeikoS3.) drop model selection framework (second big use)14:34
@HeikoS3) (the grid search stuff)14:34
@wikingwell afaik protobuf solves you 1)14:35
@HeikoSwiking: yes, i think this was the idea14:36
@thoralfGuys, I can't participate in your discussion because still at work and quity busy.14:36
@thoralfI'll read the logs.14:36
@wikingHeikoS: ok but what about 2 and 3? :)14:36
@HeikoSwiking: serialisation gives a clone method right?14:37
@wikingin a funky way14:37
@HeikoSwiking: why funky?14:38
@HeikoSwiking: probably faster than the current way14:38
@wikingif you look at clone() being in-memory serialization-deserialization14:38
@wikingthen yes14:38
@HeikoSwiking: thats what we do, but we iterate over lots of if then else statements the do the memory copying word wise14:38
@HeikoSwiking: equals should also work then right?14:39
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@HeikoSwiking: we dont get an accuracy parameter though14:39
@HeikoSwiking: which is an issue14:39
@HeikoSwiking: and 3) i dont know14:40
@wikingno a serialization fw doesn't support these type ot things14:40
@wikinglike equals14:41
@HeikoSwiking: ok thats a problem then14:41
@HeikoSwiking: well ok, not priority this one14:41
@HeikoSwiking: priority is making the toolbox easy to install14:41
@HeikoSwiking: then we can see, if we get this, we are already miles ahead of now14:42
@HeikoSwiking: i gotta go now, thanks for the discussion14:42
@HeikoSwiking: lets push besser82 a bit to upload the videos fast :)14:42
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shogun-notifier-shogun: Wu Lin :develop * 7be7370 / / (15 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: adjust the API for model selection17:04
shogun-notifier-shogun: Heiko Strathmann :develop * 81be6c7 / / (15 files):
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #2411 from yorkerlin/develop17:04
shogun-notifier-shogun: adjust the API of KL methods for model selection17:04
shogun-notifier-shogun: Fernando Iglesias :develop * 6895b3f / doc/ipython-notebooks/statistics/mmd_two_sample_testing.ipynb:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Fix few typos in MMD notebook.17:12
shogun-notifier-shogun: Heiko Strathmann :develop * 021bc8d / doc/ipython-notebooks/statistics/mmd_two_sample_testing.ipynb:
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #2433 from iglesias/notebook/mmd_fixes17:12
shogun-notifier-shogun: Fix few typos in MMD notebook.17:12
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shogun-buildbotbuild #24 of osx2 - modular_interfaces is complete: Failure [failed csharp modular]  Build details are at  blamelist: Heiko Strathmann <>18:47
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travis-ci[travis-ci] it's Heiko Strathmann's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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@besser82thoralf_, ey, yo  ^^21:28
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thoralf_besser82: He.22:16
@besser82thoralf_, yes?22:16
thoralf_[21:28] <besser82> thoralf_, ey, yo  ^^ <-- He.22:16
@besser82thoralf_, ic ^^22:17
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thoralf_Hey rajul23:11
rajulhey thoralf_23:11
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