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glongoany gsoc mentor?13:17
wikingglongo: what do you need help with?13:41
glongohi wiking13:42
glongoI was a student for GSoC201413:42
glongointerested in machine learning13:43
glongoand I found shogun project13:43
glongoso I would try to contribute with the code13:43
glongobecause I would practice with machine learning techniques13:44
glongoYou may need an extra help :)13:44
wikingglongo: which gsoc project have u participated in?13:45
glongoNetfilter project13:46
wikingwhat was your project about?13:46
glongoI've implemented ebtables, a L2 firewall tool, using the new nftables lib13:48
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wikingglongo: i see14:31
wikingso what r u actually after now?14:31
wikingyeah sorry i'm a bit busy14:31
wikingbut please write here anything you are interested and it'll be read by several core member of shogun14:31
@lisitsynI can probably guide to update vw in shogun14:39
glongowiking: however, I'm studying at University now14:42
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